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  1. Hello again...if anyone is interested, please make me an offer. Seriously, this affair is breaking my heart! I was so excited when Jeff and I originally made this trade. It had been so very long since I was inspired to pick up a new instrument..not since the Uilleann pipes. And to add that I was able to start playing with a quality instrument made everything just perfect. I'm NOT a believer in "starter" or "student" instruments as the quality seems to be always sub-par and makes it just that much more difficult to learn how to play. Anyways, with the carpal tunnel surgeries, the complications, physical therapies etc. I am in dire financial condition, unable to work and unable to play!! The 'tina is torturing me.
  2. ...So I can recommend the concertina itself...but the price still seems high to me. Daniel oh, that indeed may be true. I did the best I could with pricing it...I hate to admit my ignorance regarding this instrument, but at first I thought it was a "wakker" and not a geuns-wakker... In all honesty I did my best to price it. I used the value that I had applied to it for it's value as a "trade-in" for Jeff because I REALLY wanted it and I also really wanted to give Jeff as much value for it as possible. I am willing to entertain offers (even partial trades as I'd still like to learn to play). I don't need/nor want to/ make a profit on the sale, but I do desperately need green spendy things right now since I have my second carpal tunnel surgery coming up! Thanks to all for sharing what they know about the instrument. Also, sorry Daniel..I didn't mean to be snide in return...my sore hands are making me crabby!
  3. Hiya Folks, in the interest of "full disclosure"... The original owner (Jeff Lefferts) has contacted me to share some info. I misquoted him (sorry Jeff, entirely my fault and unintentional) on the value of the concertina...d'oh! From an email dated March 5th, 2006: Jeff --> Actually, they've raised the price of their basic model to 1900 euros. So with the extra bellows fold and the amboyna veneer (and not counting the extra reed), it would retail for $2662 at today's exchange rate. Here are links to Henk's recent sale of his similar Geuns-Wakker anglo... http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php...ic=3484&hl= http://www.anglo-concertina.net/geuns/
  4. Including what appears to be a new price for this concertina (though without the extra bellows fold) of 2000 Euros, equivalent to $2535. I'm not sure of it's exact age, though it's certainly not old. In regards to the price (and there was no need to be snide) I did my best to estimate it's value based upon what I saw on the site and the word of the original owner, adding in the benefits of quick ownership/possession etc. and a higher euro valu at the time. Either way, if you're interested, let me know via email. I'm willing to entertain offers.
  5. Are you asking about the extra reeds or the internal workings? In regards to the latter, I'm not going to open up the instrument as I am not familiar enough with it's anatomy..and the point is to sell a working instrument...
  6. Hiya folks....the family vehicle just developed about $1000 worth of repairs....so I'm going to admit that I am currently a "motivated seller" and as such will drop the price to $2800. Please email me at davidandkora@msn.com if you are interested. Thanks!
  7. My dire financial conditions have forced me to this...needs a REALLY good home... I have a Geuns-Wakker 30-button C/G anglo concertina. This one has amboyna veneer and an extra fold (seven) in the bellows. The accidental row has the Wheatstone layout, but I also have an extra C# reed which could be swapped with the D# reed on the pull on the right hand. In perfect condition, hard case. Email me with any questions. Asking $3000 US. Can ship ASAP. davidandkora@msn.com
  8. Hiya folks, Yep...I'm a newbie here, and to the concertina as a whole. I'm an uilleann pipemaker, and I'm looking for a "new bag to squeeze"...er...box...em..concertina to start me on the right track.... I'd rather not go for a jackie or a stagi. Starting out on a poorly made instrument is a huge handicap...but I don't need a $5000 one either. As I am incredibly cash poor, I'm wondering if anyone would care to make a trade of sorts? ...and I'm hoping desperately that this post was not in poor taste?? Thanks & God bless, David www.greenwoodpipes.com
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