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  1. Space allowed for such things is limited. Far better, if possible, is to put them on a private web page and then post a link here. Thanks for the help Jim. Thought the limited Mgb might be a problem. Unfamiliar with webpage/posting links. What's involved? Rather new at utilising computer's capabilities so would welcome some directions. Regards . Norm.
  2. Hello Norm, And welcome to C.net! As has been stated on more than one occasion: The usual answer is "Let's see some photos." G'day Stephen. Thanks for welcome and reply. Have several photos of concertina but unsure just how to get them into this forum. If you don't get them would appreciate some assistance. Regards, Norm
  3. I inherited a concertina from my father and am keen to learn its history. It seems similar to the Jefferies here but being new to both concertinas AND this forum I am seeking some assistance as to my next step to determine its background. Any help would be appreciated. Norm
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