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  1. Hint: The one on the left is giving a sermon, and the one on the right is keeping track of the minutiae. Whether they're Men or not is up to the perceiver. They sound like little old ladies to me. like most of the people that have wasted their time on this thread, whatever their sex might be, they would be better off playing their concertinas. You are quite right Dirge,it is not very funny. Howeversince Dick miles posts, are being viewed by a moderator, and neither he ,nor the members of this forum were consulted about this, which is hardly democratic, he decided to become TOIREASA Breathnach.That is what is going on.there are many other people here with pseudonyms. Cream T, DIRGE, GREENFERRY,ETC ETC.I personallyfind democracy quite important.
  2. Dick Miles is very busy playing music.He said to me, that you should restart whereart thou Helen.He also said that he was concerned that people might get the wrong Impression [put two and two together and make 5 so to speak]Regarding Stephen Chambers missing concertina tutor. somepeople on this forum know that they used to share a house in Leyton. and that Dick Miles was a resident at the Three BlacKbirds He Wants it publicly known that he didnt borrow the tutor 30 years ago, that he in fact has his own copy that he bought when he bought the Concertina Workshop L P . He thinks Stephen lent it to a girl, and in fact remembers Stephen complaining to him[DickMiles]about it.Toodle pip.
  3. [ )To Stephen Chambers [/]No Im not angry with you.To be precise I have a photo copy of the book. I think you can get copies somewhere in the states, cant remember the adress,sorry thats the best I can do.
  4. Hi Toireasa, I know you're new to playing so I hope you don't mind if I give my opinion for what it's worth. I've been playing for about 15 months now and I've found that every time I've met a player significantly better than me I've learned a great deal of new things. Everybody has a slightly different approach and the opportunity for learning is limitless. I'm sure Dick is an excellent teacher and I have no doubt that he, like any teacher worth their salt, would encourage you to seek out as many influences as possible - especially if you are getting the chance to meet the player in person. I'd at least discuss this with him to get his opinion, but I'd be surprised if he discouraged you. I don't play EC or Irish music but if I lived locally and had such an offer I would still grab it with both hands. These kind of offers don't come around very often . - W Yes your points are valid enough. However I didnt make a request from Stephen Chambers for this information. I was aware of Madelines existence, but deliberately chose Dick Miles, because I thought he would be able to help with other things apart and as well as Irish music. Secondly I cant afford to pay for two teachers. Thirdly the offer hasnt been made, and I have a teacher I am satisfied with, That doesnt mean I wont be listening to Madeline in fact already have done so and had done so before Stephen Chambers made his comments, which again was why I chose Dick Miles, and I will continue to listen to Madeline, and many others.
  5. To StephenChambers Ihave in my possession ,recordings of Mrs crotty, Packie Russell, Alistair anderson, Steve Turner, Anglo intenational, Anglophilia,Alistair andersons tutor, Sarah graves, Thats enough for the moment. Ihave seen the footage of Madeline o Dowd, over twenty years old. so I am aware of her style. Choice of style is subjective, Ill decide for myself thankyou.
  6. [Thankyou for your kind words and advice, but I am already getting lessons from Dick Miles, he is able to help me with song accompaniment, ornamentation and varied styles of playing, and I am very satisfied.
  7. [ [/ No here is a correction, it was published by the Cork and Kerry joint emergency planning group.I live in Kerry not West Cork. I dont know who you are but please dont call me a corcaigh.
  8. A friend of mine recently sold a Wheatstone linota 40 key anglo in perfect condition, for 4500 euros.
  9. I received an interesting booklet in my post .called householders guide to major emergencies.This leaflet is extremely funny , although I am sure its not the intention. It doesnt tell me to whitewash the windows,but is along that line.page 16 is relevant to this topic.its titled how to cope emotionally. [People react to emergiencies in different ways.Following an emergency,you may experience a range of physical and emotional reactions. You might feel shocked, afraid or anxious, you might experience feelings of horror , depression, anger and grief .THIS IS NORMAL ] These are the Irish governments words , and ........................ clearly they feel the need to shout to make their point.and they do it again five times, Tut Tut
  10. Please excuse my ignorance,but is Micheal O Ralghallaigh, a piper by any chance, the short roll described looks like, something my piping tutor told me about.Thankyou anyway.
  11. Today is July 9.The annual orange order marching day.I pray that today passes peacefully and hope you will join me in these prayers for everyone in Ireland, recently someone on this forum remarked that only a moron would celebrate the British reinvading IRELAND. I dont think the orange order are morons, although I disagree with them strongly. Lastly and it is very very unfortunate, that it had to happen the way that it did,but we in Ireland now have some peace even if its temporary,because the IRA is no longer able to get funding in America as a result of the American change of attitude to terrorists. Long may peace in Ireland continue,and I hope and pray that a united Ireland can be acheieved peacefully,and hope you will join me in prayer today.
  12. There is a song called the Battle of Bosworth field ,about the death of Richard the Third ,does anyone know who wrote it.
  13. On further reflection ,Iagree with you, MrAllert, this thread should be removed. It s got nought to do with concertinas, either.
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