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  1. I appreciate the comments. And now the instrument has a new happy and satisfied owner.
  2. Hi Don. You’ve got me dead to rights. And thanks for the welcome. David.
  3. I doubt it. Obviously any sale will have to include some creative work on both sides.
  4. High C, C# on the right, D# on the left.
  5. According to the notes in the Wheatstone ledger it is Tortoise Shell.
  6. Beautiful tortoise shell 51 key Wheatstone aeola for sale. Just overhauled by the Button Box. Comes with original case. Smooth action, in tune, concert pitch, 6 fold bellows very tight. Serial Number 33234. Many inside photos upon request. Located north of Boston. david at davidcoffin dot com Will donate an appropriate amount to concertina.net.
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