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  1. No, he´s just letting air through and more than that: what you can hear when that guy is supposed to be heard is the typical accordion (tremolo) sound and not a concertina. Regards Christian
  2. That´s the one out of the book (ish) - although the notes only vary a little the whole tune is in C and not A as in your version. Only the gs are marked to be played as sharps...
  3. Maybe I can. I had a look in a book called "The dance music of Ireland" - O´Neill´s that is. There is a tune called Fairhaired Boy. Might it be that one? Christian
  4. Search this site by "bowing valve" Chris the air valves being mentioned I have a question: I´ve got one on each side and from the instruments I´ve seen before the difference is that the one on the right side works on both push and pull - the left one only on the pull. Other instruments I have seen before had one working on pull and the other way round. So, how do they work normally? Thanks in advance Christian
  5. I thought that London Heathrow has always been a pleasant place with comments after X-raying like "oh give us tune, sunshine"
  6. What a shame - another 12 hours to go, price getting higher ...
  7. No problem, you´re welcome. slowing down the speed is as well helpful - it´s only a little thing which will disappear soon. Yes, one tends to play legato because it gives a bit of security I suppose. On some tunes (I´ve got a wonderful lament which must be played legato, otherwise it would loose something, I guess) it does make sense but most of the time it´s unnecessary. And once you´ve practiced playing every note without being attached to the next one you can easily change that into a legato but it´s more difficult getting rid of the habit playing everything that way. Christian
  8. Please do.. it's a free for all! Right than First of all: Amazingly good for "only" one month of practice - I am really impressed. Having in mind how I started with waltzing matilda, very slowly :-) I have noticed two things: First thing: you can hear the change of bellows. The note when you change direction is a bit shorter, or not really in time - which makes the change obvious. It´s always the starting point with wind instruments, unfortunately. You can avoid this by "hiding" it, in a pause if possible or what is always good is if you can split up a tune into 2, 4, 6 bars - whatever - and really calculate when the best opportunity to change is. To calculate is maybe a bit too much, I would assume that you will get a feeling of when to change once you´ve done that. Second thing (and not at all important actually): is the B part legato? You play it differently from the first part, so is this intendet? If not I would avoid playing long legato parts. For some tunes it may be helpful for the melody but I avoid it as often as I can. Music is more transparent when all the notes have a little gap between them... But that´s personal like or dislike... So, keep on squeezing! It really sounds good! Christian
  9. Yes, I have seen this instrument several times at ebay Germany. With indentical pic it ended up at the concertina connection (why not) - and is again sold on the market. Well, maybe it´s a fab instrument.... Christian
  10. I bought my concertina from Chris Algar/ Barleycorn. Even before the internet I was told his name and reputation from friends in England and he´s worth it! I would and will choose him again if I´d be keen on another instrument. Christian
  11. Well, and by the way, I was very dissapointed bying one at ebay´s some years ago that had a good description and turned out to be in desperate need of a lot of work. Not really what you want when it comes to an instrument you want to play. Greetings Christian
  12. Well, still not convincing, I´d say. I watch the market since years at ebay´s and did as well read in these cnet forums a lot. I do trust peoples opinions here (well, most of them that is) and I know what I have seen on ebay during the years. You don´t know what you get - maybe the box is in very good condition maybe not. If it´s for decoration purpos - why not. For an instrument that shall last for quite some time and assuming you don´t want to spend a lot of money on getting it in playing mode, well, maybe not the best choice. Christian
  13. Well, and it´s got certainly a pair of very colourful bellows my french might need an update, I wonder what that means (and an online translation doesn´t help either) ébène restauré and quelques lamelle à réaccorder might the second one mean the bellows??? I´d be very careful
  14. Thanks for the answers... The google version worked because I could go directly to some subpages without having to start with the original address. Maybe it´s an Internet Explorer problem, don´t know. Greetings Christian
  15. Hello, I am sure this is not the correct forum to post it, but has any of you guys tried to open Pauline´s weg site (www.concertina-academy.com)? It loads properly but as soon as it says in the bottom line of the brower that it tries to open an mp3 file nothing else is working - not even the other sites that have already been opened... Anyone with the same problem? Or advise? Greetings Christian
  16. Hello Jerry, especially owning an old instrument I would consider having it done by someone who knows. Causing damage to the reeds or the inside of the box can produce a far more expensive price for repairs than only having it tuned. I wouldn´d dare to touch mine... Greetings Christian
  17. Hello! I am thinking about selling my second instrument which I don´t need anymore. If you are interested just drop me a personal message and I´ll give you some details. Greetings Christian
  18. Hello, don´t know whether you have a translation of the plate you´ve posted... it says "Any attempt to make the machine work apart from inserting a five Pfennig (formerly used) coin will be criminally prosecuted." Well, I hope my translation is understandable
  19. Theory... Statements about rhythm being naturally aided by bellows reversals tend to be made by people who don't play the Anglo. Chris An practical use... So, I am not sure about the anglo but I would assume that it is easier to perform better bellows technique on both Duets and Englishes, not having to change direction because you have to. That ist what I´d consider an advantage for both types of instrument - having a bigger range of letting it breathe. Christian
  20. I tend to agree with this. During a Workshop, I sat in the Button Box showroom and tried out Anglo, English, and Hayden Duet tinas. I could sort of play a scale on the Anglo, having played harmonica in junior high school. But no real idea how to make chords. I´ve got it the other way round. The diatonic system doesn´t seem to find it´s way into my brain. I´ve got an old Uhlig bandoneon, which (I think) should work like an anglo but I have tried anglos as well. What started off so easy on the EC was ever so hard on the anglo. I think as well it´s got something to do with the backround of having played diatonic instruments before, espacially as a child.
  21. Nonsense. FWIW, I can't "get on" with the English system either, but have been happily and successfully playing the Hayden duet system for 20 years.
  22. Having it placed on the left leg you can easily free your right hand to reach your glass or cigarettes, for right-handed people that is of course.
  23. Hello, some other idea here: Please consider that a reed doesn´t produce a "proper" sound like an (electric) organ, it´s more or less like a bell, meaning every single note is put together by different high and deep sounds. So one perfectly tuned concertina may play well with another, but only on the push or pull. Or well with one and not with another. Acutally you never know. As well the resonance of the instrument is playing a role - a reed may sound outside the instrument perfect but put in again out of tune. have a good sunday Christian
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