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  1. Hello Geoff,

    apart from cosmetic reasons I prefer the non-sticky version as well. My own sweat shouldn’t be the reason as it’s never occurred on my other Instruments. I hope it’s going to stay relatively clean now, if you zoom into the photos now the dark spots that you seen on each button are apparently a reflection of me holding the phone. I’ll attach a photo so you can see how they looked before the treatment. 
    Hope to find sth now to give the ends back a bit of a shine. 


  2. On 11/26/2021 at 4:14 PM, Mike Acott said:

    I agree that that 1927 was a very good year as I own 31657,31659 and my real favourite31660, all are real stunners.


    Just curious:

    in the ledgers you’ll find both Tortoiseshell and Shell, sometimes on the same page.

    just two words for the same material or is there actually a difference? 🤔


  3. Hello Maarten,

    interesting question. And a question that should be asked more often as yes, the concertina can easily be learned and therefore doesn’t need a lot of tuition like other instruments.

    But I’ve got the feeling that the most important part of the instrument doesn’t get enough attention. 
    Depending on the music it’s worth to try out different ways of bellows directions:

    If you’re playing a long phrase at the beginning it’s sometimes useful to open the bellows and start pushing to eventually have more air for the than uninterrupted phrase.

    Putting on emphases has been mentioned before and yes, you’ve got more control with more closed bellows. 
    And more than that articulation is another important part:

    Having a bit of pressure before pushing a button down gives a nice emphasis whereas when you push the button and than start moving the bellows you get a nice and soft beginning. Same thing for ending a note. Leave the button pushed down and the sound disappears softly, a quick release creates the opposite.

    Triplets can be played by using different fingers sometimes it is useful to keep the button pushed down and to do a quick change in bellows direction. 
    Maybe it’s worth to take one or two lessons given by an accordion teacher, they might be useful …

    best wishes 


  4. A decent Lachenal could do the job - I’ve got a wooden ended New Model which has a fast action, good reeds and a mellow and sweet tone. 
    I’ve got a Model 22 as well and yes, it can be loud but it’s got a good dynamic range. Maybe it’s worth trying to play at the bottom end of loudness… 

    installing internal baffles could help as well 

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