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  1. April 28-30. (It's always the last full weekend in April.) Details are here. I've just sent you an email with a bit more information (e.g., transportation from Stockholm), and I'm looking forward to seeing you at the April 2 BA session, if not before. Thanks Jim - and yes, I expect to be at BA on 2 April - so see you then.
  2. I've just recently moved to Stockholm. Haven't yet got all of my 'tinas with me, but got my essential Aeola TT. So I'm looking forward to playing polskas for dancing, and with new and old music pals in Sweden. Eventually I'll move my whole workshop over - I hope to eventually offer restoration services for concertinas and harmoniums for Nordic players. Anyone in the Stockholm area fancy meeting up for fika and a few tunes? Skriv gärna på svenska eller engelska. Steve
  3. Is there any interest at all in this tenor-treble?? Surely someone amongst you lovely people would like a real quality instrument.
  4. Still for sale - if you're interested please PM me - I'm negotiable on price if sold through cnet.
  5. I've also noticed a variation in the Persona blades - but they're generally better than moe commonly available blades. I bought my blades off eBay - but they'e available in Tesco, and slightly cheaper in Asda.
  6. It could be a baritone! I estored a 35 key baritone some years ago. I didnt see any indication in the ad it is a tenor or baritone.
  7. I've reduced the price - any interest?
  8. More videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbMngekeIbM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-J6E0S0XTk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TciqFHSCGE
  9. I have a Lachenal Tenor-Treble for sale on eBay. Newly restored, it's about the same size as a regular treble. Has a nice sound to it, punchy player, but not strident like an Aeola. Plays well. Tuned A440 There's evidence to suggest that this was made for concertina dealer JJ Vickers, possibly to a price point, hence the spindle cut fretwork on a TT. I'd rather sell it through this forum and make an appropriate donation than fund an international corporate. Videos: https://youtu.be/Ydi16dqOKVY
  10. Yes I'll be moving to Stockholm area You know Rickard, yes? But I think there are a couple of other concertina players there that you haven't yet met. Does Eken Morris know you're coming? FWIW, I plan to be at the "English" session (Bishop Arms, Bellmansgatan 4; kl. 16-19) this coming Sunday. (Too soon, I'm sure, but it's monthly.) Yes I know Rickard - he doesnt reply to my messages though as I've tried to inform Eken about my impending arival. Also contacted Rolf. I'll maybe see you at the session in April at Bishops Arms.
  11. Hi Jim - Yes I'll be moving to Stockholm area
  12. I'm escaping Brexit Britain in 2 months - I won't be back.
  13. removed - realised the question was addessed to Stephen
  14. I have a Shire English in the resto pile - it's in a bit of state though
  15. Sold for £175. I bid less than this - too risky if the reeds are all rusted then there's nothing much else to salvage.
  16. The concertina even severfal years later, is still relatively well balanced in the action. I dont notice any differences due to relative finger strength.
  17. It probably is soot - from years of being exposed to soot given off by gas lamps, coal fires, oil lamps, cigarette smoke.
  18. The bellows arent finished yet - been busy with other priorities. Here are some pictures of various stages of construction.
  19. https://www.accordeons-hamelrijk.com/en/concertinas-en
  20. Good question! gammaldans - is a gene of popular dances often played by bands featuring accordion, fiddle, bass, maybe drums - the dances tend to be things like foxtrot, jive, waltz, occasionally hambo, schottish, polka. It has its roots in popula dances nfrom around 1930s. Here is a link explaining gammaldans (in Swedish) folkdans - these are the more specialised and often dances from specific villages or regions, often considered as traditional dances - so you might find the many varieties of polska along with waltz, schottish - occasionally hambo, polka - traditionally played on fiddles as solo or small groups, but other instruments like nyckelharpa, button accordion, clarinet, (or concertina in my case) do also occur.
  21. Quite the opposite in fact. Polka is mostly likely to be found in gammaldans, and hardly ever polska. Polska is associated with bygdedans which are more traditional or regional. You may also find hambo in gammaldans.
  22. Nice tune - think I'll borrow it Thanks for posting. Not sure about hambo fom Norway though - I'm not aware of hambo being associated with Norway - usually Sweden.
  23. Hi Dan - I've sent you a PM
  24. If you're building a MIDI concertina then you'll need a pressure transducer. I've listed a SenSym SX01 pressure transducer on eBay which may be suitable for detecting bellows pressure and direction. PM me if you require more details.
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