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    concertina - music of most all kinds - cinema - reading - swimming - gardening vegetables and flowers - cooking & eating - travel - I like to play football (soccer) and I like sport Airplanes and flying, although, at the moment, I can only afford to watch. I live very near Thalmy aerodrome which was an important airport of the French resistance and is now a sport flying field. Sport planes often fly over my house while I'm practicing and I sometimes wish I could be up there too!
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  1. Hello Everybody, My mother Vicki is a painter and she is in the process of painting a series of Concertina art. She has completed 10 different paintings in the series. Right now we are offering cards and prints, but posters will be added shortly. We live near Limoges and intend to have them make mugs, cups and pitchers for us as well. I will take some samples of the cards and prints to the Bielefield concertina event in Germany, where I've been invited this next weekend. Any ideas or suggestions will be very much appreciated, Juliette http://www.juliettedaum.com/i
  2. m3838 wrote > Would it be too much to ask you to record some of the music before excercises? Squeezora> I plan to do that at some time in the future. Right now, though, I'm working hard on a getting a full concert ready and so I don't have much extra time. m3838 I looked through some of the scores and found them to be quite typical, employing lots of playing in thirds, lots of music goes up high, where, to my opinion, Concertina doesn't sound too convincing. Very little in terms of counter-melody, and harmonizing is done very simply. Squeezora Some of it's quite nic
  3. I'm happy to report that I just put up another 21 pages of music from the "CONCERTINA BOOK" on my website at <http://www.juliettedaum.com/ > I'm getting close to the tutor part of the book and will be making videos of some of the special exercises. Juliette
  4. I like to name things, so I name my hats and lot of other possessions. I call my treble Wheatstone that I have had from just about the beginning of my playing “Ophelia” because it is another tragic character in a Shakespeare play. My tenor treble is called Maxmilian a derivative of the name of the Scottish man who bought it originally and passed it on to his nephew who in turn sold it to me. My Bass/Baritone is called Neptune as it has a voice like I imagine Neptune to have and because I am from the Planet Neptune. Although, it is known by a different name to Neptunian’s. My busking ten
  5. Hellon everyone, I just posted another 10 pages of the Concertina Book. Now we're up to page 70. I've been redoing my website and adding more artwork and photos of concertinas. Please have a look at: http://www.juliettedaum.com/index.html I will be regularly posting new drawings and paintings. I'm working with a company in Limoges to produce porcelain mugs, etc., decorated with concertina artwork. regards to all, Juliette
  6. Hi, I just posted another 10 pages of the Concertina Book, including "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN", at my website: < http://www.juliettedaum.com/index.html > I'll try to get another 10 or 20 pages up shortly. Juliette
  7. Hi, The entire collection seems to be in the major keys except for some of the short pieces in the Tutor portion of the book. The book is a compilation of pieces and exercises and scales. It includes instruction on playing ornaments, playing staccato, etc.. For a person who reads music, or who is willing to put in the effort to learn to read music, it could be considered a very good tutorial and collection, complete in itself. It is a little strange, that it seems to be put together backwards, but then, it was a single person who had this bound for themselves and so they did it the
  8. Today, March 12, I have added another 10 pages of the book which you can find and download for free at my website http://www.juliettedaum.com/index.html Juliette
  9. Hi All, I've just added another 10 pages of music from the "CONCERTINA" book and I hope to have some move ready soon. Thanks for your encouragement and the kind remarks. I will record the excercises and post those in the near future, probably as Youtube videos so you can see how they can be played. I have several other old books, two from 1843, one from 1850, and one from 1854 that I will copy and put up on my website after I finish this book. I'm working on my own idea of an English Concertina Tutor which will be available on my website for free and will be followed up with You
  10. Hello again, I've just uploaded 10 more pages and added the names of the songs next to the link to their page. Have a nice day, Juliette
  11. Hello Seanc, On the main page of my site I put up a picture of the book and there is a link next to it. If you have visited my website before your memory might still have the old index page in it. Click reload and the updated page should come up. Thanks and Enjoy! Juliette
  12. Thanks to the kindness of Alan Day for sharing this book with me, I have been able to scan and place on the internet, a wonderful collection of music for concertina along with excercises and other helps to learning and performing on the concertina. This book really shows the very high level of playing during the later part of the 19th century. I would have loved to have found such pieces available at the time I got serious about learning the concertina 8 years ago. My father searched but couldn't find anything like this. You can see and download the first 20 pages of music at my
  13. Hi Neil, Here are some videos that show me playing an English concertina with thumb and wrist straps. They are red leather, so it should be pretty easy to pick them out. I have two other concertinas that had wrist straps and I took them off and I have one that never had wrist straps. I like them on the large Wheatstone Bass/Baritone, but don't use them on the treble or the two Tenor/Trebles that I play. The Bass/Baritone is kind of big and heavy, so it does give me a little security while playing, but I probably could manage alright without. I don't think it's a big issue whethe
  14. gibet_b' date='Jan 8 2008, I think that the concertina is a good choice for many types of music, not just "traditional" or "classical". It's good, when you have learnt the basics, and made further progress, to push the boundaries. It's my plan. I hope I will be able to "push the boundaries". I think it's perfectly possible : i heard somebody try to play "La valse d'Amélie" by Yann Tiersen (from the "Amélie Poulain" soundtrack) and it was very interesting... It's possible but if i will be able to match the challenge. For the moment, I seek for a repertoire of songs that i will be able
  15. Hi Mark, I did mention in my original post on this thread that the sound wasn't the same as on my CD's. But I see that I didn't make it very clear that these were recorded, my CD's, with ribbon microphones and preamplifiers that were carefully placed to reduce the echo's of the recording chamber. So the sound won't be the same as in the videos and I think you will be able to hear the notes more clearly on the CD's. I was hoping that if people would like my playing on the videos, that they would go to my website at < www.juliettedaum.com > and there they could hear excerpts and bet
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