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  1. Sorry to take so long to reply. Why is it that weekends, which should be a time for relaxing,seem to be as busy as the working week? Anyway, the padding inside the case is about 2 cm thick, all around the inside and at both ends. I presume it must be some kind of foam covered in a flock type fabric. I don't really want to pull it apart to find out. Chris'comments about using foam do make sense. However I don't store my concertina in the case(which would leave it sitting on its end - not a good idea). The concertina sits on a shelf, ready to be played if I get the chance. I only use the case when I'm transporting it - which doesn't happen that often. I do like the shoulder strap. It is a convenient and comfortable way to carry it. The clasps that attach the strap to the rings on the case have a swivel on them so the strap can rotate right round. I do love this case, but it is not the greatest design. As I mentioned before the top opening makes it difficult to get the concertina out of the case, which is why I have to wrap it in a scarf so I can pull the scarf to get the concertina out. Its not a big problem, it works fine, but I probably wouldn't recommend you copy the design. I hope this helps. Good luck with designing your case. I would love to see a photo of the finished product. Nigel
  2. Hello Canary Bird I will have a proper look at the case at the weekend and give you any measurements that you need. It is well padded but doesn't feel at all bulky. I hope you have success with whatever leather case you choose. Itis such a beautiful material and gets better with age. All the best Nigel
  3. Hello I own the concertina in the middle photo - the one in the cylindrical case. It is a beautiful case and I love using it. However it does have one flaw. It is very hard to get the concertina out of the case! I have to wrap my concertina in a silk scarf and pull the scarf to get it out. But sometimes beauty trumps practicality. Hope this helps. Nigel
  4. I didn't know Rhomylly at all but I would always look out for her posts. She always came across as a very warm, caring, kind hearted person. I'll miss her and will play some tunes in her memory. Nigel
  5. I grew up in Tonbridge, during the dark days of the seventies and eighties. One of my fondest memories is of watching morris dancers on the lawn in front of the castle one warm summer afternoon. I wish the folk club had existed then. Maybe I wouldn't have felt so isolated (in other words, ODD!)It was tough growing up with an older brother who blasted Status Quo and Queen out of his bedroom night, noon and morning. Nigel
  6. You're very quick off the mark! I like the second 1:2 default layout with the pull C# and push Bb, as I would use the pull C# far more than the push. Keep up the good work. Nigel
  7. I was going to reply to this but having read Jim's reply I feel a little inadequate! For what it is worth, I was going to say that playing 2 notes on the same button is easier if you pull or push the bellows a little harder. Playing 3 notes on the same button is a right pain, although I find it ok on the pull, if you see what I mean. Other alternatives are - play the same note on different rows if available (e.g A on the C row, A on the G row), or play the same note an octave higher - EeE all on the C row. Nigel
  8. May I add my happiest wishes to this thread as well! Keep squeezing, keep smiling, keep posting Nigel
  9. My son got an i pod touch for Christmas and with a little persuasion downloaded your concertina app - aka I'm paying for it, so download it!!! I love it, although it took me a while to get to grips with the tilt (or was it just the beers?) my only query would be this: Why double the c# on the push? I can understand why you would want this on a real concertina, especially if you were playing ITM a la Noel Hill, but with the limited number of buttons available on the ipod, why not a Bb, pull G or a push A? No criticism intended, I love what you have done and hope it may get my son away from heavy metal, but I was just curious! Nigel
  10. Happy New year to you all, especially if you are Wounded in any way, be it Knee, hip(as in the case of my poor wife)or any other part. Keep squeezing, keep smiling, keep posting Bury my heart at Wounded Knee Nigel
  11. Mick Bramich has a tutor for a 20 button concertina that uses tab, but introduces standard notation at the end. I found the tab was hard to use. You had to read 3 pieces of information for each note - which button, which bellows direction (in or out)and the length of the note. If you can read standard notation, the button and bellows direction will come automatically, with practice! The length of the note is included in the same dot. This tutor might be a good place to start, but I would really recommend trying to learn the dots. It opens up loads more possibilities. Of course, you could try learning by ear, but that's another topic. Nigel
  12. I have always been rather envious of people who can play and tap their feet at the same time. I'm sure that it helps you to keep time, especially in a solo setting. It certainly looks as if you have a good understanding of the music.When I am listening, my feet tap away quite happily. However I can't play and tap my feet at the same time. It is either one or the other. It's not quite as bad as the comment about George Bush not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time, which may or may not be true - I wouldn't like to comment. Mind you, while I was playing the other night, my foot began to make tentative movements, roughly in time. This was while I was playing a reel. If I play anything else, my feet are fixed in concrete, but reels seem to free my foot just a bit. Is there any reason for this? Nigel
  13. Many thanks Alan. That is good news, I'll look forward to that. Nigel
  14. yes I agree about the accompaniment,but it is possible to play airs on a concertina with feeling,here is an example my point is that it is different,we cant do glissandos properly [imo]but we can do vibrato,and can play with expression I know this is completely irrelevant and off topic, but is it easier to play English concertina standing up than Anglo? I thoroughly enjoyed the music Dick. Many thanks for posting it. Nigel
  15. I'd be interested too, so that's 6. Only 994 to go. Nigel
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