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  1. Without trying to second guess those that know more than me, (if it is a metal to metal squeak). In another hobby, in another industry we came accross a similar problem. Couldn't use liquid lubricant because of soft wood surrounding metal parts. We found a graphite based lube used for key/lock applications worked well. It went on dry. After a while we started to use a regular number 2 pencil and rubbed it onto the offending squeak and it went away. A pencil is also pure graphite. Now when we have a squeak, or the squeak comes back, we just "work it out with a pencil", and it don't cost much since the pencil lasts so long. The advantages: dry, no carrier, generally stays put, and if we got too much on the area we just blew it off and started over. After a few applications the graphite builds up and we didn't need to do it again, maybe 3 or 4 times. I think it bonds with the metal? The only detriment I can think of is if you get too much in your concertina, then it might mess up the electronics, since it's electrically conductive. ) Another pencil application we found useful is the eraser end is good for removing rust and polishing steel, (maybe reeds that start to discolor). It doesn't remove metal just polishes or burnishes. If we needed stronger polishing, we used an ink eraser charged with graphite (more abrasive). It created a nice polishing lap, then put the pieces back together, and no more squeak. Does anybody think this procedure would work in this application or not? Thanks for listening Leo csan't speil too good eever
  2. Finally concertina lan gage, clitches. and jar gone I unnerstan bein nue it's har to lern a nue lan gage. Try the difrnt dilekts. then try loggin inta da net after loadin da front paig an reed da replise. 'n I tought I cud only aspire t' "token igerant statis". Nice parody. Edited fer spelin n' puntchiatiun, n' gramr
  3. So watch this space. Chris Great. Let's hope they live up to their name! Now, what are they going to call their new model? The "Spanglo", perhaps? Thanks all. That's further than I got. Appreciate the information and look forward to see what come of it. For now a curiosity, but like any itch it needs to be scratched to be satisfied. Leo
  4. Leo

    A China Scam

    I'm thinking you're right, but only for now. I suspect they will become harder to spot as they get mad for getting caught so often. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame one me, fool me three times I deserve it. I wonder how long it will take for them to get better at hiding their real intentions as time goes by. One of the best ways is to hide it in plain sight. They could even use this forum to critique their efforts to see how fast they are caught if at all. I suspect if one in ten gets through then it would still pay for a scammer to try for the reward is great (I wish I thought of it, but I don't lean in those directions, perhaps too trusting). If they're really out to get me, does that make me not paranoid?? Or I'm paranoid and they're out to get me. I don't remember which goes first. I'm glad I'm only new at this concertina hobby, passion, avocation, etc. and not born yesterday.
  5. I've emailed them. Will pass on any reply I get. Chris Thanks: found the website ok, however concertina or even koncertina has a listing but is blanked out with no link behind the word. Lots of instrument kits, but no concertina. Guess I'll have to keep looking an you never know, something will creep up sooner or later to whet my appetite and cure my curiosity. (can't spiel good)
  6. To build from a kit... or to build a kit? Clarification to original post Would possibly build from a kit. Wish I had the resources to create a kit and offer it for sale, but I don't. Leo
  7. Still new but obnoxiously curious about lots of subjects. I don't know of, nor can I find a previous topic on this through the net search. Does anybody know if there is offered an assembly kit for a concertina, versus building one from scratch with plans. I don't know if I have the patience to search out all the parts and raw material to build one, but I might be interested in an assembly and finish type kit similar to the ones for violin, guitar, and banjo available in the US from some woodworking supply places. Thanks in advance for anyones input or suggestions. Leo
  8. Leo

    A China Scam

    I do remember the text of this recently, or am I mistaken. This could be an amusing game with the sellers similar to "hide and seek" , if it wasn't so costly to take it seriously. Maybe "how many cats are in the tree hidden picture would be a better analogy. I'm still learning but practice makes perfect, even in observation practices. http://cgi.ebay.com/Jefferies-concertina_W...1QQcmdZViewItem Again I realy DO appreciate the expertise on this forum and the patience of the more senior people with their knowledge teaching newbies like me and bring us up to speed in some of the pitfalls (senior meaning here longer, not older, I'm getting a late start on the age thing myself)
  9. Leo


    http://cgi.ebay.com/WHEATSTONE-AEOLA-56-KE...1QQcmdZViewItem Still new at this stuff, and learning! Could this be a new game to play "FIND THE SCAM". or a new permanent topic under "don't buy and sell". This one says I can't bid on it even if I wanted to
  10. Leo

    A China Scam

    http://cgi.ebay.com/WHEATSTONE-AEOLA-56-KE...1QQcmdZViewItem Does this mean that only changing the name is ok. I know i'm new but..... is it back?? or is this another one? I can't wait until I can tell them apart. for now just practicing.
  11. Couldn't agree more! I'm glad other people are more eloquent than me. It doesn't take long to recognise the expertise in the opinions. I'm glad they're here. Thanks guys Not quit as new but not that far ahead
  12. Leo


    I'm kinda new at this but could this be one also?? Especially with a low buy i tnow price?? http://cgi.ebay.com/Top-Quality-Wheatstone...bayphotohosting
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