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  1. Thanks for the excellent advice, everyone. The bad news is I find it very difficult to repeat on the same button while changing direction on the bellows - and I thought I was coordinated! Sam
  2. Anglo concertina. Different note. Same button. Change of bellows direction. Should I release the button and push it again? Or not? For instance button 10 on a C/G anglo. Push and it's a g, pull and it's an a. Should I release the button and press it again? Thanks, Sam
  3. Thanks, Laitch, looks like plenty of good info in the "Ergonomics" section. At least I know I am not the only one with a problem now.
  4. I'm the proud owner of a new Stagi anglo 30 button I picked up from my neighbor Bob Tedrow this weekend. OK, so he is 120 miles and a time zone away, but in the States that counts as close. I've started on the "demystified" book and am making enough progress that I have decided I won't throw the concertina out the window. Yet. My problem is the straps hurt the backs of my hands. I don't have the straps tight. My fingers are long enough that, in order to reach the buttons without curling my fingers inward, I have to place the strap across the top of the big knuckles where the fingers join the hand. That's an uncomfortable position. Any suggestions? Anybody else have that problem?
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