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  1. AnnC

    Gloomy Sunday

    I've just copied the 'middle' treble melody line out longhand (no printer ) so that's cut down the mass of dots to a more manageable looking score Now to have a go at playing it
  2. Here's a link to Sallyport Sword at Whitby Folk Week A 1st class side and a brilliant musician on the melodeon, fast without losing the lift and life of the tunes, playing non-stop for over 12 minutes, most of it solo
  3. AnnC

    Gloomy Sunday

    Really? I'm only 18 myself but 18 was a good year for me. I would have ABC'd the tune but my goodness that's quite complex! It's not that bad ..... especially after Lamma Bada Yatathanna
  4. AnnC

    Gloomy Sunday

    Hi Anlej When I was young, I used to think so. As I got older reality set in. You could try this for an encore: I'll play it as they leap Thanks for the link to the Finnish tunes, I already know Sarkynyt Onni but there are lots on there to learn Ikaalisten Rantatie's just been downloaded ...... and it's only the outside that gets older .... the inside stays 20 Cheers Ann
  5. AnnC

    Gloomy Sunday

    That's it ..... with the added bonus of translated lyrics If the singers aren't miserable enough after they've heard the tune I'll hand out copies of the words You're a genius
  6. AnnC

    Gloomy Sunday

    Filled with misery ....... just perfect. thankyou Here's a link to on You tube for anyone who'd like to hear the tune
  7. Does anyone have the sheet nusic or abc for the 1933 song Gloomy Sunday please? Sometimes sessions I go to are dominated by singers of the 'Dirge-athon' variety, anything not stuffed to the gills with abject misery, death, disease etc. causes raised eyebrows I've given up trying to lighten the mood with the odd cheerfull tune (I'm terminally optimistic) and fancy trying Sarkynyt Onni (Shattered Happiness) followed shortly after by Gloomy Sunday ....... then sitting back and seeing how many people are driven to throw themselves through the windows (though that could just be my playing)
  8. [ Thankyou, the Bb major version sounds lovely ....... another tune to add to the 'to learn' pile
  9. It's very old, a traditional tune from the time when the Moors ruled Spain so it should be alright Here's a translation of the verse When the gossamer nymph appears, My beloved's beauty drives me to distraction; Surrender Surrender When I am enraptured by a glimpse, My beloved's beauty is a tender branch caught by the breeze; Surrender Surrender Oh my destiny, my perplexity, No one can comfort me in my misery, In my lamenting and suffering for love, But for the one in the beautiful mirage; My beloved's beauty drives me to distraction, Surrender Surrender
  10. It's an 'earworm', once you try it there is a hypnotic, addictive quality to the tune Thanks for putting the abc up
  11. This tune's a cracker for keeping the fingers busy on a wet weekend. It was played by Jack Campin in the Euro sessions at this years Whitby Folk Festival it's Andalusian Arabic in 10/8 and sounds well on the concertina I've got a year to get it up to speed ready for the next Euro sessions Lamma Bada Yatathanna.pdf Here's a youtube link to Lamma Bada Yatathanna sung by Fayrouz (the only way I can get the timing right is to listen to the tune )
  12. It doesn't sound right at all In nearly 30 years I've only had 1 spring go on me, and that was in an old concertina. The Dipper has been played almost daily for 19 years, in ceilidh bands, Morris sides, sessions and 'just for the fun of it', so it's had a fair workout in that time with no spring problems. Perhaps there's a problem with the quality or gauge of steel used for the springs in your Connor ? Ask John Connor to have a look as he'll know best
  13. Sarkynyt Onni vals.pdf Here's a pdf of the dots for Sarkynyt Onni
  14. I don't know what I've done to the abc ...... it's a bit of an Eric Morecambe, all the right notes but can I heck as like make it come out like the right tune
  15. Thanks Leo , the translation of the 3rd line had me in fits I didn't have the lyrics in either Finnish or English so the links are a great help. I've copied the Finnish text and will get it printed out, one of my friends is a good linguist and even if she can't translate them she may know someone who can. Ann here's the abc if anyone would like the tune X:1T:Sarkynyt Onni M:3/4L:1/4Q:1/4=150R:waltzK:DmA, |: "Dm" D2 ^C/2D/2 | F2 E/2D/2 | "Gm" G2 ^F/2G/2 | B d B | "A7" A2 E/2G/2 | F2 ^C/2E/2 | "Dm" (D3 |[1 D2) A, :|[2 D) A F || !|: "Dm" E2 D | "A7" ^C2 D | "Gm" (E3 | E) A G | "A7" F2 E | D2 E | "Dm" (F3 | F) "D7" A c | "Adim" c2 "Gm" B | B G B | "Dm" B2 A | ![1 A F A | "Gm" A2 G | "Ddim" F2 G | "A7" (E3 | E) A F :| [2 A F D | "A7" ^C2 B | A2 ^C | "Dm" (D3 | D) z z ||
  16. apologies for the slight thread drift but does anyone have an English translation of the Finnish lyrics for Georg Malmsten's song 'Sarkynyt Onni'? It's a lovely sad melody but when people ask me what I'm playing all I can tell them is that it's known as 'Broken Fortune' (or Shattered Happiness). Thanks Ann
  17. Thanks Mike and Steve for the links I didn't get to the Swedish tunes workshop at Whitby as it clashed with the Early/Renaissance music one. More tunes to learn
  18. Link to the Scarborough Council Map showing Whitby car parks , clicking on any of "P's" will bring up details of that car park ............. finding a space in one is another matter entirely
  19. The wide looking track, California Road, is the access road to several businesses, including a skip hire company, a fishermans net store and a playing field and where it narrows, leading off up to the allotments ( and I think a house somewhere in the trees) there's a gate barrier put across it to stop unauthorised access and parking Not the underused quiet road that Google maps would have you think it is
  20. Free 'on street' parking in Whitby is a rare as hen's teeth in the holiday season and even residential areas away from the town centre get clogged with holiday makers parking up for the week. Are you looking at the path/railings to the South of the Backpackers Hostel or Northwards up towards the Fleece and Church Street? I'll have an amble across there later on to have a look
  21. Thanks for the link and advice, I've been listening to an old double LP of Scan Tester ' I never played to many posh dances' to get a feel for the tunes but hearing them played live will be much better.
  22. I think the row of parking places by the cottages may be private (I'll check) and the bit of handy cobbled 'parking' you're looking at on Google is the slipway ....... and the tide comes in here's a link to the tide tables for August http://www.tidetimes.org.uk/Whitby-20110820.html
  23. I've been cheeky and downloaded the music even though I can't get to the festival p.s. the 'Mrs Savages Whim' tune Spare Parts used in the workshops at Whitby last year is being played regularly at the Whitby folk Club ...... only due to being misheard over a noisy bar in a pub it's also known as 'Lily Savage's Whip'
  24. The 'Bottom House' is now flats, the 'First Inn' isn't folk friendly any more, the 'Big A' is still boarded up and I'm not sure if the 'Stakesby Arms' has re-opened yet but I'll find out when I'm up that way to drop some music off for someone Definitely still going are the Fleece, Middle Earth, Black Horse, Endeavour, Ship, Station, the Dolphin down the Bay and probably some more looking in the programme Becketts cafe on Skinner St. will welcome musicians and singers and there's a daily lunchtime 'have a go' session run by May Cheadle in the Spa Foyer between 1pm-2pm for people who feel a bit shy of joining in a full blown pub session
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