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  1. I'm trying to find a picture essay which Bob Tedrow did on how to make screw buttons for attaching straps. It was his method of making these from scratch. Have searched his site but can't find it, so now I'm wondering if it was a link from here on cnet which took me to it ( must have been a year ago or more).


    Have searched on cnet as well but still can't find it......... Can anyone help?


    Happy Christmas to all!


    Hi Michael


    Are you thinking of his Stagi repair essay?



    I can't think of making screws from scratch, although there are two videos of his spring making and tool.




    Leo :unsure:

  2. Great Britain

    Concertina - Christmas Carol Medley


    Suffolk Maypoles to Mistletoe 2011:Cherry Tree Carol: Mary Humphries & Anahata


    Me hard at work coaching the concertina group in Wollaston!!





    Mario Bros theme on concertina


    CCE Leixlip Recital - Aifric Boylan and Ciarán O'Grady





    (Set dance) The Storyteller - Concertina Solo.wmv :)


    (Set dance) The Three Sea Captains - Concertina and Flute Duet.wmv :)


    concertina コンサーティーナで「いつも何度でも」(Spirited Away)




    Tears :)


    Gravel Walk Reel - Concertina and Octave Mandolin


    Kerrie Bornman - Mamma Koesiesie




    For Ireland I'd not tell her name - Concertina


    Down by the Sally Gardens - Concertina





    ComhaltasLive #360-3: Aoife and Deridre Granville and Maura Walsh



    ComhaltasLive #360-10: The Mac Gabhann Family



    ComhaltasLive #361-3: Stephen McMahon



    ComhaltasLive #362-2: Dylan Foley, Dan Gurney and Caitlín Nic Gabhann



    ComhaltasLive #364-4: Mick O’Connor



    ComhaltasLive #365-1: Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh and Danny O’Mahony



    ComhaltasLive #365-2: Scoil Éigse Tutors



    ComhaltasLive #365-8: Caitlín Nic Gabhann



    ComhaltasLive #367-4: Scoil Éigse Tutors





    Leo :)

  3. Leo, are you trying to start WW111?


    Cookstown .... in the UK!!!! :o


    Cookstown is in Co. Tyrone, which of course is in Northern Ireland, but I think most Concertina players would consider Tyrone to be in Ireland. ;)


    But seriously, I did enjoy Ciaran Hanna's playing & of course that's a classic Noel Hill track, but I'm afraid I hated the Midi Concertina in front of the green screen ... in other words, it was all phoney!

    Sorry, just not my cup of tea at all, at all. :(




    Hi Dick


    OOPS! Yeah, that creeps in like that occasionally. It came from the home page of the person uploading the videos, not the description. YouTube, at least on this side of the pond, redid their layout within the last week, and the country of origin is not specifically spelled out. It looks something like a two letter postal type code. That one is listed as GB. The sort really has nothing to do with content.


    But then again, isn't Northern Ireland part of "Great Britain"? Here's my geography lesson:

    I fixed that.


    I live in the Township of Brighton. There is London Ontario, Paris Texas, Rome New York. Frankfurt Kentucky, Athens Georgia, Vienna Ohio, Moscow Idaho, and probably lots more. Gotta love geography. :wacko:


    Peace Bro!!


    Thanks :)


  4. France

    Walking In A Winter Wonderland :D


    Caramba! :D




    Furet il court - concertina





    (Set dance) The Wandering Musician - Concertina Solo.wmv :D




    Teddy o Neill


    Concertina tunes - Clare.MOD


    Barbara Allen second version


    Noel Hill & Tony MacMahon - The Humours of Castlefin



    New Zealand

    Concertina progress at mid-Dec 2011 'Momma Don't Allow' and 'Piano Cassé' .mp4





    Japie Laubscher - Saamstaan (Stand Together)


    Did You Ever See a Lassie



    Great Britain

    Reel it in - Polka and jigs




    Leo :D

  5. I was hoping perhaps there were teaching resources used in South Africa that were not readily available outside the country that concertina.net users well versed in that tradition may be willing to share! I know that most folk traditions are passed down by ear, but there are volumes of tunes that have been put down in Irish and English traditions so my hope was it may be the same in the Boer style.

    Hi Marcus


    Try a word search on Boeremusiek. It should find a few resources, like this:



    Not all of it is in English, but it's good information.


    Then combine the search with tutor, tuition, or anything else that comes to mind. Sorry, I don't speak the laguage, but, it's a start.




  6. Ireland

    The Begley Family - The Final Set, Hornpipe & Reels - Moscow 2010


    Tinneas Cinn - UL 2011 'Scott Joplin Meets the Kerryman's Daughter'


    Aoife O Halloran



    Cormac Ó Beaglaíoch: Traditional Irish Music from LiveTrad.com


    Athol Highlanders Tutorial in D#


    She moved through the fair



    The 9pm Project- Remembering Allenwood


    The 9pm Project


    The 9pm Project




    Bradford on Avon Carols Band practicing at our house for tomorrow



    Bill's Christmas Vid 2011


    The Polka Pests






    Willie Nelson - Henningshoek Seties



    Kerrie Bornman - Hier wil ek nie bly nie (I don't want to stay here no more)



    Swaree Corofin-Plain-Set.MPG





    k-waves LAB ~ ノーラと刻の工房「戦いの刻」 irish ver





    Leo :)

  7. US

    Maddie's Pride :)


    Crocodile Male Voice Choir - Sasingaxabene (No Argument, 1939)


    David de Lange - Roosterkoek (Grilled Bread, 1936)


    WhaleFest Grind: Hesitation Blues 11-11-11


    wc macphersons lament.mov


    Rickett's Hornpipe. Anglo Concertina





    Footura play Mickey Anne & Janet Jackson


    Footura play Elonya


    Footura play First semester and Hurricane Irene


    Footura play Victus lll




    (Set dance) The Deep Green Pool - Concertina Solo.wmv :)


    k-waves LAB ~ ノーラと刻の工房「刻の工房」 irish ver





    Simon Thoumire at St Roch's



    Anglo Concertina 3 Tunes



    Tin Whistle/ Concertina tunes by Kieth, Sylvia, George and Tom



    Come West Along The Road - S14E03



    The Flood - The Lost Cavalry and Keston Cobblers' Club - Live



    Paddy Carey





    Atholl Highlanders - concertina



    Accords concertina 1,2 et 3




    New Zealand

    Concertina progress report end Nov 2001 Harmony snippets for 'La Cuisinière'





    Leo :)

  8. Yeah, I saw that too. And there's a Lachenal anglo over in the Ireland section. I was a little bit peeved that the English concertina in the England exhibit was obviously bought on eBay for twenty dollars from a deep-sea fisherman who dredged it up from the depths. It was so decrepit that the metal fingerplate was fanned into layers.



    England has been a strong sea-nation you know. That makes sense. :P

    You don't suppose it's this one do you?




    Leo :rolleyes:


    Fantastic find (as usual)Leo!


    And Saruman would be proud of the hairstyles too.....though as it went along I began to think it was an instrumental remake of the Life of Brian and the Ministry of Silly Dances. :)


    Still looking for that abc.... and thinking I can hear tentative sounds of a NZ tina wafting over the White Ship on the ocean waves...

    Hi Kautilya


    Would PDF's work?




    Leo B)

  10. UK

    Scotts play Spongebob Xmas




    Quacker's Clones - The Wedding, The Banshee, Brenda Stubbert's





    JOHN KIRKPATRICK & SUE HARRIS - The Tailor and The Louse.wmv





    Auprès de ma blonde - concertina





    English concertina. Performance. The Lilting Banshee (jig)





    旅芸人サワムラ チャリティコンサート in 高円寺


    "Kiki's Delivery Service" on Concertina コンサーティーナで「魔女の宅急便」




    Swingin' Tern Mark Widmer & Hog Wild Nov 19 2011 :D


    The First Noel :D



    Off She Goes :D


    Hannes Schoeman - Till We Meet Again



    WhaleFest Grind: Monkey Island Theme 11-11-11


    Japie Laubscher - Lekker So (Nice, Like This)




    Tinneas Cinn UL 2011 - 'Foreign Tunes'





    Alexander Prince 1913

    Edison Blue Amberol Record: 23081 British series



    Alexander Prince 1913

    Edison Blue Amberol: 23055 British series




    Leo :D

  11. Definitely some devilish forces at work here - the Orcs (Open Reed Compositors by Sight), if it is they, are on overtime for Saruman and are now up overnight from 912




    unless it is someone with the DTs (Danish tremens)who has got his finger on the reply key!


    Where are you Gandalf....!?

    Maybe this could do with some tina playing(as in old silent movie piano accompaniment...


    And that gives me an excuse to say there is no tina utube version (even from New Zealand, hint hint, squeeze squeeze) of

    Concerning Hobbits/In Dreams. I seem to remember having trouble finding an ABC for keyed flageolet for that, tho I now find a rather unappealing one for grand piano.




    The gifted might find pleasure playing along to this chappie, but see how he has to switch instruments to get the full range


    This school certainly knows how to do it all, though no tina again..........



    plain piano


    BTW what key is it?

    They're in the US :P

  12. UK




    Charlotte and Spong at Brighton Childrens' Festival


    Charlotte and Spong at Brighton Childrens' Festival 0003





    Wally Doubell and his Waker Uppers - Tin Town (early 1930s)


    Scottish Fiddlers at the Spokane Folk Festival, Nov. 12, 2011


    Scottish Country Dancers-"Laird's of Miltons Daughter & Mrs. McGhee", Spokane Folk Festival 2011


    Scottish Country Dancers, Spokane Folk Festival 2011 - dancing to "Mrs. Stewarts Jig Set"


    Joe Livoti, violin, Myron Floren, concertina - Under Paris Skies



    Katthleen on Concertina at Riley School Mar 2011.wmv





    Wheatley Processional


    Bonny Green Garters (Bampton/Headington)




    (Set dance) The Roving Pedelar - Concertina Solo.wmv :)


    Lili Marleen on Concertina コンサーティーナでリリー・マルレーン




    en avent deux de travers



    le voyage à Maurice





    Not Epic Concertina Guy




    New Zealand

    Concertina progress report mid Nov 2011 Ashokan Farewell tune w harmony on 1 concertina





    Mockin' Bird Hill - concertina



    Accords concertina - La valse (part.3)





    JOHN KIRKPATRICK & SUE HARRIS - The Milkmaid's Song.wmv





    Leo :)

  13. I actually use the concertina app for ipad all the time. Actually, probably every day. I have a neck and shoulder problem that prevents me from practicing actual concertina enough to learn very

    many tunes, so I learn them on the ipad and transfer. It's totally easy, and can accommodate octaves, chords and ornaments. Can't endorse it highly enough!

    eh eh... Concertina-addicted you are! :P

    Hi Nisse


    You have no idea. Wait until you want get your second concertina and third and...... :rolleyes:




    Leo B)

  14. Hi Leo, and thanks for the videos. I suppose the player and the keys of the concertina have much to say, but I do prefer the sound of the English ones on the videos you linked to. Duet is too close to the accordion to my taste.

    What I would like to play, well, mostly songs or popular music like for ex El condor Pasa, La valse d'Amelie, Piaf, etc... and some classicals like Red river valley, oh suzanna, etc... you know... things to play to friends during the long winter evenings :) There is no pubs around here :rolleyes:

    Hi Nisse


    That's why I picked three different styles of playing on theree different instruments for clarification. All three are really good concertina players, and members here. The English one is Danny Chapman (Ratface here).


    Try these. They're the best I can come up with on short notice.


    El Cóndor Pasa (Concertina) コンドルは飛んでいく コンサーティナ


    Yann Tiersen La Valse d'Amélie (English Concertina) アメリのワルツ コンサーティナ


    La vie en rose (Concertina & Guitar)


    Jan på concertina


    Dipper G/D Anglo Concertina - Oh Suzanna

    (You could play your harmonica with a concertina too.) :lol:


    I'm really not familiar with Piaf, but I did find one of her songs I recognized. All three of the instruments within their own limitations can play the music you suggested. There really isn't directly one made for one kind of music, but maybe an English would suit better than an Anglo. Here's a note layout for a standard 48 button English. Mine only has 37 buttons, with the other notes missing from the top. I don't miss them since the music I play doesn't use them, and it was lots more expensive when I bought it:




    Leo B)

  15. :P Having to smile to myself as "cock up" must be a Queen's English term eh! Americans would interpret it quite differently I assure you. :-)


    Which Queen Stephen? ;)


    After all, Burns used it in this wee poem, which was published back in 1791!


    Johnie Lad, Cock Up Your Beaver


    Mind you, when we consider what the word Beaver is a nickname for, in the U.S.A., I can't imagine folks over there being too keen to use Burns expression in public! :P




    Hi Dick


    Not a big deal considering where I live: http://www.gribblenation.com/papics/keystone/beaver-kerr.jpg


    I have heard this tune supposedly about the town at a history reenactment more than once or twice, although how they mixed up a hat with an indian is beyond me. Gotta love Burns:



    I will admit, though, searching in Google does produce some interesting results. Who was that guy that said "....separated by a common language."



    Leo :lol:

  16. Hi Leo,

    I think the 20 buttons would do most of the time, but I would be frustrated if I can't play something just because the note is not there. That happens quite often on the harmonica and the ocarina, and it is not fun :angry:

    When I look on Youtube for music I would like to play, I only see English concertinas. Now I do not know if it means that these are easier on an English, or if it means that English players are more keen than Anglo players to show themselves on Youtube :D

    Hi Nisse


    I suspected as much and frustration isn't necessary. I couldn't make any sense of a harmonica when I tried it, it was beyond my comprehension, so I chose an English which made better sense to me. Different logic and layout.


    As far as videos, I've found as much as anybody, and there are plenty. What exactly are you looking for? It's not necessarily the instrument, the person pushing the buttons can get a lot out of a concertina.


    Here's one playing two different instruments; an Anglo, and a Duet:



    An Anglo concertina:


    An English concertina:


    On each of the channels, click on their name for lots more.




  17. Hi Nisse


    Would a 20 button C/G instrument have all the notes for the type of music you wish to play? If not, then a 30 button Anglo, or an English would be needed for the extra sharps and flats. On this diagram of the standard Wheatstone layout, the bottom two rows are the same notes as a 20 button instrument. The top rows contain the additional needed sharps and flats.




    Leo :)

  18. Thanks Leo,

    how do you find them ? Patience I guess.


    Well, I really enjoyed the Ernest Rutherford piece,( or should that be Rutterford ?) which, if I am not mistaken he played on the Maccann Duet, with lovely control. Excelent !!


    Keep up the good work and all the best,


    Hi Geoff


    Patience, tenacity, persisence in the unrelenting search for the elusive hidden concertina videos. Plus the judicious use of the secret search term "concertina" in the world of the magical search engine Google.com, based in the US. It starts with something like this and it's self updating automatically all by itself without help:



    In a pinch, I've used Google.co.Uk and others, and they all produce different results.


    Then the copy/paste commands to make a list in Notepad, sorted by first found country, and compatible with the self imposed standards of excellence of a two fold criteria: 1. can it be seen, and 2. can it be heard and/or identified. It can be a really tough decision of either/or or both to keep such high standards.


    Lots of work, but nowhere near as much work as those that actually make them and put them up for our enjoyment. They deserve the real credit.


    Thanks :D


  19. Hi Nisse


    No, it doesn't have to be replaced after a short while. It can last a good long time if taken care of. See the age of the Lachenal and Wheatstone, and Crabb and others that are desirable after a hundred + years. Time will tell on these. At one time, only a few years ago, the cheap Chinese concertinas were the only way to start playing with all their frustrating faults. Concertina Connection started the line of their instruments with a lot of thought in the design, and are priced above the junk, and below the Stagi line. It became the new standard of minimum. It also has a major benefit, if something goes wrong with it, a fix is a quick phone call or email that usually resolves the problem quickly. Not so with "no name".


    If you'd purchase a $100/$200 no name from Ebay, chances are a year from now, "when" the skills and needs/wants demand, it's probably worthless and might make a good doorstop, if it's decorative enough. Then pay in the $2000 range for a nice instrument. So all in all there would be $2200 + taxes and shipping total. At least with a Rochelle, at $300+, a year from now, to upgrade, depending on where purchased, there is a clause that says "full purchase price refund". That means the same $2000 instrument will only need an additional $1700 when the Rochelle is traded for a better instrument. Sounds like the longer term cheaper way to go. In the US, Concertina Connection, the Button Box, and Tedrow offer that pricing. I don't know of Europe. I speak in $US, but it doesn't matter, the idea works the same in any currency.


    They do come available used sometimes here, and hold their value more than the lesser instruments and the Stagi line.


    You can still look for something really cheap. It is what it is, but it's better doing it with your eyes open with knowing rather than that's all there is.


    Do you play an instrument now, or read music? What kind of music you interested in? I suspect, it's not a decision that needs to be answered yesterday. Take your time and like the old knight in the movie said "Choose wisely".



    Leo :)

  20. Hi Nisse


    Have you found these two essays on purchasing a first concertina yet?




    Generally speaking the "cheap" "beginner" concertinas are a mixed bag of reliability, playability, and satisfaction, with not much of a resale value. Since you mentioned you'd like and Anglo, this one is the best recommendation overall. They hold their value and can be traded for a better one "when" the time comes at full price depending on where purchased. Sometimes, they become available used also.



    We have a few members here from Norway. The search isn't the best, but a search of Norway will have quite a few posts from members, and also some videos from others that live there.



    Leo :)

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