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  1. Wim, Thanks for your speedy reply. Wow, I wasn't expecting to hear from the "horse's mouth". You've set my mind at ease. The Rochele now has my heart, completely!
  2. Hi everybody, I just got a new Rochelle from a dealer in Oakland, not the button box. I sent it back to fix a stuck note. And pointed out that I could hear a kind of rattling or buzzing of a few keys between the push and pull. I was told that it's just because it a lesser expensive concertina... But my starter was a Chinese online and it's never had this problem. Is this typical? Or part of the break-in? I want to give my heart over to it. And I'm holding back. Any comments? I tried to get it 1st from the Button Box but they were out of stock. A Christmas present from my husband. Thanks, Happy Holidays.
  3. Hi and help, I'm thinking about buying a "real concertina" now that I've fallen in love with the instrument. I've just got a starter now. A stagi w-15LN would be an upgrade for me but in reading what you all have to say, I'm don't know. Price is unfortunately a concern for me. I'd appreciate your input on the differences between the standard Tedrow and the Morse Ceili. Thanks, This is hugely important to me.
  4. Hello, again. I realize that I really should try to play any new concertina upgrade in person. I live in southern California but will be in the Chicago area in Aug. I know that Lark In The Morning is a possibility, but I won't be in the area until Sept. I'm thinking about a Stagi. And by the way, I'm addicted. Thanks all of you for your help so far. I think this is a great site. I'm close to LA. Any sources there?
  5. Help. I'm new and thinking about upgrading to a stagi W15MS. My fingers may not be long enough for the W15LN. jimlaabsmusic.com sells the MS for $390, which would make it possible for me to get sooner than elsewhere for around $700. I understand the wisdom of going with "The Button Box" for obvious reasons. But does anyone have any experience good or bad with the Jim Laab Music company?
  6. Laitch, thank you so much, you were a big help in directing me to my first intimidating repair task. Hooray!
  7. Help! One button makes no sound while pressing in but does when drawing out. I'm a novice, but addicted. I've no experience and don't want to do the wrong thing, even though I only have a "starter" anglo. What should I do, and or, not do if I open it up?
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