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  1. . . . my question is also at what point, does my Crabb become not a Crabb anymore and something else entirely because of all the changes with exceptions of the reeds?


    It's something other than a Crabb after you make all those changes. If it were mine, I'd sell it to someone who would appreciate it for what it is; someone like that will show up when you post it for sale.

  2. Hi Jimmy

    Not sure how to upload pics on this site, . . .


    Click on the Help link at the bottom of the webpage then read the instruction about uploading attachments in the Posting section. Photos on the site help sell instruments. Size your pictures so they are less than a page width. Give that a try.

  3. I'm getting the impression from reviews at her website of the album containing these tunes—especially the review written by Bob Walton of Folk Roots—that all the tunes on "Angels Candles", including the slides, were composed by her so their names really are "Hop", "Skip" and "Jump."

  4. Thank you very much for your replies. They have really helped!


    What sort of repertoire are you thinking of playing?


    I would like to play french music that is kind of jazzy. The particular music that I want to play comes from Disney's Ratatouille soundtrack. I am not sure wether they used an accordion or a concertina, but I like the look of the concertina better.

    That particular music you like from Ratatouille, Daniel, is played on a piano accordion by Frank Marocco.

  5. Edit the ad to include photos, as Jim has observed. If you already have photos, upload them.You need to click the "More Reply Options" button to see the uploading function below the reply box. Check the size of each photo because you're only allotted around 2MB space. You may need to resize them. I've found 200KB and a width 4"–6" works well. Show each side as clearly as you can. Show a photo of the case if it has one. Describe the keyboard system. Is it Jeffries, Wheatstone or something else?

    Click here to find more information on posting.

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