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  1. Whoops .... Pressed send accidentally Is anyone else going to the AGM in Newcastle on the 16th of April? The programme looks great
  2. oh dear ...... received an e-mail this morning from one of the people running the (weeklyTuesday) sessions in the First In Last Out pub stating that they will not be holding any of the 'fringe' sessions there this coming Folk Week, or for that matter any more Tuesday or 1st Saturday sessions. They hope to be at The Fleece on Church Street (not far from the Middle Earth) during Folk Week instead and plan to start a regular Wednesday night folk session in the Fleece from this coming Wednesday (6th August)
  3. New parking restrictions are now up and running in Whitby , there are also pay and display parking meters on the West Cliff and down the road to Sandsend. here's a link to the council website with the map http://www.scarborough.gov.uk/PDF/Whitby-Parking-Zones.pdf showing where parking permits and disc parking is allowed and where it's pay and display. The parking restrictions apply between 9am and 7pm If your holiday accommodation falls in one of the 'permit' zones then the owner of the holiday let/B&B/Hotel is the person to supply you with the parking permit for your stay copied from the Scarborough Council website ..... "Holiday accommodation scratch cards Holiday accommodation scratch cards are available to holiday accommodation providers within Whitby’s Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). Holiday accommodation scratch cards allow parking in the 2 hour disc and permit holder only parking areas. Allows guests visiting the area and staying in accommodation to park in the zone with a correctly validated scratch card for up to four days. The cost of the cards are discounted to 50 pence each until 2017 after which the price will rise to the price charged in line with the rest of the borough (Currently £1.70 in Scarborough). Hoteliers and guest house proprietors can obtain these cards upon submission of business stationery showing company/VAT registration number." As far as I know the ordinary council car parks remain unchanged, link to details of the Council car parks in Whitby http://www.scarborough.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=15655 and Staithes, Runswick and Robin Hood's Bay here http://www.scarborough.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=15783 It is possible to buy an advance ticket for the long stay council run car parks, details on this link http://www.scarborough.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=15862
  4. Thanks Samper for putting the link to Whitby, it prompted me to add it to the calendar ... This UK Folk Music site http://www.ukfolkfestivals.co.uk/index.php has a good database of events in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland for the coming year, searchable by month as well as country.
  5. Whitby Folk Week ........ Folk music, Morris dance, Ceilidhs, workshops and Fish & Chips by the sea .... who could resist? The Guest List includes Alistair Anderson, Dave Townsend, John Kirkpatrick, Will Duke, Anahata, Iris Bishop, Ray Padgett, George Garside and many more .... see http://www.whitbyfolk.co.uk/GuestList for the full line up. Lots for concertina and melodeon players to enjoy
  6. until
    Whitby Folk Week, lots of music, dance and Fish and Chips the Guest List already has lots of concertina interest http://www.whitbyfolk.co.uk/GuestList
  7. the next FILO Saturday session will be on the 1st of March, St. David's Day Welsh tunes and songs welcome but not compulsory
  8. until
    Whitby Folk Week, North Yorkshire, England www.whitbyfolk.co.uk/content/news
  9. getting ready for the first FILO session of 2014 on Tuesday 7th Jan there should be someone there to smile a welcome from 8pm, either Charliestu, Commander Crabbe ( the organisers ) or my OH and self It's a playaround/singaround rather than a 'jump in' so everyone gets a go if they want but if anyone's a little shy of playing / singing in front of people they don't know well (but soon will, we're a sociable lot ) there's no pressure to 'do a turn'
  10. Robin Hood's Bay Victorian Weekend on the 6th to the 8th of December If you happen to be down 'The Bay' on the Saturday and Sunday and see a bundle of shawls with a bonnet, playing concertina do come and say hello, I'll be raising money for The Runswick Rescue Boat edited to give total money raised for RBRB ........ a very useful £180
  11. in the run up to Christmas the FILO Folk are taking a short break until 2014, which will also allow the pub to put children' parties etc. on We'll be restarting on Tuesday 7th January and weekly every Tuesday with the first monthly Saturday session on the 1st of February and on the first Saturday of each month from then on. Start time 8.30pm for both weekly and monthly sessions
  12. http://www.whitbypavilion.co.uk/events/Warming-up-for-Winter-Whitby-Pavilion-December-2013 Festive Fun and Frolics at Whitby pavilion on the 6th of December not specifically concertina related but If you like Morris , Rapper Sword and Mummers enjoy an evenings entertainment including .... The Wilson Family The Ryburn Concert Party: Annie Dearman, Chris Coe, Chris Partington, Johnny Adams, Pete Coe, Steve Harrison, Sue Coe Jill Pidd Doc Rowe Martin Holland Goathland Plough Stots Snark Sallyport Rapper ...plus suprise guests!
  13. just on the off chance ..... rather than do a 4 hour drive as soon as we get off the ferry could anyone recommend an hotel or B&B on the outskirts of Dublin or half to 1 hours drive from Dublin with secure car parking (all instruments will be taken into the rooms even if it leaves no space for us) that could put up 3 couples for 1 night. Future sister in law has been looking but with no success so far. Thanks Ann
  14. here's a link to the http://http://www.firstinlastoutpub.co.uk/] First In Last Out Pub to make it easier to find us in the back streets of Whitby and don't worry if you're a beginner musician/singer, the natives are friendly
  15. The First In Last Out Folk Club will be changing it's regular weekly evening from Saturday to Tuesday from January 2014 with an extra night on the first Saturday of each month starting in February 2014. The landlords have ploughed the money they made over Folk Week back into the pub, redecorated, new carpets etc. and we'll be in the big main bar area Musicians and singers welcome, any acoustic instrument, the more the merrier
  16. Thanks for looking David, I've bookmarked the website and will keep checking it for updates. Ann
  17. Thank you, lots to go to within walking distance of where we'll be. Going to spend a happy evening looking your suggestions up on t'web and finding them on streetview. Hope to have learned the Irish for "please, thankyou, hello and good morning/afternoon/evening" before we go so at least I can be polite
  18. It's early to be asking, not going to be visiting Dingle until next summer but half the fun of a trip is the planning and anticipation, can anyone recommend places to play in the town, folk clubs, sessions etc.? Would be good to meet any local cnetters while we're over there and have a cuppa
  19. Does anyone know where I could buy the sheet music for "Kimberley's Waltz" by Phil Cunningham to give as a gift ? It's a beautiful tune on the " Five and Twenty' Aly Bain, Phil Cunningham CD and although I've looked on the obvious sheet music selling websites for the notation it's not there.
  20. The twin microvox pickups on mine are positioned just above the handrests on either side, the little black square in my profile picture is the bit of velcro it sticks to. It's worked fine for the past 20 years, 10 of those were playing in a ceilidh band
  21. there has been a very enjoyable French/Euro tunes fringe session running during the festival for the past few years, the following info comes courtesy of a post by Tufty on melnet
  22. Euro session update info from Tufty over on Melnet ...........
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