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  1. Thanks for the responses (and how to find out prices). Even more of a guess but I'd think that this would be at least a month or two's wages for an unskilled worker - those that hadn't joined up by then. I don't know why but I've got £3 per week as a goodish wage in those days in my mind.
  2. Wheatstone Aeola #26503 just appeared on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Rare-C-Wheatstone-Co...1QQcmdZViewItem Ledger: http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD01/PAGES/D1P0610S.HTM "81 Fret" - picture shows cutout fretwork. Rob How much would this concertina have cost new? My work colleague asked and I guessed at £15-20. Cheers
  3. A highly cunning move too, impressive. To avoid this neatly laid trap (and to set my own up ) Goodge Street
  4. I'm going to save Ruislip Gardens for later. Terminal 4 - Ha!! get out of that then
  5. I'm confused now with all these different rule interpretations. Is Ruislip Gardens wild or not???
  6. Leytonstone? where a guy I had to share a room with at technical college (and managed a whole six months with out speaking) came from.
  7. Hello all, it's been a long time since I last logged on (changed jobs etc etc.). To add my two-penny-worth. I'm into southern Italian music played mainly on the one-and-a-part row melodeon (commonly called an organetto) and I have quite a collection of field recordings from there. To me I can discern no difference between the waltz and the mazurka as played in Southern Italy (I don't know how the dances are danced there though). Even the tutor book I got from Italy for my organetto makes no difference between the rythm of the waltz and mazurka. It seems to me that here in England we think the correct mazurka is that as played in France but there seems to be as much variation in mazurka dancing as there is in the waltz.
  8. Isn't it British Racing Green derived from green symbolising Ireland? (something to do with an early motor race run in Ireland I think). I'm quite attached to St George and, it turns out, a quite suitable one for England at the moment as he's very well respected in Islam too. I had a fantastice St George's night in Sheffield. 11 morris teams dancing for the lord mayor of Sheffield (Jackie Drayton) in the town hall followed by a pie an pea supper. There was morris dancing in the city centre on the Saturday too. We're all hoping that the next lord mayor will do the same next year.
  9. As it's Panto season - all together now..... He's behind you!!!!! Oh no he isn't!!!!! Oh yes I am!!
  10. Thanks for the answers gents, very useful and interesting
  11. What would a concertina with concertina reeds sound like if fixed like accordian reeds (i.e with out the complicated reed pan)? And (assuming they'd fit) what would accordian reeds sound like fitted in a traditional reed pan? I suppose what I'm getting at is how much of the sound is related to the reed and how much to the traditional reed pan? Darren
  12. Thanks for the clarification Richard. Very intersting.
  13. Whilst concurring with Rich's comments about storing the concertina with its weight resting on some of its buttons I'm puzzled about Peter's comments on valve deteriation (whilst noting that I store my EC in the same orientation as it's played). 1) I'm mainly a melodeon player and melodeons are almost universally stored at 90 degrees to their playing orientation without any noticible deteriation. Why is this? Is it due to the material the valve is made of? 2) On a concertina where the reeds are arranged radially aren't the valves at 12 o'clock going to droop away from the reed if the concertina is kept in its playing orientation whilst the reeds at 6 o'clock will tend to drop towards the reed and those at 3 and 9 o'clock will tend to droop at 90 degrees to the reed. So if the concertina is stored on its end (with the weight not on buttons) half the reeds will droop away from the reed - but all in the same direction. If the concertina is then stored on each end alternately won't the drooping of the valves be consitant? 3) Are the valves too light for drooping to be a problem when the concertina is stored in its playing orientation but are more susceptible at a 90 degree orientation? Apologies for diverting the thread
  14. 20 button chromatic could be something like a C/C# which I know at least one member has built.
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