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  1. The number 6 stamped into the reed pan is a workshop number - it may be possible to work back from there in the ledgers to determine the serial number. Could this be your 'tina? http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD03/PAGES/D3P0740S.HTM
  2. Ah, being my usual observant self.....or maybe it was a senior moment
  3. I once had a set of bolts made, along with corresponding receiver plates, by Wim Wakker.
  4. Many years ago I needed an insurance valuation fairly quickly - I drove to Hobgoblin in Leeds to have this carried out. I rang ahead of time to ensure their concertina specialist would be available. I think they charged me a modest fee for the service.
  5. It appears it was bought by a leading concertina dealer.
  6. Take a look at this https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/arthur-johnson-and-sons-auctioneers/catalogue-id-ibart10799/lot-d1f56b86-294d-477c-9aec-ac3f010a7265?utm_source=auction-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auction-alert&utm_content=lot-image-link Looks like someone has grafted a 20 key Anglo onto much larger bellows. A useful idea
  7. Here is a list of everything that's included These are prices today on the snapmaker website Snapmaker 2.0 A350, enclosure and accessories €2187 accessories: - 1x CNC platform (MDF wasteboard) - 1x Extruder hot end kit - 1x CNC bits - 1x PLA filament bundle - 1x Print sheet with double sided printing stickers - 1x PETG filament bundle this equates to £2001 (plus shipping) since the prices have gone up since I ordered mine. I am asking £1968 (plus shipping) I see from the manufacturers website the the A350 is now sold out.
  8. Not concertina per-se, but this printer can be used for fabricating concertina parts, cutting fretwork, etc. I'm selling a brand new, unused, Snapmaker 2.0 A350 with enclosure and loads of accessories. Still sealed in original boxes. Some features: • Linear Modules • 3D Printing Module • Laser Cutting Module (1600mW, Built-in Camera) • CNC Carving Module (ER11 Collet) Here's a link to the manufacturers website. There is a long wait for these printers (anything up to 12 months) so mine is available immediately. It's currently located in Italy but can ship worldwide.# I'm selling for what I paid - £1968 plus shipping.
  9. I have withdrawn this from sale due to my return to Italy next week.
  10. I've decided to hang on to this concertina for now. I'll restore it and then maybe think about whether I want to sell it.
  11. 2E, 4E - model numbers CP - don't know blue arrow - instruments of same model number as previous full line yellow arrow - workshop/assembly numbers possibly purple arrow - serial number possibly You can find the models to which the model numbers relate by looking at a price list from around 1965 - available on concertina.com
  12. I've got a bunch of new polskas I need to transcribe and start playing.
  13. SOLD This 'tina is now on its way to a new home.
  14. Lachenal Nonpareil Treble - in need of full restoration. Offers over £750, plus shipping. Please PM me for more info.
  15. Wheatstone 64 key baritone-treble Aeola - serial number 26404 In need of restoration - all usual service items and tuning. Includes original case. Offers in region of £4400, plus shipping Please PM me for more info.
  16. I'm selling a Wheatstone 60 key baritone Aeola - serial number 25873. It'll need a service and tuning to bring to full playing order. Includes original case. Offers in region of £3800, plus shipping Please PM me for more info.
  17. A few years ago I restored a rather nice rosewood ended 35 key Lachenal baritone. I sold it soon after completing the restoration. So yes, in answering the OP, baritones with fewer than 48 buttons do exist.
  18. I'm selling a metal ended Lachenal 48 key treble EC. This requires an amount of restoration but should make a great player once restored. Here is a link to the 'tina.
  19. I have listed another Rock Chidley 48 key treble on eBay. Here is a link to the listing.
  20. I have listed a Rock Chidley 48 key EC for sale. In amazing original condition - a great item for restoration. List is here.
  21. I'm selling my Lachenal Tenor-Treble 56 keys. Fully restored by me a few years ago. I no longer play this instrument since I have an Aeola TT. The restoration included: - tuning to A440 - new pads, valves, resetting action, polishing buttons and other bright work - French polished to a high gloss Comes complete with a leather case (leather carry strap needs a little attention). What's unusual about this 'tina is that it looks like a 48 key instrument with the spindle-cut fretwork, but it looks to me like it's of much better quality. It's abou8t the same size as the equivalent 48-key instrument. My guess it was made to a price-point by Lachenal for JJ Vickers as a student instrument. This 'tina plays well, and has a fast action and bright sound. While it's not as loud as an Aeola, it should hold up in sessions, and would make a great singers instrument. I've played it in Nordic music jam sessions and it played well against massed fiddles. Price £1900. Shipping extra at cost. Edit - this concertina is in UK and will ship from UK. Here are some more photos on DropBox..
  22. I have a TT with Bb in that position - it's useful when building chords in Gm Swedish tunes
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