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  1. These days you can buy a turntable that plugs right into your USB port, if you want. I haven't tried them.




    Hi folks,


    There is as well another easy device which connects the computer with the headphone slot of any player. That is used via the sound card - found that pretty easy.



  2. Well, I played the concertina first (english system) and went than to the accordion.

    I´ll tell you why.

    Coming from the organ I decided to take a little break. Getting to know the concertina was wonderful getting to know an instrument using reeds... Playing Irish and English tunes for quite a while I came across the the accordion. Meanwhile I play M3 - the possibility to play left and right hand like on a piano.

    And guess what? It made me more sensitive to play the concertina in a matter of technique. Well, it sort of remained the same: the wind gives the heart to the instrument but the technique gives the opportunity to express it.



  3. Hello,


    I can´t give a comment concerning the instrument, I never played a Bastari, not even seen one in the real live.


    But, I can´t image playing a concertina with a tremolo - to me that sounds wrong. It would be a combination of two things which don´t belong together. Yes, I never heard this type of brand but still I would prefer a single reeded instrument.



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