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  1. Thanks for your reply Simon. If you had a £200 budget for a 20 or 30 key anglo, what would you do? I am not finding much on the second hand market and have tried emailing a few suppliers about a Rochelle, but they don't have any
  2. Hi All I haven't seen many people talk about the Stagi M3. I can get it new for £225 as my first concertina. Italian made with wooden ends make it seem like a more finished instrument than some on the others on the market. https://pianocentre.com/product/stagi-m3-anglo-style-2-row-beginner-concertina-wood-finish/ Would this be much of a step up over a £50-£100 used Scholer/Rosetti/BM German instrument? Has anyone ever played one of these? I know the Stagi seems to be a decent beginners make in general. Thanks all
  3. Are you in the UK? I'm currently trying to pick up a used concertina to start off with
  4. That looks ideal, but with a lead time of 15 months I couldn't wait that long! There's a few old Hohner / Bastaris around the £100 mark second hand. Would you take a punt on one of them, or go for something low end like this that is new? None of the second hand ones are local so I would have to get them shipped. https://redcowmusic.co.uk/product/carreg-las-anglo-button-concertina-in-cg/
  5. I am looking for either a 20 key or 30 key anglo to purchase so I can start learning. I am looking for a beginners / intermediate concertina to get me going without having to pay too much. £200ish would be a good price, but I can go a little higher if there are any good deals to be had! I am based in Lancashire, England but happy to pay postage if you are too far for me to collect Please let me know what you have to offer and how much you think is fair. Thanks everyone
  6. Thank you everyone for your advice. I think I will go for an Anglo then! Which brands should I be looking at that are available in England? More than happy to go second hand if you can recommend any sources for finding them. There is a 30 key C/G available in red cow - anyone heard of this brand or should I steer clear? Here is the link: https://redcowmusic.co.uk/product/carreg-las-anglo-button-concertina-in-cg/ In terms of key I would just like something versatile and 30 keys is presumably better than 20 if it's within budget Thanks all Edit: also heard Stagi are a decent make. Would this one be recommended? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stagi-M3-Anglo-Style-2-Row-Beginner-Concertina-Wood-Finish-/324793169952?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=5282-175127-2357-0
  7. Hi everyone I am a guitar player that has dabbled with Accordion and Piano in the past. I really want to learn the concertina next. I would like to play some of the popular pirate sea shanty style songs. I would also like to learn some nursery songs by ear for my son that is due in April next year! And maybe some popular songs transposed over to the concertina. I was sold on the elite hayden duet at £415, as it sounded quite similar to an Accordion setup so would be easy to pick up, however I am now thinking that an Anglo would be more appropriate for sea shanties and there would be more resources around to help me learn, as Gary Coover does a whole book on pirate songs for the Anglo. I have also played Harmonica in the past so this may help with the Anglo setup. What do you all think between hayden duet and anglo - and which concertina would you go for personally? Budget is £400ish but really the lower the better if there are any good ones for their value I am happy with those. Thanks all in advance
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