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  1. Oh cool, well I’d really appreciate your consideration in letting me join the list! I am in Frederick County
  2. I’ve heard whispers on the wind that Maryland is an accidental hub for the concertina. Is this so? Was wondering if there were any local plans for World Concertina Day, or if anybody would be interested in making some.
  3. Okay so not a concertina, but I saw this at a children’s art show and thought it was brilliant
  4. Was watching a video of the Delacorte Clock in Central Park recently and noticed a very special concertina player among the animals! I’m guessing someone has pointed this out before, but it really made my day.
  5. They were hoping we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in the dark, but oh how we can tell.
  6. I’m actually not sure on breed, got him from the pound when he was just a wee lad. But you’re not the first to suggest Norwegian forest cat, it’s possible! He is super affectionate, but not generally very snuggly. The only time he tends to get on my lap is when I’m playing
  7. I’ve often wondered that too, but he’s an indoor/outdoor cat so I assume he’d leave if it bothered him too much. He certainly seems to like it!
  8. The hurdy gurdy is definitely an acquired taste! My pup will occasionally howl along with the concertina, but not in a satisfied way (more of a “please let me out of this house” kind of way)
  9. That describes the situation for every other living being in my home, the cat is definitely the exception, haha
  10. Anyone else have a cat that loves the concertina? He could be fast asleep across the house, the moment I start to play he comes to find me. Granted, it might be because he knows I won’t be going anywhere for a while & am likely to give him lots of love, but still very easily the number one fan of all my sessions. How do your animal friends feel about the concertina?
  11. Hey now, you asked how the instrument affects the musician. This is what the concertina has done to me Simon! The transformation to surly old sea wench has begun (and I wouldn’t have it any other way)
  12. Since starting the concertina I’ve taken a headlong fall into a rabbit hole of nautical nonsense. It started with shanties, but has quickly progressed into knot tying, visits to the river and reading lots & lots of Melville (amongst others). Prior to this the guitar was my main instrument, but I relied pretty heavily on my voice to carry the song along. Not so with the concertina, I can hardly do both at once. Focusing on just the instrument has definitely helped my understanding of musical notation & theory, but I still have a lot to learn. It’s been quite the trip! Very fond of my second set of lungs, more so every day.
  13. My biggest problem is knowing which chords/notes on the left go well with what I’m doing on the right. Gary’s book Christmas Concertina has really been helping me along (thanks Gary!!). The arrangements are great & being pretty familiar with the songs makes it easier to focus on the rhythm
  14. That’s an interesting thought, there may be something to it! My first instrument was actually the clarinet, as it was the closest thing to a bassoon that they’d let me play in elementary school, haha. 20 years later and we’re back to the reeds. Funny to think of it as a familial trait and consider the nature/nurture aspect of it, whether it’s the positive experiences like these that fuel our affinity or if there is actually something in us that makes certain people more naturally skilled or drawn towards music
  15. I’m a first generation concertina/squeezebox player, but I get music from both sides. My Dad plays guitar, my mother piano, my uncle the violin, and my grandfather the bassoon. Some of my earliest memories involve sitting in his den while he practiced his part for Peter & the Wolf
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