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  1. HELP - HELP - HELP ! If I may draw on the knowledge and experience of you fine people.... 1. Is there any difference between a 3-row melodeon and a 3-row diatonic box such as the latter can be found at numerous places on the web? 2. Can anyone point me to a maker of 3-row melodeons or 3-row diatonic boxes who does custom work ... who would make one for me with a particular keyboard layout... i.e. a non-standard layout that I would require? Thank you all so much! Bill
  2. There's a web site I came across that newbee Anglo players may like to look at: angloconcertinist.com Just thought I'd share it for what it may be worth. Bill
  3. Hi Woody Have you had a look at www.angloconcertinist.com? Take a look... a lot of great information there. Bill
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