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  1. My registration form is printed out, completed, sealed in its envelope and going in the mail tomorrow. I'm ready. Of course, now I have to wait nearly two months...
  2. I'll be happy to sell you my Hohner D40--almost new, and I'll only charge you half the price that the Button Box is listing for a similar instrument... jdms
  3. I don't know about the rest of it, but mightn't those screws in the top be for a neck strap? They don't seem to be connected to the thumb straps...
  4. The first time I ever heard a concertina played was at a presentation in middle school. The player--I have no memory of his name, but this was in Berryville, VA, in 1982 or thereabouts--did a Darth Vader impression with the air button (followed by an excerpt from Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water"--both of these were demonstrations of the instrument's inherent coolness). jdms
  5. Or in this case, before they're thatched? Now now, don't hit the roof. jdms
  6. Really, David...you should know better than to count your chickens before they're hatched. jdms
  7. ...and he's on (playing the fiddle).
  8. They're trying again, one hour from now...
  9. My first public musical performance was in a piano recital when I was eight or so. I've since done clarinet and voice (with varying degrees of other people taking part, and more often when I was still in the throes of a formal education); my first public concertina performance (thirty years later) was also one of very few solo performances (unless you count the six guys in front of me with bells and hankies--I was playing "Mrs. Casey" not very well at all for my morris team at an ale in western Massachusetts). I'm now aiming for my second public performance to be on the next open band night at the English dance series my wife helps organize in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA)--I need to improve a bit before I can play reliably with others, but I have a month and a half to practice. jdms (edited to correct the morris implement--memory seems to be a trifle spotty...)
  10. This looks very useful indeed--thanks, Chris, I've printed this out and it's going right in my music folder. jdms
  11. I sign my initials (also known as my forum id) to most of my posts and many of my emails (emails to people I shouldn't expect to recognize initials get first or first and last name)--it's part of my name, anyway... Joshua Dabney Mackay-Smith
  12. If you count YouTube, I don't think that's true. But even if you don't... Are there no hybrids on any of the tracks of Anglo International? (I can't check, because I lent my copy to a friend and I haven't seen it in over a year.) In any case, this seems to me to be an opportunity in the making. Two people play Edgleys--Frank Edgley (naturally) and Tom Lawrence. Matt Dennis plays a Norman--that's also a hybrid, isn't it? My memory is imperfect on this. He's listed in the booklet under Harry Scurfield (who plays a Dipper), since they appear in a duet of "St. James Infirmary." jdms
  13. For those of us on this side of the pond, Hardigg, the manufacturer of Storm Cases, is based in South Deerfield, MA (just down the road from The Button Box). They have contact information for authorized dealers. jdms
  14. I asked the seller to put up interior pictures, which he did--it appears to have inhaled large amounts of dust, but it looks English to my untutored eye. jdms
  15. Tom is indeed in the Boston area; he has a lovely Crabb which he plays for the Pinewoods Morris Men (of which his son is a member), Orion Longsword (of which his daughter is a member) and various other teams/sides. Being involved with Pinewoods, he often accompanies their performances in the Christmas Revels at Sanders Theatre in Cambridge. I don't think he's on c.net, but of course Jody knows more than I do... jdms
  16. In the month and a half or so since you joined, I've been vaguely thinking about saying something clever about your userid. There are George Case concertinas--we never hear Case's first name, after all (unless that is his first name and it's his last that we never hear--but then I'd need to work in Molly, whose fingernails would make concertina playing problematic (well, she could keep them retracted), and then there's the whole Tessier-Ashpool thing... (For anyone saying "huh?" this is all in reference to William Gibson's Neuromancer, which involves a powerful artificial intelligence named Wintermute. There's no reference to concertinas unless you really reach hard from the fact that the main character's name is Case, as I did above.) jdms
  17. I don't actually know what ale it is; I'm going along as a guest muso with a Northwest side, and the only thing I've been told is that we're being billeted in NoHo. Looks like this weekend is a Northwest tour: according to the Guiding Star Clog Morris schedule page, Guiding Star is touring with Shepherdstown Northwest Morris from West Virginia and Bows 'n' Belles from Colchester in the UK. I'll be at the Harvest Ale next weekend as a member of Commonwealth Morris and for spousal support of Charles River Rapper. jdms
  18. I am reminded of a slim volume of allegedly French poetry that sounds remarkably familiar when read aloud: Mots d'Heures, Gousses, Rames. I think I spelled that right...all I can remember of the poems themselves is one title/first line: "Un Petit d'un Petit" (it would be easier to figure out that that's "Humpty Dumpty" if I could remember how the second line is spelled). jdms
  19. Looks like it. Alas, Dave Palmater (the DJ) has just announced that Karen Tweed and John Dipper have been "unavoidably detained" (he was saying they were stuck in traffic before), so the whole thing's off. To this I say, harrumph. jdms
  20. They've announced it again. The accordion player is Karen Tweed. jdms
  21. John Dipper (am I correct in believing that he's the son of Colin and Rosalie Dipper?) will be peforming and talking on WUMB-FM in Boston at noon today, Eastern US time (an hour and three-quarters from now as I write)--he's accompanying an accordion player whose name, I'm sorry to say, escapes me at the moment (despite the fact that she's the headliner for this thing), and he's playing the fiddle (though maybe he'll have his concertina too...). WUMB is online if you're out of range of the broadcast signal (even if you're not), through iTunes in the Radio section or through Live 365 radio on Windows Media Player. Slight addition: the WUMB website says it'll be Antje Duvekot in a repeat from January, but they announced John Dipper and...er...whatever her name is (I should take notes) a few minutes ago...anyway, I hope that's what they're doing. Joshua Edited to add: for those in eastern Massachusetts who don't know already, WUMB is 91.9 FM, 1170 AM on the Cape, 91.7 FM in and around Newburyport.
  22. I think this needs to be run through the Brit to Yank translation engine. Alan The Reliant Motor Company was a British manufacturer of three-wheeled cars, of which the Robin was, I believe, both the last and the best-known. I don't know how large the cargo area under its hatchback was, but I'm sure it was suitable for transporting numerous concertinas. jdms
  23. Really? Who does and what prices are you talking about? I assume "jdms" is talking about the concertinas made by Herrington, Edgley, Morse, Tedrow and Geuns-Wakker et al which have a price range of about $1800-$2500US. Surely, you are aware of these makers. The phrazing suggested that hybrids are way over $1K (too expencive), BUT there are others (several!), who make instruments within the reach (inexpencive, slightly over $1K) or 'ordinary' people. "Well over" $1K means, to me, over that mark by a few hundred dollars--if I'd meant something higher, I'd have chosen a higher number to be well over, but it would be unfair of me to expect you to know all (or any) of my conversational quirks. I was thinking specifically of my Morse Ceili, which I bought used for about $1400 (hence my mention of Morse elsewhere in my post). I can see how "well over" could be taken to mean something in Carroll or Suttner territory, but that wasn't my intent--I did mean the Morse, Edgley, Tedrow and other hybrids that are around the $2K mark new (with a bit of a wait, of course) and somewhat less second-hand (no waiting, if you don't count the time it takes to find one) are both good (unlike the $150 instruments you see on EBay in such numbers) and affordable (unlike most instruments with concertina reeds). Joshua
  24. Not quite. The hybrids--Morse et al--do use accordion reeds, but they're mounted in concertina-type reed pans. Hybrids are far better than "concertina-shaped accordions," in which the reeds are mounted in accordion-type reed blocks. It's still well over $1k for even a used hybrid, but there are several makers producing very good instruments for a price within the reach of those of us with, shall we say, modest incomes (even if we have to swallow hard and close our eyes when paying that price). jdms
  25. Well, it's not quite true that there's nothing in New England--try going a little farther east... Several Morris teams, revelers from Harvard's all-night May Day Eve Ball (I think that's what they call it) and various onlookers gather at the Cambridge end of the Weeks Footbridge at dawn. There's a (portable) maypole in addition to all the Morris dancing. The festivities move in procession to the Lowell Quad on the Harvard campus around 7 (this was a bit cramped this year, as they'd just re-seeded the lawn), and then up to the plaza in front of Holyoke Center in Harvard Square. It's been going on for some time now, and participants range in age from the single digits to numbers I wouldn't dare to guess. They do (as far as I know) lack a Queen of the May. jdms
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