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  1. I believe he does play a Wheatstone--I knew a bit more precisely once, but I've forgotten the details.  Anyway, he's the song-leader, a soloist and a musician (mostly on recorder, whistle and related instruments) in all the Christmas Revels performances in Cambridge (US) over the past few decades.  He also does Boston Harbor tours and school performances in the greater Boston area and has a number of CDs out.  He has a website here, though there doesn't seem to be any concertina content on it.

  2. Apparently there's nothing new about people playing music faster than they ought.  Scott Joplin headed the sheet music to a couple of his pieces thusly: "Do not play this piece too fast.  It is never right to play ragtime fast."

  3. On 3/19/2019 at 2:41 PM, Don Taylor said:

    Yes indeed, but you can always trade it in sometime in the future for, say, a Concertina Connection Busker and Concertina Connection will allow the original full price of your instrument against its purchase.  You could ask William what the trade-in value would be.

    Don, I think you have to buy it new to get the upgrade deal.


    On 4/17/2019 at 4:51 PM, Jim Besser said:

    Haven't been to a NEFFA in at least 8 years - sadly, because it's the best.


    Here's a video that includes a little concertina.net meetup we did a long time ago.  Concertinas at about 4.30.  I'd recognize the sound of David's Hayden anywhere!


    Oh hey, there's my wife with her rapper side right at the start.


    Not to mention me not really keeping up at all with the others in the c.net meetup...

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  5. Today's XKCD webcomic, one of its occasional intricately detailed (despite initial appearances) special strips, will interest certain members of this community. Go here to today's strip and, per the directions, right-click on the image. There's lots to explore in the resulting menu, but for the purposes of this post, select Games. Those at whom this post is directed will see what I'm on about.

  6. Maybe the bike was a middle thirties Ariel Red Hunter, a local here had one of the twin port 500s and it had two high pipes on one side.


    A Linota or a Dipper would be nice...maybe some day, if I get some more liquidity in the finances (not holding my breath). I think your Red Hunter theory is most likely correct--an image search turns up some pretty similar-looking bikes, down to a fair bit of chroming on the tanks.

  7. You never said what the bike is...

    I actually did tell you in a similar conversation a few years back--I lucked into a Vincent Rapide (previously my father's; he traded a year-old Triumph for it in 1963. He still has his Black Prince, though). Now if I could just figure out what the bike was I saw today on a local street. 30's thumper but with two (over-and-under) fishtail mufflers on the right side, chrome tank, looks to be in "survivor" condition...a Velocette, maybe.

  8. Put me down as one of the old British motorbike-and-concertina crowd, though my old bike is currently residing 500 miles away on my parents' farm--two small children plus damp garage equals idle, unhappy bike. The concertinas are still here, though--my solution to an instrument with an insufficient case (a 1950s-period Wheatstone with its original, rather worn case) is a Hardigg Storm Case (bought pre-Pelican) with blocking made from layers of cardboard and lining made from an old flannel shirt; I worked around measurements of the blocks in the original case and the width of the instrument held together with middling firmness (very much a your-mileage-may-vary thing). I'll probably improve it some day.


    ...leathers that gave ( for other uses ) been tumbled to long, I have gas dome success wetting them, spreading them flat on a pie the if glass hair died out...

    Dana, this appears to have been "corrected" by some automatic process as you were typing, generating phrases like "spreading them flat on a pie the if glass hair died out" which are beyond my ability to decipher (I got the "piece of glass" part, but then I get lost).


    Please go through your post (that you obviously put a lot of effort into and no doubt contains the wisdom of much experience) with an eye toward editing all these irregularities ("I have gas dome success," etc.) so that we may have a clear idea of all you have to say.


    And Merry Christmas.


    David, I think the phrase that's eluding you is "hair side out."

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