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  1. I recently got 2 of their 3 CD's and have been enjoying them in my car player. I asked the concertina player (Rob Witmer) what kind of box he played - it's a 56 button english which he believes is a Crabb. -willie g
  2. ...and speaking of Pirates.... I just received two CD's by the "Toucan Pirates." Very heavy on the concertina, and lots of fun - mainly Irish tunes with lots of 'pirate-y' sound effects. Is anyone familiar with these guys? Specifically, does anyone know what kind of concertina they play - anglo (I suspect), english, make, etc. etc. If you want to hear clips, go to "CDBaby" ... -willie g
  3. Does anyone know the location of some sound files/mp3's where it is clearly defined whether the concertina being played is anglo or english? I'm trying to make a comparison as to which to get and just 'reading' about the differences isn't cutting it for me. If you listen to a cut from a professional album, for example, that features a concertina they never differentiate as to what kind it is.... just "so and so on concertina." Ideally it would be great to hear the same tune played on the two types... any help? -willie g
  4. I've just been diagnosed with this problem in my left shoulder. It comes, I sure do believe, from playing a 14 lb banjo for 2 hours a day since I retired. I've had to lay off the banjo (duh). I'm thinking about a concertina - so question number one - approx how much does a 20 button anglo weigh? second - can anyone comment on the chances of aggravating an inflamed shoulder by playing the concertina? thanks, willie g.
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