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  1. Hi! Quite a long time ago I posted a picture of this concertina on the site. On the label it says Campbells, 103 Trongate - I know from looking at other posts that they were at this address in 1875 (and had moved to a different address by 1890), and that both Jones and Lachenal made concertinas for them. Can anyone shed any light on who might have made this for Campbells? There is nothing else written inside other than the serial number 26910 (throughout). When I did checks on this serial number against Lachenal, it gave an approx date of 1875. So, is it a Lachenal?!...Thanks for your help!! Dave
  2. Hi! Its got steel reeds. I restored a lachenal english a couple of years ago with the help of Dave Elliots book! I've already done most of the work on the bellows and repaired the majority of the cracks in the fretwork, but I will have to send it off to get some of the more tricky points looked at (including tuning/missing reeds and slightly warped end sections! The instrument belonged to my friends Grandfather (although he didn't play). I would like to give him a fair price for the instrument bearing in mind the amount of work I have already undertaken myself and the work I will have to pay someone else to do - but that is so tricky when I have found out little about the age and the maker!
  3. Thanks for reading! - attached are a couple of pics Dave
  4. Hi! I've just been given an old concertina to fix and was wondering if anyone could give me more details about the maker? The instrument is a 30 key anglo chromatic made by Campbells 'Improved Concertina', 103 Trongate, Glasgow. The bellows are 6 fold and the serial number is 26910. I've found little about the company other than a brochure from 1890 (http://www.concertina.com/eydmann/campbells-catalogue-1890.pdf) and I think the model is the 'Imperial'. I think the instrument could have been made by George Jones from some other info I found out, but I'm not sure! Can anyone help?!
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