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  1. Thanks for the notification. This is another scam - do not enter in to any bidding on it! ebay has been advised Bob
  2. Fair enough Bob though it is possible that if I made this mistake others may have too? Thank you for clarifying the matter and no hard feelings. Thank you also James I've learnt something and am sure this exchange will be a usefull lesson to others. Bob Tipler
  3. Hi James and whoever else may read this. The successful bidder is a chap from Canada (who is delighted) and I certainly have not authorised a second chance offer as we are just sorting out the best shipping route! I am set up to sell using paypal. Perhaps you would be so kind as to forward me this "Second Chance Offer" you have received as I'd obviously like to look further into this. I posted my own e-mail address on the concertina site and quite a few people took the opportunity to contact me directly this way and we went on to have telephone conversations which in the absence of a known presence on an enthusists site is the best way to check someone out. I have friends who are regular contributors who would have provided me a good reference. Although I am a recent visitor to the Concertina site I certainly resent and find extremely insulting being described by another of the contributors here as "almost certainly" a scam merchant!!!! So to you Bob whoever you are, before you go dishing out character slurs like this, think twice, some people who sell stuff actually are honest decent folk. Any of you can call me at any (reasonable) time you like on Hastings UK 01424 461378 Best regards Bob Tipler. bob@theamericaground.com
  4. Now listed on ebay on 10 day auction ends 6th April 11pm ish UK time http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=7402712673
  5. Had quite a few enquiries so please excuse these general notes which hopefully answer all questions - but feel free to ask any others. The concertina is in extremely good condition and deserves to played more (I have another Dipper English that I won't be selling) The lowest note on the left side is A top note is E lowest note on right side is G top note is F. I'm not sure why Alistair had specified just the 40 buttons only that I think he didn't want the ones that he hardly ever used (which enabled him to keep the size down) this one measures 6" across. I am based in Hastings South Coast United Kingdom - but am planning a business trip to Oregon USA in mid April. In view of the number of enquiries I've had I think the fairest way to sell it is on good old e-bay and plan do put it on in the next week or so will let you and the Concertina Web site know. As it is so rare (with this fret work it's a one off in fact) I am looking for offers in exess of £2000 (around $3500) so will probably be setting the reserve around that and see what happens
  6. An all too rare chance to obtain a Colin Dipper made English Concertina. I've had this one for around 10 years (having waited around 7 years whilst it was being made). It has 6 sides and 40 buttons and was designed, I understood, from Colin to a spec given to him by Alistair Anderson. Ebony sides, black 6 fold bellows.and extemely intricate fretwork. It is very loud with a fine tone and has a fantastic sharp action it has hardly been played and is almost as new. Reason for selling is that my musical career has taken me off in another direction and I believe that all superior instruments like this should be played not kept as investments. Hard to put a value on it as Colin's instruments so seldomly come on to the market and his waiting time for new instruments is legendary - though always worth the wait. For more information, e-mail me direct at bob@theamericaground.com
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