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  1. Simon Thoumire Tripping Down the Stairs Cheers, Dick
  2. Peer van der Burgh: Tobin's Favorite & The Kesh Jig Cheers, Dick
  3. Simon Thoumire: Sean's Jig / The Contradiction Reel Cheers, Dick
  4. Iain Petrie: The Hair Fell Off My Coconut Cheers, Dick
  5. Daddy Long Les: Haste To The Wedding Cheers, Dick
  6. Irish Harmonica: O'Neill's Lament - Halting March Cheers, Dick
  7. Daddy Long Les: The Irish Washer Woman (Part One) English Concertina Cheers, Dick
  8. Dick Miles: Amhrán na Leabhar & The Killarney Boys of Pleasure Cheers, Dick
  9. Montychiton: The Peacock's Feather & Delahunty's Hornpipe Cheers, Dick
  10. Fernando Durbán Galnares: The Tenpenny Bit Cheers, Dick
  11. montychiton - Two Irish Jigs played on English Concertina Cheers, Dick
  12. Andy Kenna - Three Jigs on English Concertina: Garret Barry's, Bloomin' Meadows & Micho Russel's Cheers, Dick
  13. The topic of playing Irish Music on an English Concertina has cropped up in discussions a few times over the years, so I thought it might be time to create a thread devoted to promoting videos of such musical efforts. To get the ball rolling I've posted links to two of my own YouTube playlists. Each playlist contains over one hundred videos & the music is played on an English Concertina, plus a few other instruments, including Fiddle, Hammered Dulcimer, Tenor Guitar, Nyckelharpa, Whistle, Tenor Banjo & Trump. I hope that other enthusiasts will post links to similar videos or sound files, either of their own making or which they have come across on their travels around the Net., to help demonstrate that playing Irish Music on an EC is not such a strange pursuit. 😀 1 - Irish Music on an English Concertina & 2 - The Music of Turlough O'Carolan Cheers, Dick
  14. Hi Wolf, Regarding the position of the thumb strap, I agree that it usually sits behind centre on a 64 key model, but as you'll see in this photo, on my 62 key instrument on the right, the thumb trap is actually bang in the centre. 🙂 Also, on this page which gives details of old recordings, those of George Morris detail him playing an English Concertina. https://www.mustrad.org.uk/reviews/sook.htm The fact that the population of Oldmeldrum stands at only around 2,000 folk, I reckon it's highly unlikely that there were two men who owned a large & small English Concertina, who's son didn't play the instrument, so at the moment I'm convinced that this was George's Concertina. Cheers, Dick
  15. I thought I'd add my own take on this lovely tune. For this Carolan tune I'm playing Hammered Dulcimer, English Concertina, Fiddle & Tin Whistle. Cheers, Dick
  16. I had a go at this lovely tune myself, a while back. Playing a Baritone Treble, I was able to double track the 2nd time through, bringing in the 2nd octave. As you will know, of course, this requires mirror fingering for the lower octave, which is always good fun. ? I took the photos of some local Co. Antrim ruined Castles. Cheers, Dick
  17. Watson's Scotch Measure, played on my 62 key Wheatstone Baritone Treble English Concertina! Cheers, Dick
  18. Glad you enjoyed that, I'll root out a few more videos. ? Cheers, Dick
  19. Glad you enjoyed the tunes folks. Yes Wolf, as you can see in this photo, my 62 key is a fair bit smaller than the larger 64 key to its left, which belongs to Alan Jones. Unfortunately my low note is not an F, which is a pity as I play twice a week with a Northumbrian Piper & his Pipes are in F. I've often thought of getting the low Reed tuned to F, but am a little reluctant to mess around with the reeds. By the way, my wife Sabine is from Itzehoe & we spent a week there, 3 years ago. I should have given you a shout when we were over. ? Cheers, Dick
  20. The Flowers of Ashgll & Alston Flower Show! Played on my 62 key Wheatstone Baritone Treble English Concertina. The Flowers of Ashgll & Alston Flower Show! Cheers, Dick
  21. The Independence! Hornpipe, played on my 62 key Wheatstone Baritone Treble English Concertina! The Independence Cheers, Dick
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