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  1. Yes Mike, unlike most Wheatstones, there aren't too many Jeffries around, to which the exact selling date is known. Fortunately, he came home after that dreadful War & had a good few years to enjoy his Concertina. Cheers, Dick
  2. I managed to hang onto this wonderful Concertina for a little longer, but it will sadly now have to go, which is why I have just posted it on a certain auction site. This wonderful old Concertina was first bought on the 26th of June 1899, by one Albert Canacott {1881 to 1956}, new from Mr Charles Jeffries & signed by himself ..... & I actually have the receipt! (See Photo) When Albert died, in 1956, it passed down to his son, who you can see on the right, in the old family photo. It cost Albert the princely sum of £7 & 7 Shillings, although on the day he actually only laid down £2 & 2 Shillings. However, the only other time this Concertina ever actually changed hands for money, was in 2010, when I bought it from Albert's Grandson. Neither Albert's son, nor his Grandson, ever learned to play this instrument, so it has only ever had two 'playing' owners. It is in old pitch too, so I haven't actually played it very often in the past 4 years, so of course, there's a lot of life left in this old dog. Sadly, Albert's whole company was killed in a Mustard Gas attack, during the first World War & as they were clearing away the bodies, they actually found Albert, still alive under a pile of bodies! Can you imagine how that must have felt, being the only survivor! blink.gif Needless to say, he always had trouble with his lungs after that, but still managed to reach the ripe old age of 75! To give you an idea of just how gorgeous the reeds sound, here are a couple of videos of me playing this Concertina. Selections of Reels & Polkas, plus a selection of tunes myself & a few friends played for a TV show, Blas Ceoil, set in our local session pub. 2 Reels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNwGM-ieEXc Tunes on TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbIep29006Q Set of Polkas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvMkP0-MdSE I have posted some photographs to give an idea of the condition of this instrument. The original case & receipt will of course be included in the sale. Its present pitch is between present day G/D & Ab/Eb, so it could be lightly tuned either way. As the reeds are in their original state though, they will undoubtedly be in excellent condition for such a re-tune & so will still maintain that gorgeous tone that you only get with a quality vintage instrument like this. The bellows are also original & I have just never had the heart to replace those, especially as it plays so well, as it is, but if this Concertina is going to be played seriously, following a re-tune, then new bellows would probably be required. Other than that it is in excellent shape for an instrument that is now about 116 years old. For the lucky buyer, this will probably be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get their hands on such an exquisite instrument, with those gorgeous Jeffries Reeds in original condition, not whittled away to thin, pale, weak & wasted versions of their former selves, as is the case with so many old Jeffries out there today, that have sadly suffered a number of re-tunes over the years. For anyone living in Ireland, who is seriously interested in this instrument, please note that I am happy to meet up with them at a halfway point, should they wish an opportunity to actually check this Concertina out for themselves. Should I need to send this instrument, it will be by using Tracking & e.g. Fedex for the likes of North America, so costs to the buyer could be as much as £100, but much less of course for the UK & Europe. As I say, it is on eBay at the moment, but I am open to offers from anyone who would be seriously interested.
  3. Thanks for the offer. As I learn all my music by ear, those recordings would be very helpful indeed, especially as I could only find a link to a recording of one of them, on the net. Cheers, Dick
  4. Hi Steve, glad you enjoyed it. I record using Garage Band on my iMac, then putting it all together on iMovie is ... Eazy Peezy! Cheers, Dick
  5. Hi, Here's another ancient Irish tune, collected by Edward Bunting, the haunting ~ McFarlane's Lament! I play it here on Hammered Dulcimer, English Concertina, Mandolin, Fiddle & Tin Whistle. Of course Edward Bunting died in 1843, which makes me wonder when the very first English Concertina actually arrived on these Irish shores & did he ever hear one! Cheers, Dick
  6. Thanks for those Chas ... I'm off to Google them. Cheers, Dick
  7. I'm sure the practice of using other peoples tunes &/or parts of them has always gone on & ... always will. Found this interesting page on the music of O'Carolan, when I was poking about the net, today. Complete Works Cheers, Dick
  8. Hi, Thanks for that link. It certainly is a jolly wee tune, which is great, as lots of the tunes I have so far are rather sad. Cheers, Dick
  9. Glad you enjoyed them. I must thank you for pointing me in the direction of Mike's great song, too. I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that I've added it to my wee collection of tribute videos, to those who created the stained glass windows. Carrying Nelson Home! Played on my Bari/Treble, Fiddle & Whistle. Cheers, Dick
  10. There's a lot of debate as to the exact origins of The Princess Royal, as you will see from this: Princess Royal Cheers, Dick
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I found the video of Mike singing it on The Victory ... & Martyn's video too. Cheers, Dick
  12. At the suggestion of Jim Lucas, I'm posting a link to my wee video of this tune, as it is clearly related to the Princess Royal. Instruments: English Concertina, Nyckelharpa, Tenor Guitar & Side Drum. Cheers, Dick
  13. I'm repeatedly getting an error on that third YouTube video. The other two are fine. Bold Nelson's Praise! is interesting, in that it seems to be a hybrid of two Morris tunes... A part of Princess Royal and B part of I'll Go Enlist For a Sailor. The latter tune is also a song, a favorite of a Swedish friend of mine, while Princess Royal is a candidate for this month's (August 2015) Theme of the Month. Maybe you should post your link there, too? Thanks Jim. I've no idea why you can't access that third video. I've checked on YouTube & they're all set to public & all three links work fine for me & I know others have watched them all, from the same links on another forum. ... ALIENS!!! All I could find out about Bold Nelson's Praise was that it was first in print in the 'Complete Dancing Master' of 1730. Of course I'm happy to post the link to it, over on the other forum. Cheers, Dick
  14. I recently discovered magnificent stained glass windows in a local church hall, which are a tribute to Lord Nelson at Trafalgar. They set me thinking about tunes that have Nelson or Trafalgar in the title & these videos are the result. Trafalgar Hornpipe! Instruments: English Concertina, Hammered Dulcimer, Mandolin & Tenor Guitar Bold Nelson's Praise! Instruments: English Concertina, Nyckelharpa, Tenor Guitar & Side Drum. The Death of Nelson! Instruments: English Concertina, Hammered Dulcimer, Mandolin & Side Drum. Cheers, Dick
  15. I do hope you mean to put the BT's hard case into the gig bag. I would never trust such a rare and valuable instrument to a soft case alone, even though yours apparently has metal ends and mine is "ebony". The bag just arrived & here's a photo of my Bari/Treble, inside its case, inside the new bag ... there's even enough extra space for a Packed Lunch. Cheers, Dick
  16. I do hope you mean to put the BT's hard case into the gig bag. I would never trust such a rare and valuable instrument to a soft case alone, even though yours apparently has metal ends and mine is "ebony". Hi Jim, I'm waiting to see just how large this bag is, but if the box won't fit in too, then it'll be down to a large Towel & Bubble Wrap. It'll only ever be carried to & from the car, into the Pub or Gig. Cheers, Dick * * * * *
  17. Thanks Stephen, but I decided to give this Fishing Bag a try. Too large for a snug fit, but I'm hoping to get the box in too & if not, at least plenty Bubble Wrap & a Towel, for added protection. Cheers Dick
  18. Thanks Steve, that looks great. Unfortunately, we don't have Aldi over here in Norn Iron. However, it's given me another area to hunt through on Amazon. Cheers, Dick
  19. Hi, Can someone please recommend a suitable Gig Bag for a Wheatstone Bari/Treble Concertina? Thanks, Dick
  20. That would be my take on them Rod & I certainly think the raised ends make them look classier. However, we mustn't knock features which are added to instruments simply for aesthetic reasons. After all, such features have added so much to our musical instruments down through the years. Cheers, Dick
  21. That's the town of my elementary education, back in the 60s... Hmmmm interesting. I wonder if you went to school with my wife ~ Sabine Englert? I met her many years later, when I was living in West Berlin & playing with an Irish Band around the Irish Pubs there. This trip though, we spent most of our time in the nearby town of - Henstedt Ulzburg Cheers, Dick
  22. Tried Ebay.fr and no joy.... not that I'm in the market you understand.... I'm sure Jürgen got his design spot on and there are no tapping noises coming from anywhere above the player's foot. Good luck with your sale, Geoff. Thanks for checking Geoff. I've no idea if I can change any of the settings now, but if not it doesn't really matter, as I'm sure it'll probably sell over here, or if not at least in the UK. Aye, plenty foot tapping going on sessions these days, especially that double & single ~ two-footed tapping that has become so trendy recently, not to mention all that cheesy winking that you see the young ones at, too. ... but I guess that's just me, turning into an Old Fart! Cheers, Dick
  23. Hi Geoff, I rarely use eBay, so I'm afraid I'm not fully clued in on how to work all the options. I'd be interested though, to know if you can view it on French eBay as I did click on the Worldwide option. Sorry, but at the moment at least, I have no thoughts on selling my beloved Baritone / Treble. The fact is, I play it out at sessions twice a week, but for the past few years have rarely played my Anglo at a Session, which is why I'm selling my Anglos. At Irish Sessions you see, I just love playing my Fiddle & trying to improve my ability on that instrument is a full time job, so I've no time for my Anglos any more. As for your thoughts on the space for buttons on a raised ended Anglo Concertina, I have played this one at sessions with loads of "enthusiasm" & have never come across any problems, like the ones you describe. Of course, I can't talk for other makes of Anglo Concertina with raised ends, but the Suttner, in my experience works perfectly well. Cheers, Dick
  24. Hi, I'm just back from a week long trip to your part of the World, Itzehoe, which as you will know is just north of Hamburg. ... Sadly, I had no time for tunes though. As to your question of volume, I don't really think the raised ends make these Concertinas any louder & quite honestly, they are loud enough anyway for any session I've been in. Cheers, Dick
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