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  1. Looks like a scam to me - pictures are identical to those in the recent eBay listing. Some of the description is a cut and paste. Steve
  2. I'd have thought the $6,100 price it went for originally was about right, but that deal didn't go through for some reason. However, with its newly established links with Gregory and Boris Matusewitch, somebody might possibly consider it worth more... And don't forget for UK buyers there's a substantial shipping charge, with customs duty & VAT (equivalent to around 25% of purchase price) on top of the final price paid. Steve
  3. 67 key McCann duet on eBay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Wheatstone-Concertin...1QQcmdZViewItem Steve
  4. The customs duty is a few percent - I expect someone will be able to give the numbers... the stinger is 17.5% VAT on top of that. (Does VAT get charged on vinatge concertinas or just new ones?) The amount of customs duty is dependent on the country from which the goods are imported. VAT is chargeable on the total of customs duty, shipping expenses, import agents fees (usually the courier), and value of the goods (understating the value of goods may result in their forfeiture). I believe VAT is not payable on vintage items over 100 years old (documentary evidence may be required). Steve
  5. Pauline Excellent video - very helpful - thanks. Steve
  6. And what my wife says I play: "constant screamer" - mmm Steve
  7. Here is a link to site with info about average wages in 1920 - colliers around £4 0s 12d and pottery workers £2 8s 6d. Average wages are only one part of the story though - what was the overall cost of living at the time? A £17 concertina was a significant investment, and £26 top instruments would probably be beyond the reach of most workers. There is some historical evidence though to suggest that music shops and even musical instrument manufacturers offered loan repayment terms to enable instruments to be bought by people of more modest means - not unlike say those car purchase loan schemes offered by motor manufacturers and dealers today. Steve
  8. One thing no one has mentioned is how best to machine the rebate around the edges of the concertina action box. David, got any tips on how this might be done? Steve
  9. What are the opinions of the repairers in the forum regarding tuning down brass reeds on an Aeola from old pitch to modern concert pitch? Will brass reeds tolerate this amount of retuning? Any effect on their long-term performance? Thanks Steve
  10. I have a treble EC with raised ebony ends - the ends are all smashed and I'm thinking about replacing them. Does any one have any experience of making new ends - specifically: How to create laminated ends with a veneer of my choice. How best to create the raised ends. How to cut the flat edge chamfer around the rim of the action box (where the bolts are). How best to mark out the ends for fretting. How to align the new ends for drilling with the original action. How to remove old veneer from the outside edges of the action box. Thanks Steve
  11. And don't forget the import duties and VAT you'll pay when importing from US.
  12. The ledger states the model is a 6E A look at this link http://www.concertina.com/pricelists/wheat...t-All-c1956.pdf will reveal that a 6E is indeed a 48 key tenor-treble. Steve
  13. Google worked just fine. Thanks all. Steve
  14. and God Jul och Gott Nytt År!! Steve
  15. Does anyone have any experience of importing used concertinas made in England? I'd like to know what the import duty & VAT implications are on effectively re-importation of a 'tina. Having looked at the HMRC regulations: Antiques over 100 years old have reduced VAT Collectables (must be of historical significance) have reduced VAT (both of the above must have documentary evidence) Items less than 100 years VAT at full rate (17.5%) The value used for VAT calculation is the amount paid. If I re-import an old 'tina from US, one that's less than 100 years old (according to the ledgers), I'm wondering what VAT rate may apply - I'll speak to HMRC and check. But wondered if anyone else had any experience. Steve
  16. Search does not allow search terms of less than 3 characters as I discovered when I tried a search on Eb. Eb-tuned 'tinas do exist - any chance that in the context of this forum search terms like Eb could be permitted. Steve
  17. Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYRzkELdCjI...feature=related
  18. Did anyone notice the zero feedback from this seller? Possible scam? Steve
  19. Hej Jim Trevligt att det finns flera haer som gillar skandinavisk folkmusik. I used to live in Lund (I was at university there many years ago) - I guess the sessions have changed since then - at the time I used to play a little with Skaanes Spelmansfoerbund (Scanian Fiddlers Association) and really developed my deep interest in Scandi music. Slaengpolskas are particularly great on concertina. I usually meet up here with some very enthusiastic musicians playing fiddle, nyckelharpa, clarinet, cello (and I'm also dabbling with Swedish chord zither (cittra) and I play EC) - but sadly we all live too far apart to meet up on a weekly basis. I'd like to come along to the Scandi Squeeze-in - I met Pontus once many years ago and had a few tunes with him, but I think my friend Rickard from Stockholm usually attends (Anglo, Eken Morris). Now about that thread...... Steve
  20. I play mostly in isolation - my main interest is Scandinavian folk music and I usually participate in social gatherings several times each year. This usually means a lot of playing in a social context in sessions and for dance. However playing in isolation gives me plenty of scope to learn more complex tunes, practice and perfect the ornamentation, learn new songs, and generally research the music I play ready for the next social get-together. I spent most of last night trawling the Internet for some great Swedish polskas and a Finnish humpa - now I've just got to sit down and start learning them BTW is anyone else interested in Scandinavian music on concertina? (subject for another thread?) Steve
  21. Have you listed the baritone on eBay? I couldn't see it? maybe you could provide a link. Thanks, Steve
  22. I'm looking to buy a tenor-treble concertina: Wheatstone Aeola (or Lachenal New Model / Edeophone) 56 B Wooden ends Any condition (even if repairs are required). Steve
  23. I have a model 5A from 1919 S/N 28103 with frets cut between the buttons. Steve
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