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  1. Thank you - it's been a very interesting and in the end pleasant experience. Carol
  2. My lovely Aeola has just left the house with its new owner. Sad to see it go but happy that it will be appreciated and played more by its new owner. Carol
  3. Classifying the 48-button English with a lowest note an octave below middle C as "tenor" rather than "tenor treble" is, in my experience, a useful but relatively recent distinction. My understanding is that the Wheatstone company, at least before they were bought out, always used the term "tenor treble" regardless of the number of buttons. Having said that, I agree with Robert regarding the rarity and demand for the 48-button version, especially if it's the same size as a standard 48-button treble. And the two I remember seeing were of that smaller size. So... how big are the ends (distance "across the flats"). Also, will you tell us how much it weighs? Apologies for late reply. Had trouble getting to my postings on the web site. On my kitchen scales it weights just below 1.6kg. I am not at home to measure it but it is about 7" if you need me to be more accurate let me know. Kind regards Carol
  4. I thought I had bought a tenor treble! I can't find the original emails from Chris Algar but I will take your word for it that it is a tenor - I did wonder why people kept asking me if it had 56 or 64 keys. I also hope it finds a good home. It really deserves to be played more than I play it. Thank you for enlightening me! Carol
  5. Additional information Serial number 33818 circa 1938/39 Eight sided Metal ends Steel reeds Purchased from Chris Algar about 7 years ago. No major repairs a couple of minor repairs done by David Elliot I have never been a great concertina player but I think this concertina made me as good as could have ever been. It has a wonderful tone and I don't know how to technically explain it but in my words it is easy to play it almost plays itself! I play it about twice a month when playing with friends and only play simple melody tunes. I never got to grips with chords. I will take some pictures tonight and send by email to anyone who is interested. I will try to pin to this message but I think I have experienced problems doing that before! Carol
  6. Email address on prev topics is incorrect - correct address is CARochnia@googlemail.com I will post more details of Aeola shortly Carol
  7. I am now putting my Aeola tenor treble up for sale. I still have the treble edeophone for sale and am struggling to keep playing both. As there is insufficient interest in the edeophone I will sell the Aeola if it sells first. I am looking for £3,200. This concertina is well played and still the most beautiful concertina I have ever played. If someone is genuinely interested I will take some pictures and send. I don't want to do unless necessary - arthritis and the tiny screw drivers do not work well together! Apologies for not picking up a couple of messages about the edeophone but was out of action for a while. Carol AKA Galley Wench
  8. Before I resort to ebay is there any interest on this site in a Lachenal Edeophone that I am selling. I bought it from the Music Room a few years ago when I believe it had been restored by Barlecorn as it has the Barleycorn stamp inside and was and of course still is in beautiful condition. It just needs playing. The reason I am selling is that I can't play as much as I used to due to arthritis in my thumbs. I was going to sell a while ago but then I was hoping that some medical treatment that I had last year was going to help but unfortunatley it has not. I have an Aola Tenor Treble that I love to play and this is enough for the amount of time I am playing. I am also learning the black art of Piano Accordion playing which is less strain on my thumbs! The Edeophone is just not played enough and we all know that this is not good for a concertina. It is a 48 key, twelve sided, treble, finished in black. serial number 55981. I can email photo's if anyone is interested. Carol
  9. I just tried to email you and it bounced back. Would you mind emailing me at sjrippe@earthlink.net

    If you have another email address I would gladly try that.


  10. It is still for sale. I can email come pictures if you let me have an email address. If you need to contact me direct my email address is Carol.Rochnia@googlemail.com. Let me know if you need any further information.

    Kind regards


  11. I am interested in your concertina if it still for sale.


  12. Hi Carol,

    I repair concertinas and often have folks contacting me looking for instruments.

    Could you send me pics of your Edeophone and let me know your asking price? I can steer any interested parties in your direction.

    Thank you,



  13. I was just about to put this Lachenal Edeophone and a Morse Baritone on ebay with a couple of other instruments for sale when I was contacted by a net member who asked if the Morse Baritone I had put on this forum a number of months ago was still for sale. The deal was done last week (I will be sending donation to Concertina net) so I thought I would chance the Lachenal Edeophone on this forum before resorting to ebay. I bought this from the Music Room a couple of years ago when I was sufferring from Concertina greed (same time as the Morse. It appears to have been fully restored (bellows look brand new) and I think it might have been done by Chris Algar (his stamp is inside the box). Why am I selling - I have a Wheatstone Aeola tenor treble that is a dream to play and meets all my requirements - I am also suffering with arthritis in my thumbs and wrists so playing is greatly reduced - I just don't play this instrument and that is a crying shame. Its serial number is 55981. I have photos that I can email to anyone interested and will considerany sensible offer- I just want it to go to someone who will play it.
  14. Now I have managed to suss out posting a reply - for anyone who is interested Themusicroom-online.co.uk has a link to a couple of demonstrations of the Morse Baritone being played. The fingering is the same as any English concertina. I do love what I think is a deep resonating tone but I am not an expert in explaining this sort of thing so best to have a listen. Yes it is still available. Cheers Carol C
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