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  1. So far my events programme has highlighter on it for Sunday at the Rifle club 11.30am-12.50pm 'The Tunes of Scan Tester'with Will Duke, and a tie between a music session with Moor Music in the Middle Earth or John Kirkpatrick in the Fishermans (Fisherlads) Rowing Club, both running from 5pm-7pm Monday there's a C/G Anglo workshop10am-11.20 at the Con club with Brian Peters followed by a quick sprint to get some lunch and meet the Scratch Morris for the rest of the day Tuesday there's an English music session in the Middle Earth 5pm-7pm with Ken Watson Wednesday there's Early Music at the Con club 11.30am-12.50 with Andy Casserley and Ian Pittaway then Scratch morris for the rest of the afternoon until 4.30pm when the Coliseum has a concert of Medieval music Thursday has a clash between the Early music and learning Swedish tunes with a sprint to the Elsinore afterwards to put some faces to melnet names while Friday is either more Scan Tester tunes or an All Systems Concertina forum in the Rugby Club 11.30am-12.50 with Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham followed by Scratch Morris. Add in all the spur of the moment pub sessions and it's going to be a great week
  2. This sounds good - I'll try and make it (train arrives about 1200 so I should be there for the 2nd half of the session). Just checked and it's an 'F' price code in the programme so you may be relieved of £5 if the steward is still there when you arrive
  3. There's a 'Learn Swedish Tunes' do, 11.30am - 12.50pm on the Thursday at the Fisherman's Rowing Club with Vicki Swan on Nyckelharpa and Jonny Dyer on Accordion, any instrument welcome
  4. yet more ..... there was a new 'Folk in the Afternoon' club which started in May, meeting every Tuesday afternoon at the 'Cleveland Bay', Ings Road, Redcar. TS10 2DD I got to the first meeting and really enjoyed it but haven't managed to get back since. The pub's just next to the Redcar East Railway station.
  5. ......... and here's a link to a page giving information for the North East Concertina Players , they meet up in Sedgefield but may have some members near Saltburn
  6. Hello. Here's a facebook page for Saltburn Folk Club , and links to the Cutty Wren Folk Club in Skelton and the 14th Saltburn Folk Festival If you can get to the folk clubs someone's bound to know when and where the sessions are
  7. There must be another concertina player going with one of the 14 or so sides who'll be there ...... please .... or I'll be alone and palely loitering
  8. The 'homeless' FILO folkies have found a warm welcome at the Whitby Folk Club held in the aptly named Friendship Rowing Club Not long now to Whitby Folk Week
  9. Letting someone try out a spare concertina is a very good way of getting more players, I lent a spare Anglo to a friend, who'd tried an English but not taken to it, and only a few weeks down the line it was being played at a session in the pub and they'd ordered themselves a new concertina ........ and they'd mastered playing and singing at the same time ..... lovely to listen to
  10. Beautiful Here's a link to a pdf of the sheet music arranged by Eric Crouch The Countess of Pembroke's Paradise for anyone who wants to try the dots.
  11. A good festival for anyone who might be in the North East (UK) in August with plenty for everyone. The guest list includes Brian Peters, Ray Padgett and Dick Miles http://www.cuttywrenfolkclub.talktalk.net/SaltburnFF/index.htm
  12. until
    Folk by the seaside at Saltburn http://www.cuttywrenfolkclub.talktalk.net/SaltburnFF/index.htm something for everyone
  13. I often find that a tune has been transposed in my memory by the time it gets played
  14. Thanks for the link to the tune book, hours of music there
  15. ditto.... Melody over both sides and across the rows with chords dotted in now and then along and across rows. Music played includes Morris, English country dance, Playford, some O'Carolan, a bit of Welsh, the odd tango, music hall, Scottish and a few French, Finnish and Swedish tunes. Lord alone knows what sort of playing style it would be described as
  16. and on here too please, as a lot of us don't use Facebook
  17. I'll be there playing for HPMMM , is anyone else going to be there with their side?
  18. Just over a fortnight to go Here are a couple of links to the bus services, Coastal and Country http://www.coastalan...usServices.html and Arriva http://www.arrivabus...=125&txt=Whitby The 98 West Cliff circular run by Coastal and Country runs past the Rugby Club as do Arriva's 91 Castle Park circular and 92 Spa .... the 91 is infamous for getting cancelled by Arriva at short notice though
  19. the 'best' incorrect identification of my concertina was in Oxford one May morning, I'd been playing Playford tunes and a very well spoken man said what a lovely Harpsichord it was
  20. This site may also be of interest if you enjoy French music Fédération des Ateliers de Musiques et Danses Traditionnelles de l'Ardèche http://www.famdt-ardeche.fr/plan.php3
  21. in my house a good place is partway up the second flight of stairs with a view through the landing window, really good acoustics giving a rich sound even when playing quietly or, if the neighbours are at home, the attic bedroom with the door shut
  22. Sorry no, the tune's familiar and I remember hearing it played at Melrose Folk Festival back in the early 90's but the name eludes me
  23. At least 4 Anglo players and 1 English player live in Whitby so the locals are concertina friendly
  24. Try any tune that takes your fancy, whatever the genre. The range of music that sounds well on the concertina is surprisingly wide
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