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  1. I didn't go to the FILO at all during 2009 so there must be 2 singers with shruti boxes coming to Whitby
  2. the Yorkshire Concertina Club may be able to help find someone near you, they meet in Leeds which isn't too far from York.
  3. Would you be the singer with the Shruti box at the folk session in the FILO Whitby last year ? There can't be many of them knocking around North Yorkshire
  4. That's the name I know it by too, can't tell you anything about the composer though
  5. AnnC

    Moscow Nights

    Unfortunately I can't get the 'Kenny Ball & his Jazzmen' Midnight in Moscow version out of my head so my attempts at Moscow Nights get played with less romance and more swing
  6. Unfortunately the 'First Inn Last Out' will be closing it's doors on the 21st of March. The last Saturday session will be on the 5th of March with the final Tuesday do's on the 8th & 15th If an alternative venue for the FILO sessions is found before the May and August festivals I'll post it.
  7. Have finally got round to joining
  8. Thanks for the link, I've just downloaded the Bach Bourree in G minor to try
  9. Fish & Chips and Folk music ... Whitby Spring Session..... who could want more?
  10. until
    For anyone at a loose end 27th - 29th May 2011 Whitby Spring Session .......
  11. Mike S Wild pointed out that your name is on the Guest list for Whitby Folk Week 2011 in August but as the programme won't be out for a while there are no details yet ..... will you be performing or running workshops ?
  12. Hello Even if you're not interested in Morris dance it might be worth getting in touch with your nearest side ( this link is to the 'side finder' map http://www.morrisdan...der/sfcgi.html? ) or Folk Club as there may be someone who knows of an Anglo player near you who might be happy to give you some help.
  13. There's a regular Tuesday night, and first Saturday in the month, at the 'First Inn Last Out' up on the Railway http://www.firstinlastoutpub.co.uk/ a friendly mix of singers and musicians playing/singing whatever takes their fancy I think there's a regular Sunday night open folk session at the Station Inn ( the old Tap & Spile ) opposite the railway station though I've not been to that one for a while. There's the Whitby Folk Club at the Friendship Rowing Club every Thursday http://www.coblersmonday.co.uk/page6.html The Robin Hood's Bay Folk Club at the Dolphin on Friday evenings http://www.bayfair.co.uk/folkclub.html I'm not sure if there're also sessions at either the Fleece or the Endeavour, here's a link to the Whitby Folk Club page listing other venues in and near Whitby but as it's not been updated for a while best to check before going anywhere http://www.coblersmonday.co.uk/page10.html Look forward to seeing you around town, you can never have too many concertina players in a session
  14. And Brian Peters! I'm looking forward to it already Last year was brilliant with the Spare Parts Concertina Band workshops and all the other events. My spare room got 'bagged' for this year by my friends as they set toe over the step last year, they're hoping to be able to stay the whole week this year ....... Morris Dancers in the attic ........ it's a bit like having bats but with clogs on ..... ........
  15. I've been looking at the guest list for this year's Whitby Folk Week, 20th - 26th August, http://www.whitbyfolk.co.uk/ Iris Bishop, Anahata and Ray Padgett have been booked so there's some good concertina input already
  16. until
    Whitby Folk Week http://www.whitbyfolk.co.uk/index.html looking at the webpage the guests booked so far include Iris Bishop, Anahata, and Ray Padgett so there's some concertina input
  17. Well after reading lots of the advice forums on melnet I decided to get a cheap melodeon from ebay, that wouldn't be ruined by me taking it apart to do up and learn on while saving up for a better one What arrived in the post looked too good for me to mess about with so it's going to be done up properly. According to replies to a post on melmet it could be an old German melodeon. There's no makers name on the outside but inside the bass end there's an inked stamp with the name CH. Tomson of Cable Street London, a musical instrument maker and repairer of accordions, melodeons and concertinas, though I've not found anything about him yet.
  18. AnnC


    There's Tom Anderson's 'Da Slockit Light' played here on a duet concertina and Pat Shaw's 'Margaret's Waltz', played on this clip by Aly Bain Both sound really well on the concertina
  19. Here's a link to the BBC Alba web page http://www.bbc.co.uk/alba/
  20. I found that a twin pick up Microvox which had it's own tiny pre-amp worked very well. The pickups had a small square of hook sided velcro on them so it was just a case of putting a tiny self adhesive patch of fuzzy velcro onto each side of the concertina ( mine went near the bars holding the handstraps and were barely noticeable,you can just see the tiny black square of velcro in my profile picture ) so there was no permanent alteration/damage to the instrument.
  21. Come over to mel.net and ask we don't bite will do
  22. Looking at the tunes I play most often, the keys range through the usual C, D, G and A majors. There are also quite a few in Am, Dm and Em, Eb, F and one that I'm told is in G# ......... ( despite having a C/G Anglo I play very little Irish ) ....... so what melodeon tunings would be the best to cope please
  23. Sound's as if I'll be looking for 2 melodeons eventually then Oh for a win on the lottery
  24. they should have sung 'The battle of Jericho' as an encore
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