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  1. I'm thinking about learning to play the concertina. I'm looking for an inexpensive concertina to start off learning on but want one that is not going to be a piece of junk. Does anyone know anythng about the Morelli 2009 Concertina. Is it a good concertina? Any help would be appreciated as I'm new to the whole thing.


    Here is a link to the Morelli 2009 Concertina





    maybe you should post it a bit further up under "Buy and sell" or the part for general questions.


    by the way, I wouldn´t buy it.



  2. Hello Marien,


    the Mayfair wasn´t listed but can be viewed here

    It´s an English.





    The G/D Dickinson Wheatstone looks to be an excellent instrument, and I would also expect the Mayfair Wheatstone to find a new home. Time will tell .........


    Hi Peter,


    I am puzzled, is the C/G a Mayfair?



  3. Hello John,


    just a little reminder:


    when you are still interested in a metal-ended treble as exchange with a bit of cash on top, I am still there :rolleyes:




    Since this hasn't sold yet and my joint symptoms have improved, does anyone with a nice wooden ended tenor or tenor/treble fancy an exchange, with appropriate cash adjustment either way?
  4. Hello Pete,


    nicely played as usual :-)


    Just a matter of interest: Old Palace Clog Morris - hm, but as far as I know it´s not really morris dancing. It looks like the north western type of clog dancing or am I wrong?

    I used to know a clog team in Essex and they did more or less the same type of dancing insisting it´s not morris.


    Grettings from Germany



    Here's a short clip, with "yours truly" playing for OPC.


    Needless to say the video concentrates on the dancers, and I'm almost obscured by the person holding the microphone! Never mind, I've had my 15 minutes of fame, so here's another 31 seconds ;) :



  5. Does anybody uses Capella scanning software?


    Is it as good as it sounds?


    Well, more or less. I don´t know how developed it is at the moment but I used frequently. It´s got it´s advantages: good printing quality (we used it as well for the orchestra I played in) and many different options you mentioned.

    Last time I used it I hated it´s quite complex way of getting the information needed. Yes, you can have different systems, transpose them into anything you want, add song texts and so on but for me it was an awful lot of work to get a proper result.

    I once bought a licence for it and prolonged that as well but I think it´s not one of the cheapest to use...




  6. It's here. 30 buttons, 11-fold bellows, unusual (at least to me) fretwork. Anyone know where this was made, or when? Mayfair? Bastari? Chinese? German?


    Why would one need 11 folds??? With an instrument like this one?

    Really strange...

  7. Doesn´t this mean, you write to them and they send it to you?


    Wow! Does it mean you have to know what you want and write to them?

    It's not user friendly at best.

    My experience shows me that out of every 5 pieces I find, I am interested to learn some 1 or 2, and out of 5 of those I keep one, and out of those kept, only a few naturally stick. So how do I use the library then?


    Well, I don´t know for sure. Since I have filled out the application form I haven´t heard anything from them.

    And there seems to be no sort of download-area for music kept in the library - or something like a member access.


    Isn´t one of the guys posting here a member of the ICA? Chis?




    Thanks, great. I just paid my membership due, but don't see how it registered me.

    I also can't see any way to actually download the music from the site.

    I can't even open mp3 of the tunes.

    Can anybody educate me on how to use it?




    Did this work out? I thought of this post and then got busy and forgot... I haven't gone to the site yet to see recent changes. I didn't join via the website, back a few years... I think I used snail mail.




    good question which I had as well. I can´t see at the moment any progress regarding how the registration took place or how you actually get information as well as music.


    I went through the site and found this:

    Members of the ICA have access to the library either through the web site or by contacting the librarian directly. At the present time the library will make available to members, on request, copies of music which is free of copyright. The originals, many of which are irreplaceable, are carefully retained in the music archive. A small charge will be made to cover the cost of copying the music and postage. Where music is in print, and readily available elsewhere, we should be able to direct you to a source.


    Doesn´t this mean, you write to them and they send it to you?



  9. Well, you´ll never get rich that way but maybe a little bit happier!


    Congratulations to this beautiful instrument - I am sure it´s going to be a pleasure to play maybe you can drop a little note...


    Oh, a tenor-treble must be nice, I´d love to have some deeper notes too...




  10. Hello,


    I had as well the ends of my concertina recently replated and I am glad I´ve done that.

    I took it to the C.Connection when it was still in the Netherlands and as mentioned before

    I would only take it to someone who knows exactly what he´s doing - like a bit of a polish

    before and after as well as the right bath. Taking it simply to a jewlery to have it done

    might not be what you want.





  11. Hello Mark,


    I have a lot of accordion sheet music at home and find it pretty hard to use it for the EC. If you want tunes or songbooks for just having and idea of the music, ´s alright. But than you could as well seek something for flute/ recorder or any other instrument that plays in the same range of scales available. Accordion music uses often different registrations and if you have a look at the music using melody for the left and righthand side this might be interesting for people that play the Duet.







    I'm trying to find sheet music or songbooks for English concertina. Is it possible to just buy books for accordion? (It seems there's a lot more for accordion than for concertina..)




  12. Jag skulle vilja har en flaska öl og han har en hårig buk :rolleyes:


    I guess that´s most of the Swedish which is left from lessons some time ago...


    Welcome here and I really do hope you can find the support you need for progressing!


    By the way I did like the example, nice sounding instrument that is.




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