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  1. OK, so my new 'tina is a real 'tina! I just want to say that the tone and intonation are very, very good on the Castiglione German made concertina, compared to my 3 month old Hohner and 4 month old Stagi. The bellows are very airtight, compared to the Stagi, which was bought brand new from Baldoni accordion in Menomonee Falls--that Stagi plays well, but leaks like a sieve. The little Hohner is still my favorite, bought from the Button Box in MA, is airtight, but starting to get wiggly buttons from all the hard use. My students use the Stagi and Hohner, I pretty much stick to the Casti now, as the sound is so much fuller than the other two. Perhaps those reeds are mounted different than the others, as the sound is very unique. I actually have started a little concertina club at my grade school on Fridays at the lunch break. The little ones are playing along with me on most any tune imagineable! Pizza and 'tinas--does it get any better?!! A Most Blessed Feast of St. Patrick to You and Yours!
  2. Hello, I just purchased one of these concertinas from Elderly in Lansing. The sound is big for a one reed box and the size is a bit larger than my other concetinas. Are Castigliones real concertinas, or just hiding in a concertina-like set up? I really like this box, but just wanted to inquire. Bellows are also much tighter than my other two 'tinas.
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