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  1. I've just received a v. battered Anglo concertina badged ' Campbells Improved Concertina' 103 Trongate, Glasgow. The box has wooden lever arms linked to 4 Accordion style reed blocks in each end. The central blocks can be shifted from the outside, effectively supplying two voices or possibly doubling the number of notes. I suspect that the box is too far gone to be economically repaired but I am curious to know more. Can anyone direct me to any further info ?
  2. Playing in Public ? My first attempt was some 27 years ago playing 'John de Paris' for a Morris side in Oman, the least said about that the better. Since when I have played more regularly for a Ladies Clog dancing side here in Aberdeen with varying degrees of panic - it' s kind of nice when the Dancers sing the bits you've forgotten or messed up. However, I still get attacks of the jittery fingers when I play with others at Sessions - the only cure I've found is to attend regularly and get to know the other players before launching in with that new tune you've peformed brilliantly at home. They say it gets easier the more you do it but I still find it's like attending the dentist ! But the 'buzz' when it works !!! Steve
  3. Hi Peter, I have a Jeffries Bros Duet with 58 keys tuned in C. Steve
  4. Also from Witney, Horror of horrors - As Norman Chalmers, noted Scottish Concertina performer, appeared carrying only a Bodhran case ! Then there was an audible sigh of relief, when it was opened to reveal concertina and whistles but no bodhran. Steve
  5. Hi Rami, Always carry your concertina as handluggage - never check it in if you want to see it again ! I fly regularly between Aberdeen and London and the usual reactions from x-ray staff are 'what is it and how do you switch it on' (i.e. play something to relieve the boredom of checking sweaty socks and underwear). I've had real trouble only once, at Heathrow, when my hand baggage which contained the concertina, a walkman sized tape recorder plus headphones, wires, etc. and a plastic bag containing a bottle of water. The plastic wrapping made the water look suspicious and the wires just added to the confusion. My tickets were immediately grabbed and despite my offers to open everything up we had to wait for a supervisor to appear, then his manager and so on. It caused a bit of a delay but that's life and I'd rather they checked than for anything to go wrong at 30,000 ft. Steve
  6. Hi Peter, You only get to be a 'native' of Aberdeen after a minimum of two generations and then only on sufference ! They've had to close ranks because of the influx of transatlantic and European 'On yer bikes'. My meagre ten years here makes me barely a newcomer. Also the Liverpool Welsh ancestry may just preclude my ever gaining newcomer status. Do I read the above correctly - you currently play Anglo and English and are learning both Jeffries and Macann Duet layouts ? If so forget my query - you have more than enough on your plate. I look forward to hearing any other points that help you to crack the Jeffries, however. regards Steve
  7. Hi Peter, I also acquired a Jeffries Duet some time ago ( my normal box is an Anglo). I pick it up periodically to see if I can finally make it work for me. Small progress as you can imagine - my current biggest stumbling block being my ingrained habit of changing bellows direction every few notes rather than allowing the notes to flow until a suitable passage ends and then changing direction. Any tips on how to get out of this habit would be helpful. Steve
  8. Brian is too modest - I've just attended Concertina's at Witney, and Brian performed the Dallas Rag at the Tutor concert. Also see his new CD 'Anglophilia' on Pugwash Music 2005 for his versions of both the Dallas Rag and the Entertainer. Awesome performances that have to be heard to be appreciated !! Apologies if this seems like blatant advertising - I have as they say no commercial interest in Pugwash Music. Steve
  9. Do you know if anything much happens on the Friday night? IF not then I'll probably drive down on the Saturday morning, as I'll only get back from a week away about 7pm on the Friday Clive Hi Clive - As you'll by now have seen the Friday night session is held at the Court Inn (opposite end of town from the Henry Box school), and starts about 8-ish. Great fun if usually slow to get going - but judging by the morning after heavy eye balls - can last and last. Probably also worth experiencing as one's first exposure to multi concertina playing in a confined space - leading to urgent search for aspirin / ear plugs ! Steve
  10. Hi Clive et al, I'm also going to Witney, travelling down from Aberdeen on the Friday. I've been before and always enjoyed it, so if you have any queries I can probably help. After registration on the Saturday, you'll have a name tag so recognition is not usually a problem. See you - Steve
  11. Quote - Aeolina "There are currently very few convertina players active in Scotland...." Not so ! Maybe not known personally to you but I'm sure that like me there are plenty of other players. Through dancing with the Banchory Morris Men, I know of and have played with at least five others in the Aberdeen area of varying degrees of skill - ranging from playing regularly with ceilidh bands to learners. Steve
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