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  1. Are you a young concertina player between 14 and 20 years old? Do you know one?


    Would you/they like to spend a week from July 24 to 29th in the surroundings of Durham School in the historic city of Durham?


    The Folkworks Durham Youth Summer School has a concertina class for the first time in thirteen years. Even better, the tutor is Alex Wade. If you do not know Alex, you can see her at




    as well as the video of her performance with Alistair Anderson and Star and Shadow Rapper at last year's ICA AGM on the International Concertina Association group on facebook.


    Details and booking information are at




    Anything you would like to know about Durham or the Summer School, just ask.

  2. I think it is appropriate to make known the circumstances surrounding the decision to launch a new online website for academic research and the issues with the ICA that have lead to us proceeding without ICA involvement. I should make it clear at the outset that I have been a life member of the ICA for over 30 years and support its aims; I was also on the editorial board of PICA and its predecessor ‘The Free Reed Journal’.


    PICA 10 was the last. The editor, Allan Atlas, who had been tireless and rigorous in his editorial role, was retiring from his academic post and thought that this was the time to stand down. There were other issues as well; it was proving increasingly difficult to find articles (and people willing and able to write them) which satisfied the research standards and methodology which were required by a major university. Annual publication was increasingly difficult. Furthermore, PICA 10 was submitted for publication nearly 2 years before it was finally printed; the online versions were also slow to reach the ICA website.


    At the 2014 AGM, I spoke to the tiny gathering about the plans that Allan, Dan and Randy had for an online ‘Son of PICA’ and asked the ICA if they would like this to continue under their imprimatur and on the ICA website. The committee were interested and said they would get back to us with a decision. For a year nothing happened. The draft minutes were not published so the membership was unaware of our plans. Eventually I wrote to the committee asking for an update and received a reply stating that nothing had been done. Months later I wrote again and got a similar reply. By this time it was over three years since PICA 10 was ready for publication and some good articles had been waiting in the wings. It is not fair on those who have worked hard and written a good article to sit on it for any length of time; we had to make a decision and we decided that the ICA had been given more than enough time to express its opinion on whether or not to host us on their site and under their banner. We were asking for no more than that.


    Incidentally, Dan did approach Bob Gaskins but his website is currently resting as has been said in an earlier post.


    Sorry this has been dry and dusty, but there was clearly interest in this background.


    Best wishes,


    Roger, I think that you misrepresent the ICA position. There have certainly been some problems, many of them my fault, but moving forward the International Concertina Association would be happy to host "son of PICA" on its website.


    Will send you an address to reach the committee.


    Best wishes, Roger (until recently secretary to the ICA)

  3. Our annual general meeting will be held on April 16th at the Ouseburn Farm, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2PA. Meeting starts at 2pm. All members are entitled to attend without notice but please let us know you are coming so we can set enough chairs.


    Starting 10:30, Alistair Anderson, international star of the concertina and President of the ICA will give a workshop on Northumbrian tunes. This is free to members, £2.50 to non-members (whatever you may have read in Concertina World).


    From 7:30pm, Alistair will lead a concert featuring Star and Shadow ladies rapper team with Alex Wade. Price now reduced to £5 for members, £4 for non-members. Tickets on the door but please tell us that you are coming.


    See ICA website or International Concertina Association facebook group for more but please email


    secretary (at) concertina.org


    to say that you will be there. It is going to be good.

  4. If you are going to Swaledale, you must have booked by now, so see you there.


    If you go to Witney, I will see you there.


    The general descriptions of both events are pretty accurate. You will find all kinds of concertina and all standards of playing at both places.


    To the best of my limited knowledge Michael Hebbert doesn't sing either (I stand to be corrected on that one) , although there is, of course, a recording of him playing solo and accompanying Andrew Frank's singing available through Free Reed Records.


    That's IreneS above; I seem to have messed up the quote thing.


    He does! (well you did ask, Roger)

  6. Dan Worrall has pretty much said it all: thanks Dan.

    The International Concertina Association is very much still in business and sending out Concertina World three times a year and PICA once a year to its members.

    The idea was to make PICA available on the website about a year behind paper publication. We have fallen behind on this for a combination of technical and personal reasons but we will catch up.

    It is true to say that the ICA have something of a bias towards the Engish concertina at present although we have many members playing Anglo and duet concertinas. If you would like to alter the balance, join us and publicise your favourite instrument!

    Submission dates and details can be found at


    The dates are the same each year.

    Roger Gawley, Secretary, International Concertina Association

  7. This is a response from a current member of the ICA committee (the secretary in fact). Not sure that it counts as a reply. The simple answer is that I don't know. Thanks to John Wild, we are now aware and will find out. And thanks to Pete for his prompt and proper response.


    Roger Gawley


    ps I have a copy of Concertina Two. It says it is copyright 1983 to Frank Butler so probably not available to reproduce unless we have clearance.


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