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  1. I am interested and would like some more info, price , pictures… I don’t know if you can PM me through this site
  2. Just noticed your reply and checked my mail. I did not receive your mail Alex.
  3. Send you a pm with my email address. Please don’t send the pictures through Dropbox. I can’t open it unless I take a payed subscription which I do not want to do.
  4. I might be interested. What do you have? Pictures? Price? regards, Jacques
  5. Looking for a D/G concertina hybrid or concertina reeds, steel or brass, prefebarely a soft playing instrument.
  6. I am interested in the 24k lachenzl with brasss reeds. Is it still available. If so can you send me a few pictures. I am living in Belgium. Regards, Jacques Thijs
  7. I was wrong naming it a 10 button concertina, there are 10 buttons on every side, so it is a 20 button but there are 20 double ( push and draw ) reeds on every side.
  8. I just opened my old hohner 10 button concertina because it uses to much air especially on the left side. So when opening that side I noticed that every button activates 2 reeds , I think in octave. No wonder it uses much air. I am now considering taping one of the two reeds for every button to see how that plays. I would faver a more silent instrument, that my be a second advantage. I wish I could find the normal range for a 10 button concertina relative to the piano range ( C4…etc) Anny suggestions?
  9. When I found a nice video on youtube about the assembly of a Clover concertina kit I immediately contacted the concertina connection to ask if these kits where still available : not since 2014… in spite of there reply I will still start making my own anglo in a few months. I am 78 years young and made musical instruments for 45 years ( baroque guitar, hurdy gurdy, woodwinds, portative organ, 3D printed violin and now finishing a larger barrel organ ) . I collected as much information as I could ( Tedrow, Holden ) and I would very much get the instruction manual W Wakker provided with the Clover kit. So if anone has still lying that manual somewhere on a shelf I would be very happy to pay for it with p&p extra. Looking forward to your answer, best wishes from Jacques Thijs, Belgium, jt.mail@telenet.be
  10. Thanks for your replies, I send the concertina back to McNeela.
  11. Just received my new McNeela Phoenix. I notice some leakage. When I hold the concertina by one side the bellows drop completely in 10 seconds. The “complete drop” is about 10 cm ( 1 cm/sec) since the closed bellows ( 6 fold ) measures 3cm and dropped they are 13 cm. Is this ok? A facebook friend from the US who also bought a phoenix 2 months ago noticed just the same drop/leakage. I still can send the instrument back to McNeela. What is your opinion? I just don’t know what to do. My castagnari melodeon bellows barely move but they are constructed in a different way with metal corners pressed on the bellows. I don’t know what is normal for a concertina.
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