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  1. Having waited for years (in fact since the creation of ********** ********) to make this move, I will play the canal terminus manouvre, and go: West Croydon
  2. Music stands are redundant!
  3. An absolute gem; very funny! Never seen/heard 'The Fairy Dance' played this way, before.
  4. In an ideal world, you would be able to learn be either method. The problem with any tune which you can only play from music, is that unless you have learned the tune, if the music is not available, you will flounder. If you can learn even a few tunes "by ear", these tunes will remain with you until old age takes over!
  5. I'm unsure what has happened. Browser issue?
  6. From 2008, but just added to Youtube. Maddy Prior at CSH. All worth watching; these two feature John Kirkpatrick on Anglo:
  7. Vicki Daum. Concertina and musician seen c1984, against a 2007 backdrop. Further examples of her work, here: http://www.juliettedaum.com/concertina-art.html
  8. Perhaps you should sign up Terence to C.net, then he can comment on your progress. Happy squeezing!
  9. This thread is sounding like a stuck record. I hope that JD is benefitting with additional visits to her website.
  10. A bit of 'ancient' history, which pre-dates this sub-forum:
  11. How about the 'Seven Stars'? http://abcnotation.com/tunePage?a=abc.sourceforge.net/NMD/nmd/jigs.txt/0279
  12. From the text accompanying the video:- "Here we see Hannah James clogging in her inimitable style with Sam Sweeney on Fiddle, Rob Harbron on English concertina and Jamie Roberts on guitar. Tom Sweeney's last gig was at Shrewsbury Festival when the band officially disbanded!" So it is already too late to see them live! It was already too late to see them when the video was filmed.
  13. Many years ago, I dropped in on Colin and Rosalie Dipper. Colin came down from his workshop; wearing a nice cotton overall, on which he was polishing a fretted metal end, by hand, using a circular motion. This process continued while we talked, and Colin said that this was his normal polishing process.
  14. Music made visible; excellent!
  15. Alan, Might it be possible to obtain the information from Peter's family? From the dedication in "Working the Halls", I see that Peter had three children. Regards, Peter.
  16. Sorry, I should have been more specific. This was the audio file (cassette format), lurking somewhere within the depths of the ICA archive.
  17. Been looking through, for the last few minutes. Concordia was described as a "sketch", a "musical monologue", and "a revue, in which topics of the day are caricatured or parodied". Sadly, there do not appear to be any references to the music used. My recording of part of Peter Honri's show (in the ICA archive) might give some hints.
  18. Here's the only one which I could find: http://www.concertina.com/anglo/index.htm when putting together my notes: http://petertrimming.webs.com/teachyourselfanglo.htm Regards, Peter.
  19. I think that you'll find it to be a "pond" thing, in terms of origin.
  20. Wasn't this make of instrument featured in 'Pirates of the Carribean'?
  21. http://www.concertina.org/ica/index.php/document-archive/ica-newsletter
  22. With almost two weeks to go, the bad news is that: '.....it grows further by the day' Hope that Stephen's talk is well supported. Regards, Peter.
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