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  1. Wow! Thanks for all the responses so far. My interests range from motorcycles to mandolins to beer making, and it seems that the internet has become a home for all like minded people pursueing their hobbies. I guess I will try to clarify things a bit. As I said, I play guitar and mandolin. I can play chords on both and play anything that uses basic chords, and particularly on the mando, I've figured out (with the help of tabs and slow down software) playing the actual melody for some songs. I have a basic understanding of how to read a staff of music, just nothing close to sight reading. I don't have an aversion to learning it, its just that with the guitar and mandolin, I've been able to play most of what I want to play using chords or finding tabs. As far as what I want to play, I love Irish music. Stuff like the Pouges, traditional stuff, jigs, reels, etc. Thats mostly what I use the mandolin for. Beyond that, I guess things like hymns, the occasional pop / rock song that has a nice melody, Christmas music, slow stuff. That is what I'm likely to wind up playing. What I'm looking for in an instrument is something that won't break the bank (since I just play to amuse myself, friends, and family). I love the sound, and I think I'll really enjoy the concertina, so I want to get something that won't limit me in a year, but I'm not looking for a professional instrument. Just something that sounds decent. As far as English vs Anglo vs Duet, I humbly submit to your guidance as things like "cross fingering" don't mean anything to me. Oh, and one more thing, can one play chords on a concertina?
  2. Hi everyone, I just joined to pose a few questions. I'd really love to learn the concertina, but I wanted to clarify some things first. I play the guitar and mandolin, although that is really just playing chords and a few songs I've memorized. I don't read music or understand theory. Thanks to tab and basic chords though, I can play a bunch of stuff. I'm mainly interested in playing music with an Irish slant, but anything that sounds nice is fair game. Now for the questions. I hope this isn't a huge rehash, but I didn't see anything covering what I'd like to know. Given my musical backgroung (or lack thereof), is the concertina something that I can learn to play stuff on without knowing alot about music theory? From my initial reading, I'm assuming that I want a 30 button Anglo as opposed to an English instrument, but I'm not sure about c/g versus g/d. As far as an instrument purchase goes, any recommendations on what to buy? I really can't shell out thousands of $$$ for a great instrument, but I'm mainly looking for something that I can try things out on and keep for a while if I like it. I don't have a very discerning ear and I'm only playing for fun, so as long as it works and sounds halfway decent, I'm open to anything I can afford. Thats all I can think of for now, but if anyone has any helpful advice to add, I'm all ears. Thanks!
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