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  1. Hi Folks Just restoring an old Lachenal and found an old repair label inside for: G.Jordan Musical Instrument Maker & Repairer, 67 Dale Street, Liverpool Anyone else come across this one before? Thanks! Dave
  2. Thanks Greg - that looks a lovely instrument!
  3. The one just sold looks like a Lachenal - has the 'English trade mark' on the hand rest. Found out that Campbells sold both Jones and Lachenal
  4. Hi Folks! This one has just ended on ebay - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...A:IT&ih=011 Ebay 320230161239 This one was sold through Campbells as well and had the original receipt of sale from 1898! I emailed the seller and it seems the receipt was marked 116 Trongate whilst the concertina still had the 103 Trongate label. So, it seems likely the company were using the old labels (certainly up to 1898) even after they had moved to 116. So, the original calculations that Wes did still stand! Anyone here win this one? Dave
  5. Hi If you haven't already, buy Dave Elliott's book on concertina repair. Link on amazon below: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Concertina-Mainten...336&sr=8-12 This should get you started! Personlly I wouldn't worry about replacing the ends on this model - the cracks are easily repaired with wood glue and pieces of thin card (using a standard clamp to get the join nice and even). Removing rusty endbolts - I found a 10 second blast with a soldering tool does the trick (gently move screw either way befor going for the full unwind). Have to rush off to a meeting I'm afraid - but do get the book!!! Dave Helmore
  6. I was there too on monday to get a copy of Alan's tutorial (thanks Alan - it's great!). I did see a couple of other concertina players there too - which would have been Chris and Stephen. Saw the concertina in question from a distance - looked lovely! When I get a bit better I'll bring my anglo and will have a go at joining in! Thanks for a great night of music!
  7. Thanks for the info - will start checking out the charity shops! Dave
  8. Hi Folks I've got a couple of old wooden concertina cases where the lids have become detached due to broken/and missing brass hinges. Does anyone know a supplier for replacements roughly the same size (22mm x 18mm). I'm based in London UK Thanks as always for any help! Dave
  9. Hi! I saw this instrument a few weeks ago in the London Hobgoblin shop. From memory, I think there was also a London road name on the label. I felt it was of German origin and sold on at the time through a UK distributor Hope this helps! Dave
  10. Thanks for the extra info Wes! I've attached a couple of pics of the action. The basic fret patterns looks really similar to this German one on ebay at the moment (120105428172) Dave
  11. Everything sounds, but the bellows are a bit tatty round the other side so will need a bit of attention to get it going properly!
  12. Hi Folks! Recently picked this one up on ebay from Canada (the seller got it from a local auction in a mixed lot of instruments). Thought it was interesting as it had 2 Lucas Place written on the label, which from my calculations puts it at some time in the 1860's (serial number 2815). I haven't seen this more basic fret pattern on a 'Jones' before. Any more info always appreciated! Dave Helmore
  13. Thanks Wes - most helpful! More complicated than I first thought! What about if an an instrument still retained the original 'Louis Lachenal' label throughout it's life? - but I guess even these might have been added on at a later date..... Appreciate this could be a lost cause for the instruments sold on through other supliers, but with the 'English' system the labels on the reed pans are either marked 'Louis Lachenal' or 'Lachenal & Co'. Would these generally ever be changed when an instrument was returned for a service...or could this be a way forward?!
  14. Hi everyone! I am lucky enough to own two quite late 'Louis Lachenal' concertinas - one English (S/N 16741) and one anglo, 20 key (S/N 26651). I have read some really good articles by Wes Williams, William Meredith and Stephen Chambers regarding the issues around dating these instruments. What I have yet to find is any record online of the highest 'recorded' serial numbers for instruments marked 'Louis Lachenal' or a record of the lowest 'recorded' serial number for instruments marked 'Lachenal & Co' Firstly, does anyone know of any research which I might have missed?! According to Stephen Chambers, it was sometime in 1874 that the company become 'Lachenal & Co' If this is linked into the research undertaken by Wes Williams, we could assume that the changeover for 'English' would be sometime between serial numbers 18450 and 19230. Can anyone help to prove this assumption?! The info for the anglos seems more tricky - one method shows mine (S/N 26651) as 1856, the other as 1875. Does anyone have a 'Louis Lachenal' anglo with a serial number higher than 26651? As always, any comment appreciated! Dave
  15. Thanks SO much to all of you for your help on this. I now feel fully prepared to tackle the job! Dave
  16. Hi! I recently purchased a Lachenal english on ebay (with flat ends) with a section of the fretwork missing. I've already got the replacement bit of wood and another instrument to copy the pattern. What I'm looking for is a 'saw' that will allow me to cut round the pattern. Various internet searches have shown a 'saw' that I can plug in, but seems a bit crazy buying something like this if I'm not going to use it that often. Does anyone know if you can get a handsaw that will do the same thing? Years ago at school I remember one called an 'abrafile' (?) but have had no joy so far in locating one! Any help appreciated! Dave
  17. Hi! Anything upward of £100. Check out http://concertina-spares.com/ David
  18. I think this could be a great idea as well. To get an idea of how this has worked for other instruments, check out this site for Gibson mandolins Dave http://www.mandolinarchive.com/perl/list_mandolins.pl?all
  19. Hi Doug! Think this was on ebay - I was watching it! Have you tried looking up JC Trout on the 1881 census? It's quite an unusual surname so you might get lucky! If you do find them, it should list their occupation and you may be able to link it from there! Good luck and let us know how you get on! Dave
  20. A huge thankyou to you all - I really appreciate all your information! Dave
  21. Thanks for the info Paul! Having looked a bit more on the internet it does seem to look more like a Jones. What's confusing me though is the label - from searching through this site I've seen that by 1890 Campbells had moved to 116 Trongate. So the 103 Trongate address would indicate it was before this date (between 1875 and 1890). From looking into serial numbers for Jones, it would seem that this serial number would have been from quite a bit after that date - maybe from around 1900? Is it possible that the serial numbers were put on by Campbells rather than Jones? It would be great to get to the bottom of this mystery!..any help HUGELY appreciated! Thanks for reading folks - another pic attached! Dave
  22. Hi! Quite a long time ago I posted a picture of this concertina on the site. On the label it says Campbells, 103 Trongate - I know from looking at other posts that they were at this address in 1875 (and had moved to a different address by 1890), and that both Jones and Lachenal made concertinas for them. Can anyone shed any light on who might have made this for Campbells? There is nothing else written inside other than the serial number 26910 (throughout). When I did checks on this serial number against Lachenal, it gave an approx date of 1875. So, is it a Lachenal?!...Thanks for your help!! Dave
  23. Hi! Its got steel reeds. I restored a lachenal english a couple of years ago with the help of Dave Elliots book! I've already done most of the work on the bellows and repaired the majority of the cracks in the fretwork, but I will have to send it off to get some of the more tricky points looked at (including tuning/missing reeds and slightly warped end sections! The instrument belonged to my friends Grandfather (although he didn't play). I would like to give him a fair price for the instrument bearing in mind the amount of work I have already undertaken myself and the work I will have to pay someone else to do - but that is so tricky when I have found out little about the age and the maker!
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