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  1. I have a restored 46 key and have sent you a PM with more info. John
  2. Personally I cannot wait for Duet International to come out to give me more of an idea of the range of music played on a duet. I guess I'm one of the (Maccann) duet players playing in isolation - I have met 3 duet players in 3 years. Maybe I should get out more? There are some interesting examples of Duet playing on the 'Concertinas at Bradfield' (Garland Films 2004) but there is no reference to it on the current website. The DVD is reviewed here: http://www.concertina.org/ica/index.php/pica/subject-index/43-recording-reviews/104-concertinas-at-bradfield--this-label-is-not-removable--ghosts-and-lovers--the-lewes-favourites However there is the Rueben Shaw video. http://www.garlandfilms.co.uk/reubenshaw.html A few more snippets of duet playing - try 'On the Street where you live' ... (there seems to be quite a lot happening in there), or Jakanapes Polka or Buffoon. http://www.herbertgreene.net/ on the Music Downloads page.
  3. I type new music into Noteworthy (version 2). http://www.noteworthysoftware.com It's not free ($49 when I last looked) but you can enter simple tunes in a few minutes, transpose to any key (while playing back in the same key or a different one - useful for transposing instruments), play at any speed and export to MIDI format. There is a free player so others can hear your tunes. The program size is fairly small and the tune files are tiny.
  4. Playing my copy now. Brilliant! Worth the wait If only my music reading were up to joining in.
  5. Very interesting. Tempting even. I imagine I could fail to master yet another instrument !
  6. If you double click on the speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen you should get several slider controls. Check that 'Wave' (and 'Volume'!!) is not tuned down or muted.
  7. And for the real masochists among you, try the 'why is temperament necessary' link (or the foot of the page ) at http://www-personal.umich.edu/~bpl/temper.html I also like the video demos at http://www.larips.com/ and wish the concertina was as (apparently) easy to retune. JP
  8. I found this site very helpful. http://www.j2b.co.uk/tuning/ It seems to me to illustrate why close chords on concertinas sound rough using equal temperament tuning. You get beats all the time, which is common to all instuments, but in addition the harmonic content of a vibrating reed makes a concertina sound worse than other instruments. JP
  9. Only 5 viewings and it's gone. The seller who didn't do his research? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CONCERTINA-MADE-BY-C...A1%7C240%3A1307 Or will the repair cost be higher than I imagine?
  10. What about 26228? If you mean 28823 and 28824 (p153) I have taken the 'do' to mean they are Cranes. (Please note that I have only studied the ledgers and am not an expert on the instruments themselves.)
  11. I make it 390 but have not counted ones with no date like #33041. Approx. 290 from 1910 to 1945 and 100 from 1946 onwards. Sad, isn't it.
  12. Sea air must be more dangerous than I thought. Look what's happened to the concertina being played by the guy on the left at the front !
  13. I expect ebay designed their user interface to be used by humans, and you could reasonably expect it to work when so used. But I expect there are caveats in the small print which absolve ebay of responsibility if it fails. Is there a programmers interface to allow sneaky software to make automated bids? If not then I would not expect ebay to guarantee the bid system will work. In which case the responsibility might be said to lie with the sneaky software suppliers. And there is also the possibility that all the bids failed for forseeable reasons. Someone using snipe software would appear to be trying to gain an advantage over other bidders. What happens when almost everyone uses snipe? Would ebay still function? Dirge is right about the highest bidder still winning. And I like the idea of extending the deadline until no more bids have been received for a short time. But it needs thinking through - for example, what's to be done about the very small number of people who need to be protected from themselves? (those who will keep bidding until they win).
  14. What a fine idea (he said, departing completely from the subject). I used to be able to ride a unicycle (it's somewhere in my garage). And I can almost play the concertina (and it's a Maccann). So, . . . if can get the two together I might claim be in a set of one on this planet . . . . . . . unless there are any other claiments? John
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