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  1. That sounds fun I've not been to the ACE before and I'm looking forward to it, especially if the music starts on the boat going over Ann
  2. There's 20 minutes between the train getting in and the ferry leaving so if I'm nippy getting my ticket there should be time for a quick cup of tea in the terminal (if there's a tea/coffee shop/machine ) otherwise I'll see you onboard.
  3. I've found the dots for Villiruusu and Emma , Could do with a long winter so that there's an excuse to stay indoors and do nothing but try out new tunes
  4. But that tanssi remain elusive! (I have asked Finn to see if they can dig it out.... but all seem to be away for the autumn ruska in the forests... tanssi-ing! will let u know if succeed. Thanks in anticipation
  5. I don't know if more is better the cubic capacity of the bellows and how air tight they are will have as much say in the performance of the instrument, as will how you use the air button. My Anglo ( a small instrument 5.5in across it's end face measuring from a flat edge to opposite flat edge) has 7 fold bellows and I find it easier to play fluidly on than my previous instrument which was a 6 fold but I have also played 6 fold concertinas with a larger diameter ( so increased cc) than mine and had no problems.
  6. Thankyou, not just one or two tunes to try but but enough to brighten a whole winter
  7. I've got sidetracked now looking for the dots/abc for a Walz as well it's 'Kun kesä on mennyt' (When the Summer has gone) by J A Schatrow. I've found a clip on Youtube http://www.youtube.c...h?v=6c51HKRFi5s but would be interested in getting hold of the notation, not just for this waltz but for any other Finnish folk music if anyone knows of a source Thanks Ann
  8. I'm hoping to catch the 12.30 ( or 15.15 if the train's delayed) ferry across to Arran from Ardrossan for the ACE event on the 8th Oct. If anyone else is planning to be on those crossings it would be lovely to meet you for a coffee/tea, either before or on the ferry crossing. Cheers Ann
  9. Thanks Steve I found this version played by Ukko-Pekka Yliranta, Anna Jaakola ja Elina Joensuu which I shall keep listening to until it lodges in the memory
  10. In the UK the boat described would also be called a Narrowboat or Canal boat and whole families lived and worked on them. The boats were used to transport vast quantities of goods across country (before the advent of good roads and motorised transport ) on the network of canals, the boats were originally horse drawn http://www.canaljunc.../horsedrawn.htm, then later powered by steam or diesel engines. http://www.canaljunc...nal/history.htm The canal women were very house proud and would try to keep the small living cabins clean, also decorating surfaces with painted 'Roses and Castles' everything from the doors on the cupboards to the buckets used to hold water http://www.canaljunc...ses_castles.htm There was also a 'Boatwomans bonnet' designed to protect the head/hair and back of the neck as the women worked alongside their husbands on the boats. http://www.lhcrt.org.uk/bonnetkit.htm Cheers Ann
  11. Good to know that there are still honest people about
  12. It's a lovely Finnish tune and I would like to learn it but haven't been able to track it down. Does anyone know where I could find the sheet music or an abc please as I can only remember snippets of it, not enough to play the tune properly
  13. Andy Cutting's 'Flatworld' is mainly on the right hand side of a C/G Anglo with just the odd foray over to the left hand.
  14. I have only just spotted this and Jeremy is away for a bit but I am sure that the answer is, yes, you can use some of the tunes that were played at Dungworth. (I am planning to use a couple of them at the dotty session on the Friday evening at the start of Concertinas at Witney.) Please tell people that they were extracted from the ICA library but go ahead and do it! Not being a sight reader ( I can follow the dots ...... but slowly ) would the tunes be available to listen to before getting off the ferry to Arran ?
  15. according to someone at a Folk Club several years back I'm definitely not a musician ........ I played in the club's 'House Band' at the time and one evening we were introduced with '' We couldn't get any musicians for the dance tonight so 'The Band' are going to play''
  16. 4 weeks today House/Cat sitter organised, tickets bought ....... Yippee
  17. It's a lovely tune Roger,and not a usual beginners piece. I've put a link to the YouTube video on the 'Slow Airs' thread, now to try learning it myself Cheers Ann
  18. The tune 'Beannan Mor' by Jo Morrison that Stormforce10 mentions in his posting 'Are you a musician ?' is lovely
  19. That's as good a way of finding out you're a musician as any, which tune was it ? ( I'll see if it has the same effect for me )
  20. It's another event on my 'to get to' list. Not this year but maybe next. Ann (aka Spot)
  21. I've never managed to get to Kilve but it's been on my 'to get to' list for some time. It's always sounded a great event to attend, perhaps 2011 will be the year I get there (This year it's the Arran event in October that's getting the tick on the list)
  22. We'll all have to get Cnet badges or T shirts to aid recognition for next WFF
  23. Before I go and get the train tickets .......... is there anyone going to be driving up to Arran, via North Yorkshire, for the concertina weekend 8th-11th of October who has space for another concertina player to share petrol costs ?
  24. Is that going to Scarborough with the 1 hour bus trip after the rail journey or via Middlesbrough and straight into Whitby Station?
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