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  1. Also, I am intently wondering if the reeds in it are premium "a mano," aka TAM reeds, or factory such as durall/super-durall.

    An "a mano" reed is not aka TAM (Tipo a mano), at least according to the Voci Armoniche description under "The Grinder" heading here. "A mano" reeds are cut in batches of two, so the selection and processing of them would seem to be slightly more focused.


    The two reed types are separated on the Voci Armoniche website. The material processing differs slightly but the text descriptions under "Workmanship" here and here are identical.

  2. Ah-ha! I knew that I'd heard it somewhere before. I have a lovely version of this on a CD by Alastair Fraser and Natalie McMasters called Fire and Grace


    For the record :rolleyes:, Natalie Haas, not "McMasters", is the cellist on this recording and the youtube video.

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