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  1. Wow you guys are really cool, lots of good advice and friendly folks here. But I guess your right, with my budget its going to be awhile before I can buy a concertina. Even one to fix up. I never knew thay cost as much as they do. Heck I thought the $250.00 Hohner was the top of the line concertina......LOL Oh well, in time I'll get one. Untill then I'm going to do some more research on them. Thanks for all the help guys, I really appreciate it............
  2. MC, I sure wish I had the funds to play around with. I'd take you up on that english. Not that I want to play a english (not sure I could....LOL) but because this is the sort of thing I really enjoy doing. Working with my hands, building/restoring things. Due to health reasons I cannot work any more and this would give me something to do. If you happen to hear of a anglo somewhere I'd really appreciate you letting me know.
  3. Larry I have seen that one on ebay. Problem is its starting off with a bid at almost $100.00 USD add the shipping costs from the UK to the USA and that puts this one way out of my price rang. But your right, I did add it to my "Watched Items" just to see what it sells for. It will be interesting.
  4. The condition of the ends does not matter. I can make new ends, its the belows that I can not do. All I need of the ends is enough for me to see how they where made. I know the chances of me finding one is slim to nothing. But with the money I have to work with its the only chance I have of ever getting a 30 button anglo. So try I will.........
  5. Its been quite awhile since you have seen that listing (4-5 months) but they run that auction all the time. They also sell a lot of other items with a starting bid of 1ยข, but if you'll read the auction closely you'll see there is a $45.00 shipping charge. And thats the least they charge for shipping. I have seen some of their items with a $250.00 USD shipping charge. Again BUYER BE WARE.
  6. I'm still looking for a 30 button anglo concertina that is in need of repaires. It must have good belows. And must be cheap......
  7. The thing is 95+% of everything sold on ebay the buyer and seller never see each other face to face. The best advice I can offer to anyone buying (or selling) on ebay is never buy or sell anything for more then you can afford to lose. Because it might happen. Ask lots of questions, get extra pictures if need be. And check the sellers/buyers feedback. When it doubt, don't do it. BUYER BE WARE I have sold and or bought well over a 1000 items on ebay and I know what I'm talking about.
  8. Does that mean you're really a teddy bear? Nope, teddy is my brother. Let me introduce myself, I'm billy bear, short, fat and very cuddly. I'm also a professional hugologest, I collect and distribute hugs. Oh BTW I'm just a dummy when it comes to concertinas. I know very little about them (so far). I love to play the harmonica and I love the sounds of a harmonica. However my emphysema is slowly making it harder to play the harmonica so I thought I'd try a concertina. A single reed Anglo seems it should be close to the sounds of a harmonica.
  9. CaryK, any chance you could post the ones you worked out? It would help us dummies out......LOL
  10. Dirge I'm sorry if us Americans taking about other stuff bothers you my friend. But your right, this is a Concertina forum and I guess we need not be talking about roasting a hog. Sorry..............
  11. Well Mr. Evans sir y'all more then welcome to come on back and eat some greasy ole pork, pintos, greenbeans seasoned with some fatback, cornbread, and maybe a poke salad. Bring a long that banjo or your concertina, fiddle, spoons or anything that makes music and we'll all do a bunch of grinnin
  12. The question was asked, "Do they make small concertinas?" Yup, someone does. I seen one for sale on ebay just a day or two ago that had only one row of buttons and was (if I remember right) 4 or 5 inches accross. It was old and said to be in need of repaires but it was there so someone makes them...............
  13. I could be wrong (have been a time or two in the past) but if I'm not mistaken my uncle played a concertina with the name Hohner on it back in the 40's and 50's. It looked to be an old instrument back then, not sure when he bought it. Like I said it did have the name Hohner on it. I remember because I played Hohner harmonicas then. Thats not to say it was made by Hohner, Hohner could have had some other company make them and just put the Hohner name on it. But I'm pretty sure it was sold be Hohner as a Hohner concertina.
  14. Heck here in the mountains around Asheville NC we have get togethers all the time. We gather at different homes roast a hog or grill a few chickens and do a whole lot of picking and grinnin. It never did matter how good a musician you was or what instrument you played the rest would carry you through somehow. Thats one of the ways our young'uns learn how to be a good musician. And its still that way today. If you dont believe me y'all need to come up here in the mountains and see for yourself. BTW if you do come and join in bring along an instrument so you can join in. If not at least bring a big ole smile. If you cannot do some playing at least you can do a lot of grinnin like I do............LOL
  15. Mr.Bill now you really have me confused. When the others stated that the Hohner quility went down in the last few years this made since to me. You see I play the harmonica, I started playing (or trying to learn to play) some 50 years ago. The Hohner harmonicas where the best in the world back then. I have Hohner Marine Band harmonicas that are 30/40 years old and still play better then a brand new Hohner Marine Band. So I know their quility control has fallen off badly. But the fact is Hohner used to produce some of the finest instruments in the world. I know a couple of people who play Hohner accordions (or at least did 30 or 40 years ago) and will sware by the Hohner accordions. And now you tell me Hohner never did produce a quility Anglo concertina. Even back in the 30,s. I'm not saying this Chris Droney was not telling the truth, I'm just saying it dont make sence. Know what I mean?
  16. Thank you Chris. If the truth be known this idea of fixing up a junker is right up my alley. You see I'm what some folks call a tinker'er. When I was a young'un I used to get into troubles all the time from tearing things apart just to see how/why they worked. Things like clocks, our front door knob, my mothers mixer/blender, my step dads cars, basically anything that was put together by mankind. Anyway doing it this way I can do it a little at a time (as money permits) by ordering parts when I can afford them. So it might take awhile. First off I need to find me a 30 button Anglo junker to work on. I have seen a few from time to time on ebay. You know the ones listed as "In excellent condition" with only 3 of the buttons that have fallen inside the instrument..........LOL I'll let everyone know when things start to happen. Say a pray for my friend..............
  17. Hey thank you guys for the incouragement I really appreciate that. And the truth is after thinking about it for awhile (really really wanting to play a concertina) and listening to my wife who reminded me I'm not the type to give up. Since I know how to ajust and retune reeds on a harmonica, and being handy with my hands I have decided to keep my eye out for a junker (with good belows) that needs repaires or has gone out of tune that I can pick up cheap. Maybe some day if the Lord decides to bless the bear I can buy a really good one. But for now I think this is the way to go. Thanks again everybody. Ole bear will have his concertina, one way or the other.......LOL
  18. James I'm not a player myself (although I do play a harmonica) but I do live near Asheville NC, USA where we have a thing called "Playing On The Green" every year where they section off part of the downtown area in front of the county building, build stages for the clogging dancers, and everybody gathers together and sits around (on the grass, aka the green) playing a verity of different types of music. Mostly Blue Grass and Irish music. This "gathering on the green" last at least a week. There are lots of big time stars that come to The Gathering On The Green every year to play (mostly blue grass). I have seen lots of concertinas, accordons, harmonicas and Penny Whistles playing along with some fantastic blue grass bands. And they all sound really good. (while most do anyway.......LOL).
  19. Howdy there Mark, I live in Enka/Candler NC, which is near Asheville. Your right my friend it is nice up here. I used to live in Mich. but this is where my wife is from and since I do not like the snow or cold weather we setteled here. Now if what you guys say is true, that there is not a concertina worth buying for under $300.00. It looks like playing a concertina is out for me. But I think I'll just hang around the forum here because its interesting. Thank you everyone...................
  20. Inga you asked which concertina I have decided on getting. To start with let me explane that I like the same style music that you do. Except I'm no musician, I cannot read music and have very little musical talents. But I do enjoy playing around at it. Mostly playing the melody line of a song just for my own enjoyment. I'll never be good enough to play with a band or other instruments or with background music. Now with that said, being that I already play a diatonic harmonica I'm looking at getting (have not got it yet) a 30 button Anglo. Mr. Richard Morse said a lot that should be helpful in making up your mind as he knows a lot more about concertinas then I do. As to buying a concertina on ebay. I have to say that you need to know just what your doing and what your buying before buying anything on ebay. I buy and sell items on ebay myself. I believe that no one should buy anything on ebay that if it is lost or you get cheated out of your money it would not matter. If you cannot afford to loose the amount of money an item costs, "DO NOT BUY IT". Its as simple as that. My suggestion to you is do a couple of months of research before buying anything. And if there is a music shop near where you live go there and try a couple different ones out.
  21. OK folks I'm somewhat new to the concertina world and due to the fact I live on a small fixed income I have been looking at some of the less expensive instruments. I have herd people talk down about Hohner and Italian concertinas. The Hohner one really supprised me as they do make some of the best harmonicas in the world, and as I understand it (although I know very little about accordions) Hohner makes some of the best accordions also. So can someone tell me why Hohner concertinas are not considered to be good?
  22. Hello Inga, ya got the bear here. I'm like you, new to the concertina world. But I have been doing some research for about a month now so I have learned a few things. You asked what the differance between an Anglo and an English is. The maine differance is a Anglo concertina is tuned like a harmonica where you get different notes on the push/pull (as in blow/draw on a harmonica) from the same button. Whereas you get the same note on both the push/pull action on a English concertina. If you check out my posts here on the forum boards we had quite a big talk about all this. Look for the posts by bear.......... Try these links, some good reading................ http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4251 http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4236 Good luck
  23. I sure wish I had found this website/forum and all you helpful people a couple of months ago. Fixing the cheap concertina I "had" sounds like a fun thing to do. Problem is I sold it in a yard sale for $20.00. Stupid thing to do, I know. Since I do know how to adjust reeds and retune harmonicas it seems like a concertina would be close to the same. So far it looks like I'm leaning in the direction of a 30 button Anglo G/D, but am still doing a little more research first. Ya know what folks, the more I learn about concertinas the less I know......LOL I mean lets take a simple 10 button Anglo for example. The thing is tuned just like a diatonic harmonica right? Well maybe, it depends on which company made it. And then start adding things like more buttons or multiple reeds and things only get more confusing. But it sure is fun and very interesting trying to figure all this out.
  24. Richard said.............. A G/D is lower tuned? I did not know that. Thank you Richard. I like the lower tuned instruments better. Let me explane something else here. I'm no musician. I cannot read music. I'll never be good enough to play with a band. I started playing the harmonica because my doctor told me to to give my lungs a work out. (I have emphysema). But my lungs are getting so bad that I'm unable to play the harmonica most of the time and I really miss playing music. I play just to amuse myself (and now that I have got better at it, my wife and dog enjoys it now........LOL). Anyway just so y'all know I have no musical talents, or at least very little. Jeff said................. Jeff it would have to be the under $300.00 one. On my budget even that is streching it a lot. And as far as Ebay goes. Your $66.00 to lat my friend. Yup, about 4 months ago I bought a brand new 20 button Anglo from a guy on ebay. It sounded like crap, within 3 weeks a couple of the notes went out of tune. Which did not matter anyway because several of the buttons fell inside the thing and I could not play it anyway. Thats why I decided to do some research on concertinas before selling out any more money that I cannot afford to loose. Thanks to everybody here I just might wind up with a life long keeper. I'm going to look into that duet you guys are talking about. I really thank everybody for all the help here
  25. Jeff, me thinks your right my friend. Since my brain is in line with the Blow/Draw (push/pull) action of getting notes on a diatonic harmonica I tend to think the Anglo concertina might be better for me. But I was still wondering if I get a Anglo C/G tuning is there one that also has sharps and flates? You know, the standard 20 button finger latout in the C and G tunning just like the harmonicas but also has extra buttons to get the sharps and flates? This concertina world sure is confusioning to a know nothing rookie like me.
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