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  1. And there seems to be no way to know how or why. But if you don't get a reply to your email, I suggest trying again and/or trying another means of communication before blaming the other person or giving up. Hello Jim, no, no, I won´t blame someone and I won´t give up so easily either I was just wondering whether they´re currently away or something like that. The box is playing so I the answer is not that urgent anyway... Thanks for the examples - as much as we rely on the computer these days there are still many things that are weird. Last week at work the computers (in a network) had a severe failure and suddenly my collegues and I realized that working was getting very difficult without them. Greetings Christian
  2. "Most users ever online was 613 on Today, 08:27 PM" I just read that on the bottom of the page -
  3. by the way... Is the Concertina Connection working at the moment or is there a sort of *time off* I haven´t noticed? Some weeks ago I wrote an email to them having not received an answer yet... Christian
  4. Which is absolutely ok for a box of this age and the state it might be in ... Greetings
  5. Hi you, you are looking for baffles, or better information about them. If you enter baffles in the search field you´ll get plenty of information about it because it´s been discussed a lot here. Greetings Christian
  6. Hello, just to make this clear: no, it´s not Chris Algar and I didn´t intend to make people think that I. I play the accordion as well and unfortunately I know some extremely high prices for instruments Christian
  7. Oh no problem, let the steam out... I do remember this very discussion not long ago. Concertina prices are high anyway and I actually can´t understand why people are still rising them up. But pls keep in mind that you can have a lot of trouble with these instruments offered at auctions. I once bought one and it was such a mess that I was lucky enough to be able to sell it to someone who actually had the skills of repairing it. As Dana said, the old ones are not always better. Greetings Christian
  8. Hello Dirge, This is what it looks like and here you can listen to it (it´s from the concertina connection site). Actually I don´t know whether it´s a Dutch or Belgian thing - I never came across an instrument in this country... Christian
  9. Hello Steve, some time ago I had a concertina with it´s original box and the key was missing as well. I took the lock out of the box (which went quickly) and went to an ordinary shop for shoe repairs and keys. If I remember correctly it took that man only a couple of minutes to examine the old lock and giving me the matching keys to it - that shouldn´t be any problem. Christian
  10. And here is an instrument represented as one of those on eBay. Daniel Oh BLESS, what a lovely little note attached to it ... Christian
  11. Hello Marien, excuse me for that darft posting - I misinterpreted the (leather covered) bellows frames. Still I think, that the ends and rest don´t really match but as long as the buyer´s not a member here, it will remain a guess. Greetings Christian
  12. And? Anybody been successful? I´d still like to know, what the instrument might look like on a closer view...
  13. Hm, I play the accordion as well having the opportunity to play melody as well with the left hand or to swap the whole thing (accompany right, melody left) - for me it doesn´t make any differency really. But as well with accordion players I heard that some would rate their left hand to be "better" than the right (if right handed). Greetings Christian
  14. Looks like he is not the only one to play that way: I guess whatever works. Sounds like they are both successful Thanks Leo Hermann Strack, the Dutch EC player I bought my EC from, holds his Tina in about the same tilted angle. And plays very good!! Dirk De Bleser No, no, it´s not at all a question of quality - I just wondered about the angle of the instrument being placed on the leg. I (and that´s how I hold it myself) just met people playing it horizontally not almost vertically :-) Greetings Christian
  15. Another opinion on the ends: Am I the only one thinking these have been two different instruments before? Whereas the ends (action box and pad board) look pretty black (ebony or ebonized) the bellows frames look pretty much like another type of wood (rosewood?), don´t they? Christian
  16. What an unusual way of holding the instrument...
  17. Incredible! I reported it... anyone wants to bet when it is going to appear the next time? Christian
  18. Oh good, that went away quickly! We´ve got a good rate in having this false stuff removed Greetings Christian
  19. Hello folks, I can surely recall this Duet as it has been for sale some weeks ago. Did anyone follow the former auction? Duet at ebay.com have a nice week-end Christian
  20. Hello, and wouldn´t it be practical to have a type of forum section for that? Here are so many things collected and I think it would be a waste to not have them at least mentioned somewhere - general repair things not included, there is D. Elliotts book and searching the site here would give enough of results. But special things, like a "quick fix" of typical problems with a Jacki, Leo´s collection of videos... Might be worth a tought. Christian
  21. I don´t get that - how could the instrument have been too loud? When I look at mine I notice that it must have (often) been played in a very loud way. Meaning I can play softly but the instrument seems to like louder playing. (Although I notice my attempts to being able to play it in a soft way seem to have at least some results now). May that be what you mean? Greetings Christian
  22. Hello Gary, I can´t really answer your first question as I don´t know what the printed music looks like Second one can be answered here. Leo produced a nice collection of videos on currently nine pages. Christian
  23. Ok, that helps! I´ve got one question left and than I will stop asking, promised. You mentioned the button layouts - is there as well a difference in pitch like on Anglos? Thanks and nice week-end Christian
  24. Both is important of course, but my vote goes to the bellows. Bellows movement is ever so important. Knowing where the notes actually are located is something which will come with more practice. I can always hear my accordion teacher saying that at every time you have to able to control the sound of every single note in what you´re playing and that at every speed - and he was and is right. Bellows are wonderful because they allow the player to put in so much influence. I´d always prefer putting more attention to the bellows - there are many things you can do with them. Christian
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