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  1. Thanks everyone for the info, I will mull over it for awhile. I think I may contact Mr. Algar about one of those 20 button Lachenals. The basic notes for alot of the Irish trad I want to play are easily found on the 20 button. I really love the look of the Lachenals, and if I can get a 20 button Lachenal for $600-$700, I would much rather spend my money on that than on a $700 30 button stagi. From the sounds of it, the Lachenal (if I can get one for that price from Chris) will be a much better choice. I am, however, very interested in the Rochelle. I have never heard anything about it. Does anyone have any idea how much loot one of those tinas will set me back? Anyone know how much longer the concertina world will have to wait for it to come out? Anyone seen a prototype? Or better yet, played one? Bottom line, I will not waste my money on ebay again, and I will try to contact Chris for a 20 button Lachenal rather than throw money down the pipe on a stagi. Thanks again for helping me save money, time, and headache! Patience is a virtue (and a requirement for those without big bucks, like....say, me).
  2. I can't seem to view all of the pictures. So I will ask if the brass buttons simply rest on top of the action lever, while the aluminum bushing helps to keep the brass button in the proper place right on top of the action lever? Does this modification give the the buttons and overall instrument a better, more solid feel? It also appears that this makes the buttons a bit shorter, and much less prone to sticking in the action box. By the buttons being shorter, I assume that causes the action lever to move considerably less, opening the airway just enough to sound the reed. Does this cause a considerable difference in the action of the instrument? I'm a newbie, so please don't kill me over any "improper" terminology. Thanks for the info.... Also, anyone have a second hand/ used 30 button stagi anglo for sale that has been hot-rodded?
  3. Hello all. I am new to this group and new to the concertina. I play mandolin, tenor banjo and a bit of fiddle, so I am seeking the fastest-action low budget concertina I can get (if such a beast exists). I am on a short leash as far as what we can I can spend for a concertina, and just like anyone else, I am seeking the biggest value for my money. I have four options right now that I know of. The first three options are all on the same page: http://www.hmtrad.com/catalog/winds/sbx/sbx-anglo.html These 'tinas are. From following the threads here, I know that stagi seems to be the "best of the worst". On that page, I am looking at the last three 'tinas (30 button models). I really prefer the wood end, but it does not come with metal buttons. I have a couple of questions concerning strictly these stagi 'tinas: 1. Is the 30b model W15MS deluxe the same model used in the "turbo-stagi" modification? On the page I noted above, it is the 2nd from the bottom. It has plastic buttons. "turbo" modification help make for faster action and a better "feel"? 2. Out of the 3 'tinas at the very bottom of that page, which is the best as far as tone, response and action? 3. Is the nearly $700 for the two stagis at the bottom of the page worth it, or is there somewhere I can get one of these things cheaper (even second hand with the turbo-stagi modification already done would be great, even better). My fourth option is ebay (cringe). But It might just be a good thing. There is an ebay seller that is selling his/her 'tinas for about $320 USD. The shipping is outragous, but for less than $400 I could get my hands on a wooden end, 30 button anglo with what looks to be good solid bellows. I don't really care much for the color of the bellows, but the color really is not what is important. The dealer seams to be selling from the UK (Strabane, Co Tyrone). The link to view this 'tina is: http://cgi.ebay.com/Beautiful-30-Key-Anglo...1QQcmdZViewItem I contacted the seller, and they said that this instrument has fast action, the buttons are set so they won't stick, and that this particular concertina is becoming popular in Ireland. As I live in the states (actually Korea for a few years) I don't know how true that statement is. Does anyone here have any knowledge or experience of/with this particular instrument? In case the above link does not work, the concertina in question always appears under the label of : "Beautiful 30 Key Anglo Concertina Tuned C/G" Are any of these concertinas better than my (nearly) serviceable hohner d40? I got the hohner to see if I would even like playing the concertina, and I love it. So now I really need to upgrade (in accordence with my low instrument budget). I just want something that sounds close to a fairly respectable 'tina, and has acceptable action. Oh, I would also like it to sort of look like a "traditional anglo", I can't stand the look of the cheap bellows on the hohner (with their little decorative metal corner pieces and all). Thanks for bearing through this really long message, and I appreciate any experienced evaluation of the above mentioned concertinas. Thanks.....
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