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  1. Luckily living in Whitby meant a dry warm house and clothes to get back to after a day in the rain There was a good session in the Stakesby Arms yesterday evening with the Spare Parts Concertina people, plenty of interesting tunes and lots of concertinas of all systems Today has dawned sunny so I've two lines of washing out drying and a load of towels in the machine to put out later if it stays fine Ann
  2. Lovely, I shall be humming it for the rest of the day, it will probably get in the way of tunes I should be practising ready for WFF I'm just getting back into playing after a couple of years of not doing much ( late husband was ill ) Cheers Ann
  3. Just looked Kilmory up on Google Maps, the Bunkhouse is bigger than I thought How often do the buses run from Brodick please? Not having a car I'm looking up train/ferry/bus combinations to see how long/how much the journey would be from the North Yorkshire coast. Cheers Ann
  4. Da Slockit Light's a great tune for getting Fiddlers playing at sessions, the combination of concertina and fiddle goes really well
  5. Close. The tune currently being played in English sessions is basically a stripped down version of that. Interesting, thanks. Chris I've played it for years and never known the proper name or the story behind it, thanks for the links.
  6. I enjoy playing this Swedish Waltz http://www.famdt-ard...ngement-de.html (there is a link to a midi file at the bottom left of the page) Cheers Ann
  7. Thanks, you've just solved my problems too. Cheers Ann
  8. Thanks for the link, some lovely tunes There's also Dafydd y Garreg Wen a beautiful Welsh tune. A couple of links to tune information:- http://www.contempla...es/davidwr.html Having learned it from a Brass Band recording I prefer the slower pace from the first link but each to their own Cheers Ann
  9. Thanks I shall have to buckle down and do some practice. Haven't done much at all for the last couple of years (and not a lot for some years before that) as my OH wasn't in the best of health. The discipline of regular daily practising is going to be a shock to the system Cheers Ann
  10. It's going to be easy to spot you now I know what a Harvey's bar towel coat looks like I'll be the one sat in sessions with a pot of tea Definitely going to get to the Monday and Wednesday part playing, might be tied up for Tues and Thurs though. Can people miss 2 days? Cheers Ann
  11. That brings back memories numb finger tips, each with a little round indent from the buttons, along with aching wrists and thumbs. It does wear off with time as the finger ends harden and the muscles get used to the weight of the concertina.
  12. At least one Big Fruity sounding Bass certainly
  13. Seems awfully colorful--would Lord Downey approve? jdms It is usually concealed in a tastefully plain black bag ...... and one rarely gets complaints about the music ...... twice
  14. There's just a couple of stickers and a badge on my case to cover the odd scuff I shall have to smarten it up after seeing the case in Varney's post
  15. Nay hinny, A've a Dipper ....... but if I ever win the lottery I've promised myself a concertina from every good maker there is ..... and a couple more Dippers
  16. Sung to the tune of ' Five Hundred Miles' ...... http://www.mysongbook.de/msb/songs/n/newcastle.html
  17. Whyaye marra Broonsalroond ........ or in translation..... You are quite correct in your assumption my good friend Landlord, kindly provide my friends and I with pints of your best Brown Ale
  18. Thanks I'll be down the library later today to print off the dots ( no printer at home ). I can't sight read but looking at the sheet music will stop me from playing what I think I've heard rather than what the tune really is Cheers Ann
  19. Ah well, that's my wrists slapped but some of the best conversations I've had have been with friends I've not seen for years , we just pick up from where we left off as if it was only yesterday My next door neighbours went out for the day on Friday so I tried playing all the tunes that need a 'bit of oomph' behind them without worrying about disturbing them. The cat just slept through the lot
  20. Not a problem as such but once, when running through a few tunes near where I used to live, I looked up to find an inquisitive herd of cows gazing amiably over a drystone wall
  21. Thanks, I've downloaded the tunes from the link on the Mudcat site, now to try getting a couple of them 'under my belt'. The playing isn't what it was, having not done much for a couple of years, but I used to do a fair number of Playford tunes (and the odd tango) so with practice things should be passable. Cheers Ann
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