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  1. Non-musical, but still a good thing that's happening (if you, like me, like that sort of thing): NERAX (the New England Real Ale Exhibition, www.nerax.org) is happening in Somerville (on the other side of Cambridge from Boston, reachable by bus or by subway train plus a short walk) 3/26 - 29, so you might be able to catch the first session (or even the second, if you're in town for all of the 27th).
  2. I have acquired a 29 button Wheatstone bass (no serial number), with F where the G# should be on the RHS, and C on LHS 2 octaves below middle C. Not at all relevant to the discussion, but this reminds me of the "Beyond the Fringe" sketch about WWII, the part where they were preparing for a German invasion by switching signs around (I gather that in real life, they were simply removed): "We'll put Ipswich where Great Yarmouth was...Great Yarmouth where Lyme Regis was...and Lyme Regis where Great Yarmouth was." "Arr, that'll fool the Boche!"
  3. I always liked that the NCW catered to all systems and styles (or as near to all as it could get), but I expect it's easy to get spread too thin...and being a harmonic/English-style Anglo player, I was only interested in a few of the classes offered, however much I may have appreciated the range available. I'm sure you're already considering the idea of smaller workshops aimed at particular subsets of concertinadom--Bertram Levy's workshop in 2012, which I found enjoyable and valuable (more so when I manage to carve out regular practice time) comes to mind.
  4. All mention of the NCW seems to have vanished from the Button Box website--or rather, the page for last year's workshop is still there, but there's no longer a link to get to it. Is this event no more? I tried searching the forum and didn't find anything referring to a workshop (or lack thereof) this year--true, the announcement hasn't generally been out by this time, but there's usually been at least an instructors list up...
  5. Jody, probably not a big deal since it's easy enough to figure out, but there are some letters swapped around in Will's email address... Can't possibly make it, alas--I've been seeing Facebook posts from time to time about interesting events at that venue and hope to get to one of them eventually, but time constraints and being dreadfully out of practice mean this one isn't it.
  6. I've been waiting for this (had come up before) - but what would you make out of "G P & A"? Since I'm perhaps missing the point I hesitate with grounding further conspiracy theories on those letters... A business name, perhaps? Haven't a clue, really.
  7. You have no idea how close you're (sort of) getting to why I think he uses that eBay ID... (Only, it's got nothing to do with practitioners of yoga, though it does have a Tibetan Buddhist retreat centre.) I'll say no more! I had wondered if maybe it it wasn't so much "G. Panda" as "G P & A." Well, I still wonder...not the first item on my list of curiosities, though.
  8. The same Elias Howe who invented the sewing machine? All things are interconnected...
  9. That, or the case should be lined with denim.
  10. Family story: my in-laws were at NEFFA (the New England Folk Festival, then in Natick, MA), in 1978 or thereabouts. They were sitting in the bleachers (it was held at the high school) watching dance performances when a bagpiper came out and began playing. My sister-in-law (then 3 or so) stood, pointed and demanded "STOP MAN!" at the top of her lungs. History does not record the piper's reaction (or whether he even heard her).
  11. The link in the first post shows that the same dealer has Wren-badged melodeons. Searching for Wren melodeons brings up, among other things, a melodeon.net thread which suggests that they're Chinese-made Scarlattis.
  12. No third way proposed, I suspect, just interpreting "thumb inside the strap" as meaning putting the entire hand inside the loop of the strap. The thumb should be outside the strap--where you've put your thumb in your second picture isn't meant for that purpose, it's just where the strap runs on the way to the adjustment screw. The first picture shows the way to go.
  13. I dunno, Ross, their clothes look pretty different to me, even without taking the vest into account--Aaron's shirt is bluer than David's, and his trousers look to be more of a greenish-brown whereas David's are a shade of grey that's only slightly different from his shirt (on my monitor, at least). That, and Aaron plays with one end of the instrument on each thigh and moves his legs while he plays, whereas David rests only the right end on his right thigh. What's that? Too serious a response to a tongue-in-cheek comment? Well, if you believe that, sir, clearly you cannot see my hat.
  14. The really knowledgeable regular posters have yet to chime in, but (especially given the "steel reeds" on the right handrest, albeit without the reed symbol that often goes with it) it looks like a Lachenal to me, and one of their nicer ones at that. It clearly needs attention--possibly quite a lot--but were I in the market for a vintage anglo, I'd be giving it some serious consideration.
  15. One drone and one air, presumably...
  16. I'll be around--not, alas, performing in any capacity this year...
  17. I think they traditionally become evil henchmen to wicked princes for a few decades before being hunted down and killed by the sons of Spanish swordsmiths whom they'd murdered (the swordsmiths, not the sons) rather than pay for top-notch custom work. Not much room for concertina-playing in that, alas. Although...is the Cliff of Moher anything like the Cliffs of Insanity?
  18. That's a good answer--but apparently his background is Dutch, not German, so the "steen" predates his ancestors' arrival in the US (I didn't research enough to see if there's anything online about whether his family descended from a New Amsterdam colonist or arrived more recently). In other news, apparently I enjoy nitpicking this sort of thing far too much to avoid contributing to thread drift...
  19. The correctional institution is Folsom State Prison (in Folsom, Sacramento County, California) and song is actually called "Folsom Prison Blues," thereby sidestepping the whole jail/gaol issue. Springsteen (and you accuse Johnny Cash and Mike Franch of not being able to spell properly? I'm shocked. Shocked, I say ) recorded this on his The Seeger Sessions album, which consists of many songs, most of them traditional, that Pete Seeger had sung. Seeger was, of course, one of the Weavers, whom Jim Lucas mentions as having made the song popular in the 50s--I expect he's performed it since then, too.
  20. The appropriate page of the online catalog(ue): http://www.campbellsauctions.co.uk/Catalogues/gs120213/page9.html
  21. Oh well--one can hope for simple solutions... The error you're getting while Stealthy is on suggests to me that Stealthy is working, but your Flash player isn't happy with something (whether Stealthy can interfere with Flash I do not know). I can't watch the video because my computer is too old to run a new enough version of Flash--one of these days I'll get something newer...my computer-savvy is fairly basic, though, and I'm afraid I'm out of suggestions.
  22. Thanks, Joshua. Are you using the PRO version? I'm not sure this service would be worth $60 a year to me. I've downloaded the free version and selected preferences option 4 to choose a proxy from the UK but I'm getting an error message when I try to play the video (not the "not available in your area" message I used to get without Stealthy). Hm. I must have the free version, since I would have just foregone listening to the things for which I got it in the first place if I'd had to pay $60 to do it. I'm at work and it's on my home computer, so I can't check my settings right at the moment (nor make sure it still works), but one thing occurs to me that I think I forgot to do the first time I tried to use it. What color is the little stealth-jet icon (should be at the top right corner of your browser--anyway, that's where it is on mine)? If it's red, it's not turned on; it needs to be green. If it's green, well, I'll check my settings when I get home and see if I have any suggestions (and, in either case, remind myself of how one turns it on and off).
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