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  1. Me in action at the recent Kettle of Fish Ale in Quincy, MA:
  2. I'll be there--whether I make it to your Vintage Concertina Songs session depends on how well my small boy makes it through the day...
  3. Dana, this appears to have been "corrected" by some automatic process as you were typing, generating phrases like "spreading them flat on a pie the if glass hair died out" which are beyond my ability to decipher (I got the "piece of glass" part, but then I get lost). Please go through your post (that you obviously put a lot of effort into and no doubt contains the wisdom of much experience) with an eye toward editing all these irregularities ("I have gas dome success," etc.) so that we may have a clear idea of all you have to say. And Merry Christmas. David, I think the phrase that's eluding you is "hair side out."
  4. This is actually a big part of Bertram Levy's method in his American Fiddle Styles for the Anglo Concertina. He adapted it from an Argentine method for the bandoneon.
  5. That's "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down." I see what you mean about the similarity, and so does/do the author(s) of this Wikipedia article.
  6. I see your example is an illustration from Wikipedia--if you look at the general Wikipedia for Bakelite (here), you'll see an illustration of several Bakelite samples in a number of colors. Bakelite jewelry was popular in the period before WWII--here's a short article with some illustrations.
  7. Looks like an Edgley to me--I think I see endbolts at the corners rather than in the middles of the flats...
  8. Someone, I feel, ought to build a custom computer case for an Apple desktop machine using design elements in tribute to the Glasgow school. The result would be, of course, a Charles Rennie Macintosh.
  9. I'm assuming there'd be a fuss if you used that particular ventilator on your patients...
  10. I'll be there starting around midafternoon--my status as backup musician for Pipe Dream Morris means I'll be with them at the Gore Place Sheepshearing Festival in Waltham for the morning, but if fortune smiles upon me, I'll arrive by 3 (when my wife's rapper team does its thing).
  11. Well, from looking at the Facebook page for Les Cornemuses a Miroirs du Limousin (here), I gather that the piece is Italian. The musicians (and possibly the piece) appear to hail from Cassino. There's also the Facebook page for the Festival La Zampgna-Maranola (here), which seems to be where the video was recorded, but (speaking neither French nor Italian) I couldn't glean any further information. No one seems to have posted the title of the tune, though.
  12. Gone--the link gives me "video removed by user."
  13. In his defense, though, isn't he also responsible for almost everything that goes gloriously well?
  14. I need to block and line my Storm Case. The case my Wheatstone came in is still usable, but more than a little worn...
  15. ALDI is in the US, not that I've actually seen one (I've mostly heard of them as grocers, though I see their website lists home goods as well).
  16. I started playing after I joined a morris side (relatively thick on the ground in the Boston area). After briefly considering a melodeon (neither the fiddle nor the pipe and tabor appealed), I bought a 20-button Hohner, quickly ran up against its limitations and took a drive out to the Button Box, where I found a used Morse Ceili G/D that has served me well ever since (and am slowly increasing my use of the 40-button Wheatstone I obtained from Ben of this forum).
  17. No worries there--the value of a concertina lies in its playability and tone, and valves and pads are wear items that are regularly replaced on antique instruments. An analogue would be the tires on an antique car or motorcycle. If you want to drive the vehicle safely for any distance, you need to put new tires on it, and the only collectors who value the old tires are those who prefer their cars/bikes as static displays rather than vehicles (or keep a second set of wheels with new tires on them for road use, wherein the parallel breaks down rather). Anyway, replacing the curled valves and worn pads on your Lachenal (assuming it's done right) will increase its value, not decrease it.
  18. Not up for it myself, but maybe Tom Kruskal would either be available or know someone who was (assuming she hasn't already tried him)? I don't have contact information for him, but of course others on the forum do.
  19. How about something along the lines of Bellower, Scraper, Blower and Picker? Kind of clunky, I suppose, but I do think it has potential. Bellow, Scrape, Blow & Pick?
  20. I think you're all overlooking the obvious: the accordion manufacturers got so tired of hearing the phrase "Why, for two cents I'd..." that they finally snapped and gave two cents to everyone. No idea why they were hearing the phrase so much, though.
  21. Es scheint mir gut (besser, am wenigsten, als meinem Deutsch).
  22. Most likely I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday, but not Friday pm. Will, I'm looking forward to trying out that prototype...
  23. Also, editing. Lots of editing. The ability to spell and the ability to make a decent concertina aren't the same, of course, but "In 2009 I started making concertinas with my nephnew. We origionally started as Goodwood Concertinas" does not make me think attention to detail is a priority.
  24. Jim, I expect to see Lynn a week from Saturday--I'll pass along your greetings (or maybe I'll just drop her a note on Facebook...) Steve, I had forgotten the Skellig session was happening then. It's well worth it (either the commuter rail fare or the lengthy schlep by bus). I haven't been in a while, but the Skellig is one of many places in the Boston area inspired by Irish pubs; it has a nice selection of beers on tap and a decent menu. The song session usually has the back room to itself. Lynn and Jeff, not to mention many of the session regulars, have a considerable store of songs in their heads.
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