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  1. Greetings, Thank you for looking at this post. I've had several serious buyers contact me. I am confident that I will finalize an exchange today with the person who contacted me first. My apologies for misspelling Wim's name in my first post, and kudos to Wim for making such a fine instrument...the buyer will surely be happy with their purchase. Happy squeezing, Christopher
  2. Greetings, It is a Wheatstone setup.
  3. Greetings, I've come to the conclusion that I cannot play both the violin and the concertina. Hence, the concertina must go. I have for sale this beautiful Wakker Anglo C-G concertina with amboyna ends. I am the only owner, and have played it about 50 hours total. The condition is superb. It comes in the original case provided by Win and Karen. It is such a fine instrument. The price is $3,500 american. The buyer pays shipping and insurance. I will attempt to attach some photos for you to view. Also, take a look at the YouTube if interested, keeping in mind I used my computer to record it so I believe it's backwards, and of course the microphone is not great. Kind regards, Christopher
  4. Fantastic, many thanks for the replies and suggestions. I was under the impression that after 9-11, and the fact that many people don't know a concertina from a dictation machine, that I would get suspicious looks from the TSA guys. That said, I'm off to learn a couple bars of http://www.youtube.c...h?v=WbiFugV4PX8. My Wakker A1 came with a nice case; it will be in my lap on the plane I'm off to my cottage in the northwoods of Wisconsin for a bit of plank floor installation, evening swilling, and a lot of concertina playing. Happy squeezing, Chris
  5. Has anyone recently travelled with their box on an airplane in the U.S., as a carry-on? I really don't want to pack-it as luggage as I've seen how they throw luggage around. Any suggestions regarding airline travel with your concertina is welcomed. I'm departing this Friday, the 28th of May. Many thanks. Chris
  6. I wish all the great instruments currently listed in Buy-and-Sell, including this one (perhaps especially) were for sale when I was in the market. Not that I'm not happy with mine, but this many options for immediately available instruments would have been nice when I was buying. Chris
  7. It is apparent from this discussion that musicians dont just sit around in front of the television. I wonder if its nervous energy that musicians have, and/or just an innate curiosity and creativity. I enjoy gardening and growing fruit trees; the harvest, the sight and smell of stacked apples in a bushel basket, and the colors of of mason jars with freshly canned fruit. I love our chickens, they are stupid to the point of endearment. I like visiting my piece of wooded land in the middle of now-where in northern Wisconsin; almost worthless, but I like it there. I like cooking; freshly baked bread is awesome, rhubarb pie is the best desert. I love my wife, she's great, she morally supports my many interests. She reads, I cant sit still. I don't keep things well-balanced. I just enjoy them when I feel like it. I always have many irons in the fire.
  8. sorry, i mean't you get the minor thirds going down diagonally the other way. so all the pure minor thirds in this system are: G-Bb, B-D, D-F, F#-A, A-C, C#-E all the pure major thirds are: Eb-G, G-B, Bb-D, D-F#, F-A, A-C#, C-E, E-G# the pure major triads are: Eb-G-Bb, Bb-D-F, F-A-C, G-B-D, D-F#-A, A-C#-E and the pure minor triads are: G-Bb-D, D-F-A, A-C-E, B-D-F#, F#-A-C#, C#-E-G# to find all the other pure intervals of a given size, draw a line from D to the interval you want, then transpose that line to everywhere else it fits in the chart. for example, D-E is a pure second (9/8), and there are five other places in the chart you can draw the same size line. D-C is a minor seventh (9/5), and there are three other 9/5 intervals in this system. the C natural on the pipes regulators usually is tuned to 9/5 of the drone rather than 16/9 (inverse major second), which gives it a really smooth sound against the drone and also means it is a pure major third from the A which is a perfect fifth from D. if you know csound or another sound synthesis language, you can easily experiment with all these intervals to get a better feeling for how they sound. how nice! again, im a beginner, but understand some theory (from playing fiddle) and see how this could be very useful. i suppose that, using this knowledge, you can simply shift a 'finger pattern' from 2 or 3 keys around the buttons to produce the background chord(s) you need. its been my experience that when two different instruments are playing and the timbre of the instruments are in some way similar, that the result is very pleasing to the ear. so, although ive not heard the pipes and concertina playing together, i can imagine how the result is very nice, particularly if the concertina is in sync with the underlying chords of the tune..as you have demonstrated that can readily be accomplished. thanks for taking the time. tell me, when you first pick up your concertina for the day, do you have 'warm up' exercises that you go through on the concertina before launching into tunes? and/or, can you recommend a good book/tape/cd for beginners? i taught myself the fiddle, but first used a book that taught scales, arpegios, different bowing and slurring, and so on. the book proved to be invaluable. is there a good counterpart for the concertina that you know of?
  9. I recieved an email this morning from the seller, who said it sold right away at the $855. Darn, it must have been listed as buy it now at that price for a very short time. It still doesnt explain the confusion at the advertisement page. Its funny, Ive been scouring Ebay for concertinas for about a month now, and I never even saw this one until someone from this site mentioned it. It must have been burried somewhere and thats why it took so long to sell.
  10. I just checked its bid history on eBay but it looks like it DIDN'T sell despite the $855 "Buy it now price. All the "offers" were declined. I don't understand.... That would be an incredible price for it (par for a "high-end" Stagi). Maybe everyone made lower offers? If that's the case you might try the guy and buy it direct from him. If it didn't go this round I don't see where he'd be willing to put it back up on eBay. yes, that seems odd. ive emailed the seller to see if the $855 still stands. according to the advertisement, the potential buyer can try it out for a week and return it if there's something wrong. seems to good to pass up!
  11. no, i'm not playing with any other instruments. i've really enjoyed listening to a lot of uilleann pipers and they often have sets of pipes that are tuned quite a bit lower. for this instrument i've asked frank edgley to tune the Bb (same place as D on a c/g) to 480 hertz and to tune everything else in just intervals relative to that. i wanted to start playing some of the chords that pipers play on the regulators, and they'll sound a lot nicer on this instrument. i decided on D = 480 based on a low set of pipes that willie clancy plays on a lot of his records. the reason for having a just d-fingered scale is that most irish tunes are in g and d and their relative minors. here's a chart to visualize how this scale is tuned: Eb G Bb B D F F# A C C# E G# the idea is that you tune everything in pure fifths going down the chart, pure major thirds going diagonally down, and pure minor thirds going diagonally up. all the triangles you can draw on the chart will be pure triads. translating the above chart to ratios, you get 16/15 4/3 8/5 5/3 1 6/5 5/4 3/2 9/5 15/8 9/8 45/32 and then if you multiply all these values by 480 you get 512 640 768 800 480 576 600 720 864 900 540 675 wow. cool. im a beginner, but i see whats going on. however, i see the 5ths going down the row, the major thirds going down diagonally, but i dont see the minor thirds going up diagonally. for example, you mean a B to G, and/or G to Eb?
  12. Henk, you mentioned that Wim said the sound spectrum was close to that of an oboe. Is there a tone comparison you can make, such as to another maker? I havent seen any sound files for the Wakker, only the Geuns-Wakker
  13. Thanks everyone. I get it. It makes sense that they should leak a little. I only own a couple of quite "cheap" ( in every sense of the word) concertinas, which of course leak like a seive.
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